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VOTE NOW for your favourite Sky Atlantic show so far this year.
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The great war begins 17:7:17. Rally the realm.

Share the official Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer. #GoTS7
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The fun doesn't end there. Pour yourself another #damngoodcoffee and watch Parts 3&4 immediately. Available now on demand. #TwinPeaks
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Game of Thrones Season 7 begins 17:7:17. #GoTS7
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FIRST LOOK: A Sky Original Production starring Tim Roth, #TinStar is coming soon.
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Welcome back to this strange and wonderful place. β˜• #TwinPeaks
Welcome back to this strange and wonderful place β˜•οΈ TwinPeaks
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"Diane. Diane. Diane. It's #TwinPeaksDay. Diane. Diane. I'm going to need some damn good coffee. Diane." β˜•
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Unbelievable, Jeff.

Chris Kamara and Jeff Stelling commentating on #GameofThrones is our new favourite thing.
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BREAKING NEWS: We're delighted to announce Twin Peaks Parts 3&4 will be available on demand from 4:01am Monday after the Parts 1&2 simulcast. β˜•
Twin Peaks Worldwide
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Diamonds are not always forever.

All episodes 15 June. #Riviera
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QUOTE OF THE YEAR: "Keep your eye on the donut, not on the hole." - David Lynch.

Love this feature on Twin Peaks and its unique fanbase.
If you've never seen Twin Peaks before, take a good long look in the mirror. There is no better time to catch up on S1&2 on Sky Box Sets.
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Melanie Foran
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From its influence on Lost and Ray Donovan to people passing around VHS tapes and starting up festivals, this is a must-watch for all Twin Peaks fans.
John Pendleton
John Pendleton
If you've #GoT what it takes to join The Night's Watch, head to [ Link ] for a chance to win a special Game of Thrones training day. Entry closes at midnight.
T&Cs: [ Link ]
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"Culturally it was a game-changer." Find five minutes to look back on a genuine global phenomenon: Twin Peaks.
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TEN DAYS until we get the first piece of the puzzle. Twin Peaks returns 22 May at 2am, repeated 23 May at 9pm.
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What is the best thing about Game Of Thrones? VOTE NOW.
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