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Alter Bridge are hitting the road with In Flames and Metal Church!

Alter Bridge Announce Spring U.S. Tour
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Watch KISS perform at the 'All-Star Salute to the Oregon Military' over the weekend.

Watch KISS Play Surprise Set at Oregon Veterans Benefit
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Do you know what Kid Rock was suing over on this day in 2006?

Why February 21st Matters In Rock History
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Heavy metal is FINALLY getting the recognition on national television it deserves! ????

Guy Performs Death Metal Song On ‘The Voice’ Quebec and Is Chosen By Judge
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An army command post banned the music from Korn and Slipknot from their base! Not cool!

Slipknot and Korn's Music Banned By U.S. Department of Defense Command Post
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Do you know why this was a tragic day in live music history in 2003?

Why February 20th Matters In Rock History
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Do you know why this was a terrible day for AC/DC and all of rock in 1980?

Why February 19th Matters In Rock History
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"I want him to fight for what he wants, to have the attitude and, above all, to be mentally strong."

Bolivian Parents Explain Decision To Name Newborn Son 'Iron Maiden'
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#ICYMI Kid Rock's name was mentioned as a possible candidate for the senate seat.

Kid Rock To Run For Senate?
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He's taking the concept of a one man band to the next level.

Guy Simultaneously Plays Guitar, Drums and Sings Rush's 'Tom Sawyer'
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Do you know how Pink Floyd changed on this day in 1968?

Why February 18th Matters In Rock History
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#ICYMI Lars Ulrich revealed that James Hetfield was 'livid' after the #Grammys performance.

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Talks James Hetfield Anger After Grammys: ‘I Haven’t Seen Him Like That in 20 Years’
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Listen to the most popular Prince songs on iHeartRadio #iHeartPrince ☔

Thumbs Up: Prince
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#Repost Nikki Sixx
Terror twins Motley Crue