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Our first shows this year will be in March, supporting Epica in Scandinavia. Will you be there?

01-03-17 + Debaser Strand + Stockholm, Sweden ([ Link ]

03-03-17 + Amager Bio + Copenhagen, Denmark ([ Link ]

04-03-17 + Vulkan Arena + Oslo, Norway ([ Link ]

05-03-17 + KB + Malmö, Sweden ([ Link ]
01/15/2017 at 09:30. Facebook
We are proud to announce that we will return to France in July for Ragnard Rock.
See you there. Skál!
#ragnardrock2017 #ragnardrockfestival #childrenofyggdrasil
Hverjar voru plötur ársins á Íslandi 2016?

Þið getið kosið!

Album of the year in Iceland 2016?

Hverjar voru plötur ársins 2016?
We are proud to be nominated as best live act in the Global Metal Apocalypse's GMA Awards 2016.

Did you see us live this year?

GMA Awards 2016
Gleðileg jól rokkarar og takk fyrir dásamlegt ár.

Móttökurnar á nýju plötunni hafa verið frábærar en platan er uppseld á Íslandi, síðustu eintökin að hverfa úr verslunum.

Sjáumst á nýju ári,


Gleðileg jól metalheads!

We want to thank you for your support in 2016 and we are looking forward to seeing you on the road in 2017!

Nýja Skalmaldarplatan, Vögguvísur Yggdrasils, fæst í öllum betri plötubúðum og flestum hinum búðunum líka!


Our new album is available at Napalm Records and should be available in all the music stores around the world!

[ Link ]
I thought I should share this with you guys, even if it's not directly related to Skálmöld. Vargöld - The Wrath of Ragnarök is a brand new Icelandic comic book and it is just sooo damn good! Since I assume many of you are nerds like myself, and some of you hopefully like Vikingy stuff, you just have to check this out. Read my original post for more info.



PS - Fun fact: While...
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BALDUR, the first Skálmöld album, was released on this very day 6 years ago.

What is your favourite track of the album?

A blast from the past ...
Any guitarists out there?

Learn the solo from Kvaðning, it's easy!
Á sunnudaginn kl.15:00 verður jólahugvekja Þráins í Hannesarholti. Söngur, sögur og jólagleði!

Sunday at 15:00

Þráinn is gonna play his acoustic guitar and sing. You can sing with him if you want!

Jólahugvekja Þráins-Samsöngur

Kristjan Lyngmo, the amazing artist who did all the artwork for VÖGGUVÍSUR YGGDRASILS, is selling signed and limited prints from the album. Hit him up if you are interested.

Pretty magnificent stuff. :D
So, today we have two pretty easy questions for you. Please bring your strong opinions and all CAPS-LOCK comments are more than welcome.

1. What is the absolute best song by Skálmöld?

2. What is the absolute worst song by Skálmöld?

Aaaaaaand FIGHT!
Snæbjörn's new band, Kronika, is doing a release gig for their first album tonight. Are you in Reykjavík Iceland right now? Yes? Superb! Then be at Club Húrra at around 21:00 and help them celebrate. It's gonna be fun! :)

Vísir - Áreynslulaust og skemmtilega kærulaust
I wanna talk shortly about sadness and depression …

Yup, that’s not a very upbeat way to start but I just can’t leave this untouched. Today, December 1st, marks the beginning of the holiday season for many. And it’s a good thing. Let set aside all talk about religion, beliefs, culture and whatever – we should all be in the position that allows us to look forward to this time of year. If not...
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Do you play Guitar Hero? Then check out this insane performance of KVAÐNING! And you can play it too thanks to this awesome dude we know as 'ThatsaCoolGuy'. Just follow his link in the description and download his chart for the song.

If you check his YouTube Channel you will even find another Skálmöld song for Guitar Hero. Please show ThatsaCoolGuy all your love and he...
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Skálmöld - Kvaðning | GH3 Custom Song


We met the awesome people at Skálmöld Polska before the show in Katowice few weeks ago. We tried our skills speaking Polish and the results are just hilarious. :D

Although the page is mainly in Polish we totally recommend that you click the Like button. They post original content regularly and Google Translate gets you pretty far. ;)

They are very close to 1.000 Likes now and when they reach...
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Skálmöld learns Polish - a challenge for the band from their Polish fanclub

Iron Realm Productions and Skálmöld Polska Fanpage challenged Skálmöld bandmembers to learn some Polish before their show in Katowice, Poland (27.10.2016). T...

Festival show in 2017!
Jon Geir Johannsson, then 19 years old, performing in the Battle of the High Schools back in 1995. What do you like best, the white suits, the fancy drink or the rose?

And oh yeah, it's a Christmas tune. ;)

Jón Geir Jóhannsson - Er líða fer að jólum

Jón Geir Jóhannson flytur lagið Er líða fer að jólum, vorið 1995 í Söngkeppni framhaldsskólanna.

Music is a wonderful thing.

When we started this band back in 2009, we never, ever imagined how big this thing called Skálmöld would get and it´s getting bigger everyday!

This support means the world to us and we want to say thank you for your endless support!

See you on the road in 2017!

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