#FlashBackFriday Name that year! And wow, look at the cars in the parking lot!
It's your favorite time of the week: #FlashBackFriday. Time for the Great Gasp! #50thAnniversary
Remember when we set that Guinness World Records title for kissing under the mistletoe...? #HappyValentinesDay
This week's #FlashBackFriday gives you a look at our classic Six Flags Railroad! How many times have you been on the train since 1967?
It's Gametime! Let's get ready for Six Flags New England to #RiseUp that Falcons flag with an ATL win in the Big Game tonight!
This week's #FlashBackFriday takes us into the archive room, where we found this vintage clip from the park!
Just letting our friends Six Flags New England know what it will be like to #RISEUP that Falcons flag in a few months on their SkyScreamer!
The friendly wager is on: When the Falcons win the big game - the Falcons flag will fly high over Six Flags New England and their ride will be renamed the Falcon SkyScreamer for a weekend! #RiseUp
UPDATE: Congrats to the Falcons! SuperBowl Bound!

We hear the Falcons are playing in a pretty big game today!!! #RiseUp
This week's #FlashBackFriday takes us to the historic Riverview Carousel! Who has taken a ride since 1972?
This week's #FlashBackFriday takes us to the park map from 1968! Do you remember any of the rides from that year?
Same post, 2 years in a row. So who are YOU rooting for?
Clemson = Goliath
Alabama = Dare Devil Dive
2017 is our 50th Anniversary. Each Friday, we will #FlashBackFriday to a moment in history. We start it off with a ride from 1967 that's still running today: the Dahlonega Mine Train.
THANK YOU for an AMAZING 2016 season! We look back at the year it was and ahead to the thrills coming in 2017! See you beginning March 11!
LAST DAY to visit for the 2016 (Extended) Season! And, last day of Holiday in the Park. Don't miss out.
Holiday In The Park is OPEN today, January 3, 2017. Last chance to get your coaster ride count up before the season ends on Wednesday.
HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us at Six Flags Over Georgia!
Still time to roast s'mores during Holiday in the Park. Every day now thru January 4, 2017!
From our family, to yours, Merry Christmas Eve, Happy Chanukkah and Happy Holidays! We will reopen on Monday, December 26 at 2pm.