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It's the final week of our book sale. Get your hands on one of the last copies of the 'Skateistan- the tale of Skateboarding in Afghanistan' book with a logo t-shirt for a special combo price.

100% of the proceeds go to supporting what we do!

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Skateistan started in Afghanistan and it started with Outreach. Nine years later and we are still running Outreach sessions to engage with local youth to get them signed up to our programs. This is a recent photo from an Outreach session in Mazar where sisters skated for the first time together on the streets!
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Thank you to the Embassy of Denmark in Pretoria who were the first to support our programs at Skateistan South Africa! #keepskateistanrolling
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What does an Outreach session at Skateistan Cambodia look like? Check out this short and snappy video created by Programs Officer Tin following a recent session in Phnom Penh.
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Keeping your balance on four wheels can be a challenging task that needs multiple hands to manage! These students are bravely accepting the challenge during an Outreach session in Johannesburg with Skateistan South Africa. Educators arrange 2 Outreach sessions here in Troyeville each week to get the girls and boys in the local area skating. Two years later, the students are regulards now!
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"I support Skateistan because of their dynamic approach to empowering kids living in difficult scenarios. Combining skateboarding with the access to education is a great strategy to help these children gain confidence.''

-Sandra, Citizen of Skateistan.

Join our global community today! #CitizensofSkateistan
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''We came up with a new idea of approaching children in Afghanistan at a time where everybody was starting to turn away from the country.'' - Max, former Deputy Director of Skateistan.

How does skating build a community that unites Pashtun, Tajik or Hazara? Find out in the Skateistan book and not only learn about how we started, but support what we do.

It's the final few days of...
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Cheeky smiles at the Outreach Session in Phnom Penh with Skateistan Cambodia.
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More photos from a recent Outreach session at the orphanage in Mazar, a new partner of ours. It reminds us of our first experience on a skateboard! Do you remember yours? Tell us about it in the comments.
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At Outreach many youth try skateboarding for the first time and it will be their introduction to Skateistan. In Mazar this year we started to do weekly Outreach sessions at a local boys orphanage to bring skateboarding and fun to them.
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Do you have a copy of the Skateistan book? Take a picture of your favorite picture or page, post it in the comments below and we will tell you the story behind it. #lookinsidethebook
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An update from Sihanoukville where the Skateistan Cambodia team were part of the famous annual M'Lop Tapang street parade this week. They went the extra mile to make their outfits themed around road safety. Check out some pictures of the preparation and the parade which took place on Thursday!

Sihanoukville Update: Pushing the Parade
How does it feel to be one of the first skateboarders in a country, and at the same time a girl in a conservative Muslim society? Pick up your copy to #lookinsidethebook and find the answers whilst supporting what we do.

Only this weekend you can get a copy of the book with the Skateistan scarf for a special price.
Skateistan Cambodia took part in the M'Lop Tapang street parade yesterday in Sihanoukville. Can you spot them?
Our #ladiesofshred in action during their weekly Skate and Create session!
We want to thank Google for their support of our programs worldwide so that we can provide more opportunities for children to have brighter futures. #KeepSkateistanRolling
''Grown men stepping on a board for the first time while in uniform, carrying automic weapons trying to push around and trying tricks'' -Kenny Reed.

How can skateboarding create lasting peace within a country?
#lookinsidethebook - and read all about the tale of skateboarding.

The book is available for purchase world wild through our official Skateistan Webshop: //
- 100% of proceeds go...
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''I want to tell everyone that they should study hard and make their lives better because without education it’s impossible to live and see the world as good as it is'' - Amir, Back-to-School student.
Read about our Back-to-School graduate students in the latest Citizen profile! [ Link ]

Citizen Profile: Amir* Back-to-School student and Bilal Educator (Kabul)
''I believe in supporting Skateistan and becoming a Citizen, because it is, now more than ever, that we need to build strong connections to our skateboarding family around the world.''

-David Gomez, Citizen of Skateistan.

Join our global community today. #CitizensofSkateistan
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Our Skate and Create students in Johannesburg were having a great time at Skateistan South Africa this week in the new learning creative space. The children appreciate the afternoon classes that they attend after school as they are a great chance to play with friends, and enjoy creative learning through arts and skateboarding!