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12/01/2016 at 21:21. Facebook
Who would like to play SkillTwins Football Game on a PlayStation 4? Thank you Sony PlayStation Sverige for the awesome games, now we know what to do after a day full of practice! ⚽ #PS4PRO #PlaystationSverige #Playstation4 #Sony #Ad
11/30/2016 at 15:56. Facebook
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Available on APP Store & Google Play for free "SkillTwins Football Game"

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11/29/2016 at 19:10. Facebook
Great workout training today with our awesome personal trainer @jonloiske @friskisvasteras @ptfriskisvasteras #friskisvasteras #ptfriskisvasteras // #SkillTwins

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Next Level Nutmeg!

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Street Player VS. Pro Player! (Includes CRAZY Skills)

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The winner of the @SkillTwins Football Game Facebook Iphone 7 competition is: @Audrey Keen. We'll contact you with all the information about how to recieve your Iphone 7. A big congratulations from us!
Yesterday we were the keynote speakers in one of Sweden's biggest IT gatherings the awesome event STHLMTECH ⚽We had a successfull speech and presentation together with our manager @Jesperbrostrom about our victorious marketing strategy for our app game "SkillTwins Football Game". We talked about how we could reach over 3 million downloads - in just 3 weeks! We also talked about that we're...
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3 MILLION DOWNLOADS ON OUR APP GAME #SkillTwinsFootballGame - IN 3 WEEKS! The success is just becoming bigger and bigger. We're growing with 1 Million new downloads for each week - and it doesn't stop! Some days we're getting over 200.000 downloads per day. The game is a worlwide mega success. Because of this - something extraordinary is happening atm - we've never before been this excited...
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NEW UPDATE IS AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD (Link here: [ Hyperurl.co Link ] ⚽ We have listen to your feedback and added 5 FREE TRAINING PITCHES without energy + Bugg fixes (The Skill Book etc) LET'S GOOOOO!! // SkillTwins
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What's your favoruite skill from #SkillTwinsFootballGame? :D
2 MILLION DOWNLOADS - IN JUST 2 WEEKS!WOOOOW - OUR GAME "SKILLTWINS FOOTBALL GAME" IS GROWING SO FAST! 2 MILLION downloads in only 2 weeks - this is crazy! We've downloads from almost every country that excists in the world! Our game is breaking new records all the time and have charted to Nr 1 in almost all continents in the category ''Sport Games''⚽ We've also got a Main Feature on App Store...
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TAG FRIENDS that got to see this SKILLER CLOWN mad skills! ⚽ Instead of being a CRAZY CLOWN - be a SKILLER CLOWN! Download "SkillTwins Football Game" for free on App Store & Google Play! #SkillTwins #SkillTwinsFootballGame #FootballGame #Game #Football #Soccer #clown #clowns #Talent #Skills #SkillerClowns
It feels so cool to be featured in 10 ''SkillTwins Pages'' in the football Magazine called ''GOAL'' and to be on the cover! ⚽
This time you can read about our personal life, on how we train our skills & what our life as SkillTwins is like. They also write about our worldwide success game app ''SkillTwins Football Game''. We want to thank all of you who supports us! The Magazine is available in...
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