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01/15/2017 at 20:21. Facebook
We just saw our bro's Marcus & Martinus premiere of their own documentary movie about their amazing story and career. It was a masterpiece. The video really touched us since it combined so many different emotions that we can relate to: Hard work, success, determination, dreams, and especially their twinwork. The vibe is lit everytime we meet eachother and soon we'll publish a video with us...
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Chilling in the amazing street wear by @Strassenkicker
Thank you our bro @poldi_official for sending those dope gear! We look forward to meeting and skilling with you again @poldi_official and congratulations for your succés! ⚽ [ Strassenkicker.com Link ]

//@SkillTwins #Strassenkicker #Football #Skills #Tricks #Soccer #Freestyle #Futsal #Streetfootball #YouTube
Insane FAST Skills! These Twins have some serious footwork!

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By: SkillTwins
TWIN TRAINING! Focus on developing balance, stamina and explosiveness with the coach @jonloiske @friskisvasteras #friskisvasteras #ptfriskisvasteras // #SkillTwins, @JakobElzein & @JosefElzein
HAPPY NEW YEAR OUR AMAZING FANS! 2016 was an unforgettable year, we fulfilled many of our dreams and goals this year thanks to extremly hard work and your incredible support. We are on this journey with you guys, our amazing fans and followers. Our ambition is to create inspirational and amazing videos that you will be inspired by, learn from, enjoy and smile from. Our job is to make people...
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HAPPY CHRISTMAS OUR INCREDIBLE FANS!! ❤ And for you who doesn't celebrate it, we wish you an amazing day!! ⚽ // @SkillTwins, @JosefElzein & @JakobElzein #Christmas #Twins #SkillTwins #Xmas
Santa AMAZING Skills!

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Download the game for free now: [ Hyperurl.co Link ]
1: Download "SkillTwins Football Game" for FREE on App Store & Google Play.
2: Get the "GOLDEN HAT" in the store and create an amazing skill goal with the hat on!
3: Publish it on YouTube.
The winner will be published on @SkillTwins Instagram on the 15th february! LET'S GO! :D
SKILLTWINS FOOTBALL GAME CHRISTMAS EDITION - OUT NOW! Download the game for FREE on Apple Store & Google Play by clicking on this link: [ Hyperurl.co Link ]
SKILLTWINS FOOTBALL GAME CHRISTMAS EDITION - OUT NOW! Download the game for FREE on Apple Store & Google Play by clicking on this link: [ Hyperurl.co Link ]
Download for free here: [ Hyperurl.co Link ]
✅Daily & Global missions to complete everyday!
⬆ Level up your character during the adventure!
⚽ Do amazing skill combos, trickshots, pannas & other skills to beat the opponents!
The skills where...
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1 DAY TO SKILLTWINS FOOTBALL GAME X-MAS EDITION! ⚽ We have a BIG special announcement...We have been listening to our fans and we are giving you a update full with new levels and more incredible stuff: Level up your character, be rewarded with gifts, complete global and daily missions, new items in the store is available and much more! There will also be a new competition where you will be...
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***VINN EN DAG MED SKILLTWINS!*** All information här: [ Musikhjalpen.se Link ]

Var med och stötta världens krigsdrabbade barn. Genom att ge ett bidrag till Musikhjälpen så hjälper du utsatta barn samtidigt som har du chansen att träffa och hänga med oss under en dag på ett framtida event. Över 30 miljoner barn kan inte gå i skolan på grund av krig och konflikter. Skolor attackeras och...
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Early Christmas presents from adidas Football! Really looking forward creating some cool skills and content with those beauties, let's do it! ⚽ - @SkillTwins, @JosefElzein & @JakobElzein #adidasfootball #adidasoriginals
Which country are our followers from? ⚽ When traveling as much as we do, we think a great hotel is very important where you can feel at home, that's why we enjoys Quality Hotel Globe and...the breakfast there is top class too haha! #QualityHotelGlobe #NordicChoice
We just spent the afternoon with the superstars and our homies Marcus & Martinus ⚽ We had a blast with so much laughter while recording some football & twin challenges. They're one of the nicest guys we've met and it was so fun to hear that they have followed us for years. Tonight we'll see them perform at Swedish Idol which will be awesome Good luck bros, TWINPOWER! #SkillSquadreplets...
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Who would like to play SkillTwins Football Game on a PlayStation 4? Thank you Sony PlayStation Sverige for the awesome games, now we know what to do after a day full of practice! ⚽ #PS4PRO #PlaystationSverige #Playstation4 #Sony #Ad
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Great workout training today with our awesome personal trainer @jonloiske @friskisvasteras @ptfriskisvasteras #friskisvasteras #ptfriskisvasteras // #SkillTwins

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