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Skull Fist
today at 00:31. Facebook
When skull fist is in Peru and down in the dumps, and you got the mumps, your spouse is givin ya lip, you're stuck on a ship, we drink sporade! It rejuvenates, rehydrates, recarbonates, refuckulates, and taste like "orange" (color). Sporade, the official sponsor of skull fist and the 2020 Olympics. #skullfist #sporade #organic #nogmo #heavymetal #100%realjuice #psych #perumetalfest
Skull Fist
12/02/2016 at 20:11. Facebook
On the way to Peru hosers! Check the Facebook for more info #skullfist #heavymetal #airport #bomb #usa #homelandsecurity #austintexas #aretheytrackingme #deerkillmorepeoplethanterrorists
Skull Fist
11/30/2016 at 13:58. Facebook
Love the hell out of ya mexico! See ya next time! Up next, Peru this weekend! #skullfist #shred #fistexico
Skull Fist
11/27/2016 at 12:35. Facebook
no false metal butt tattoo club in mexico city
jonny mc.nesta shreds
currently in mexico rippin er
this photo is not from mexico, it's from the last tour sooo....whatever!
Airport chip examination while gettin red tubed. The fist is on their way to MEXICO, check the tour dates for details, check red tube for sexy time
Skull Fist track from the E.P. days
thanks to Chris Gregson for puttin er in there! skate n die

"Elemental Wizards" Video

Kitchener was a gnarly gig last night. It was rad to start singing again, it was also rad to have my front teeth fudged up on the second song into the set ;) see ya next time bros and broettes! #skullfist #getfisted #hockeyteeth #getfrisky
we had to move this gig to jan 7th since zach's surgery recovery. He'll be singing this one, sorry for the change yo!

Skull Fist / Death Wish / Thruster / Opium Winter at Mavericks

EVENT - facebook.com
we had to move this date to jan 7th due to zach's on going voice recovery, real sorry for the change!

Skull Fist @ Mavericks in Ottawa, Canada

FISTEXICO (mexico for the dull)

Nov 23 @ X-Stage Monterrey, Mexico
Nov 24 @ Red Monkeys Queretaro, Mexico
Nov 25 @ Cosa Nostra Cuauhtémoc, Mexico
Nov 26 @ RockSi Aguascalientes, Mexico
Nov 27 @ Foro Independencia Guadalajara, Mexico

more info in the tour dates section
[ Facebook.com Link ]
3 new shirts, 1 new flag!
the rest of the store will be restocked in december yo

check the tour dates for the MEXICAN TOUR starting next week

SHIRT - God fist the queen

Creative Crapping 101 : pushing your back against a wall and assuming the invisible toilet position really helps for an outdoor winter crap. Remember, you score extra points having skateboard road rash on your hip.
Jonny and the angel. Photo by yngwie vanhoucke, sorry for the crop. came from instajam #skullfist #shred # @jonnynesta
send in your photo's of you wearing the fist. spray painting the fist. stickering the fist. kicking the fist. mooning the fist. anything goes really as long as its fist related!!! management@skullfist.org
dirt bag!
photo cred?
Photo by yngwie vanhoucke #skullfist #jjtartaglia @jjtartaglia #drumshredder