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Looking to grow your online brand in 2017? Check out these 5 habits effective marketers share, and take your marketing skills to the next level.

5 Habits Highly Effective Marketers Share
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How does Mari Andrew transform challenges into art? Visit to explore her brand-new class "Drawing as Self Discovery" — all levels welcome! — and tell us below what you think makes a good artist!
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2016 answer to "What are your hobbies?": Netflix, pizza, naps.

2017 answer to "What are your hobbies?": Hand lettering, watercolor art, soap making.

14 Creative Skills to Learn in 2017 (and Where to Begin)
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Looking to level up your hand lettering? Visit and learn lettering artist Mary Kate McDevitt’s 5 go-to techniques to make her hand lettering even better.
Lettering's always better with a buddy, so tag your lettering-obsessed friends in the comments!
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There are lots of hand lettering tutorials online, but which ones are actually worth taking? Check out our definitive guide to hand lettering tutorials and embrace your creativity in 2017.

The Definitive Guide to Hand Lettering Tutorials Online
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Repeat pattern design is the PERFECT creative skill to learn in 2017. Visit to take Julia's class, and design your own pattern today.
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Check out Lauren Hom's inspirational lettering story, and join her chalk lettering class today:
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Want to make more money outside of your day job? Check out this article on turning your photography hobby into a successful side hustle.

Turn your Photography Hobby Into a Side Hustle
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Kickstart Your Creative Career in 2017! - Skillshare
Making watercolor art is the perfect way to embrace your creativity in 2017. Visit for the best online watercolor tutorials, and dive into watercolors today.
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