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Thanks Corpus Christi!
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03/20/2017 at 21:08. Facebook
Once again I'm amazed at the Skillet Panheads! Thanks so much for all the love out there. Best fan ARMY ever! - John

Skillet Enter Cage Match Hall of Fame for Second Time
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03/19/2017 at 04:48. Facebook
MILE HIGH CITY!!! Largest crowd of the tour! Thank you so much Denver!
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03/18/2017 at 04:43. Facebook
Capacity crowd in Albuquerque tonight!
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Every one keeps talking about the end of the world, and not in the fun, hypothetical way where James Franco, Danny McBride, and the Backstreet Boys become your best friends in the afterlife. It's been a little more bleak recently here in the real world, but luckily for us, hardcore band Skillet are…

Skillet Punch Zombies in the Face in “Back from The Dead” (Premiere) | Nerdist
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03/17/2017 at 05:21. Facebook
Gotta love Texas! Thanks El Paso!
Our new music video for #BackFromTheDead just premiered on Nerdist. Check it out! [ Link ]

Skillet Punch Zombies in the Face in “Back from The Dead” (Premiere) | Nerdist
Our official music video for #BackFromTheDead is premiering on Nerdist tomorrow 3/14 at 10am ET! Can’t wait for you to see this!
Loved being in the desert heat yesterday! Thanks for coming out Phoenix!
We loved our time in the beautiful golden state! Gotta love 80 degrees and sunny... Thanks OC!
...and also thanks for the Uncharted 4 collectors art book! @naughty_dog_inc @scott.lowe @arnemeyer -Seth
Huge thanks to @scott.lowe and @arnemeyer at @naughty_dog_inc for letting me come to the office and giving me a tour! I'm a die hard ND fan! Thanks for the connection @officialtroybaker -Seth
Repost from @johnlcooper - It is by grace you have been saved through faith-and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift from God. Ephesians 2:8 Thanks for the ink @jojomillerart
Thanks for hanging with us last night, LA!
Tickets for "The Serenity of Summer" Tour with Korn and Stone Sour are now on sale to the public! Get yours today and we'll see you this summer!

Korn Upcoming Shows
Psyched to be part of Marvel’s new comic, MONSTERS UNLEASHED! with our single “Back From The Dead”! Watch now on Billboard.

Skillet Soundtracks Marvel Comics' 'Monsters Unleashed!' Trailer: Exclusive Premiere
Repost from @louderthanlifefest - Hanging with my producer Brian Howes (right) and engineer Jay (left) at the show! After 10 years of making albums together they are seeing their first Skillet show tonight - John Cooper/ @skilletmusic #instatakeover