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Go on a mini adventure with these 10 stunning pictures from around the world. Featuring the Lofoten Islands, Morro Bay California, and the Kamchatka Peninsula.
Go on a mini adventure with these 10 stunning pictures from around

10 Photos That’ll Make You Feel Like You Just Took a Life-Affirming Vacation
Cheryl Casey Ramirez
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Fun video on wire calligraphy! What word would you want to make into a necklace? Visit to check out our class "Introduction to Jewelry Making: From Amateur to Artist" for more DIY jewelry inspiration. Taught by founder of Brit + Co, Brit Morin.
Michelle Wen
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Arpegea Solorzano Pagsuberon
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The only thing more fun than drawing these delicious cookies and pastries will be fixing yourself a snack after finishing the class. Visit to check out this engaging watercolor class from Mariya Popandopulo.
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Whether you've got a 9-to-5 job or work as a freelancer full-time, teaching on the side provides extra income, career opportunities, and connection to like-minded communities. Interested in one or all of these benefits? Start teaching on Skillshare this month.
Whether youve got a 9to5 job or work as a freelancer fulltime

May Side Hustle Challenge: Become a Teacher on Skillshare - Skillshare
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Looking for a fun, creative prompt? Visit to follow along as artist Will Bryant shares one of his favorite projects. From picking a theme to the final set, you’ll learn how to create a designed collection and end the class with a set of custom postage stamps!
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Have a chair cushion that's seen better days? Check out this reupholstery video to make it look as good as new. Visit for hundreds of extensive classes on DIY crafts.
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Check out these 14 creative skills you can learn in 2017 along with exactly where to get started. Featuring hand lettering, crocheting, watercoloring, and more!
Check out these 14 creative skills you can learn in 2017 along

14 Creative Skills to Learn in 2017 (and Where to Begin)
Son Wookyung
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Free Class of the Week: "Content Marketing: Create a One-Minute Video." Visit for a class on creating short, effective marketing videos to show off you and your brand. Perfect for independent artists and creative business alike, all you need to begin is a story to tell and the desire to put yourself out there.
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Since 2005, design studio DKNG has been putting their unique spin on designs for movies, band posters, and more. Check out these 15 awesome student projects inspired by their classes.
Since 2005 design studio DKNG has been putting their unique spin on

15 Jaw-Dropping Illustration Projects Inspired by DKNG
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Hand lettering pro Peggy Dean is bringing your lettering suggestions to life! What words and phrases do you want to see Peggy letter? Let us know in the comments and we’ll mail you her one-of-a-kind illustration.

Visit for TWO FREE MONTHS of unlimited access to Peggy’s Skillshare classes — plus 15,000 others.
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Can't get enough lettering? Tune in tomorrow at 11 AM EST to watch Skillshare teacher The Pigeon Letters - Peggy Dean bring brand new hand lettering creations to life. ⠀

This is a LIVE video, so Peggy will be choosing which phrases to draw based totally off your suggestions. Plus after the video, we’ll actually mail you your one-of-a-kind lettering design. ⠀

What words and phrases do you...
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Jessica Benson
Nerissa Bayani Alford
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Who knew making a GIF was so easy? Visit for another favorite, fun project with Will Bryant — making custom postage stamps!
Norshore Custom
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What’s it like to see stunning hand lettering designs come to life in real time? Join us this Wednesday 4/19 at 11 AM EST for a LIVE video of hand lettering pro The Pigeon Letters - Peggy Dean.

Let us know which words and phrases you’d like to see hand lettered, and Peggy will illustrate them for you, right before your eyes. Plus, we’ll actually mail your design to you after the video.
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FREE CLASS OF THE DAY: "Visual Storytelling: Creating More Persuasive Presentations." Visit to dive into using the power of visual storytelling to create more compelling presentations.
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Which one of these essential brushes is your favorite? For more on creating beautiful watercolor paintings, visit to join Amarilys Henderson's popular class, "Modern Watercolor Florals: 3 Ways."
Ariana 'Mushu' Koblitz
Tipa Cu Pietrele
Elizabeth Geberth Moisan
Learn how illustrator and Skillshare teacher Lisa Congdon finds creative inspiration by taking on projects that are personally fulfilling.
Learn how illustrator and Skillshare teacher Lisa Congdon finds creative inspiration by

Finding Creative Inspiration with Lisa Congdon
Maneesha Rajeshkumar
Have you ever wanted to paint gorgeous watercolor floral pieces? Visit to take Yasmina Creates' class on watercolor florals, leaves, and butterflies. By the end of this class, you'll have the tools you need to paint any flower from any reference.
Sherren Etherington
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Hearing the term "side-hustle" thrown around but not sure where to start? Check out this article for a quick explainer and three creative side hustles that can help you generate a passive income.
Hearing the term sidehustle thrown around but not sure where to start

Earn Passive Income, the Side Hustle Way
Sondae Roberts
Looking for some photography inspiration? Don't miss these 24 awe-inspiring photo projects — all from Skillshare students!
Looking for some photography inspiration Dont miss these 24 aweinspiring photo projects

24 Student Photo Projects That'll Knock Your Socks Off
Audrey Carter
Ashley Kim Joyo
Lesley Chan
Want to emboss like a boss? Check out this quick vid on DIY Letter Embossing. Then visit to take Embossing 101 and add texture, shine, and pops of color to your projects.
Kris Cammarata Lee
John Tresadern
Adriana Diego Rdz