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How well does #SiennaMiller know her movie lines? Time to find out in What's My Line?
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"It's very much an indulgent idea of what the future could be"- Scarlett Johansson
Take a UK Exclusive look at this 'Major' #GhostintheShell featurette
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"Here come[s] the [man] in black...."
Check out the trippy new teaser poster for The Dark Tower starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey
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One likes warm hugs. The other uses antlers in all of his decorating. Josh Gad and Luke Evans are Gaston and LeFou in Beauty and the Beast
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Ghostbusters in the words of Kate McKinnon : four women who are in jumpsuits that are not skin tight - a film first.
"The music, it's not just in me - it is me"

The Day of the Dead gets all cuddly in Disney Pixar's Coco #PixarCoco
"It was just the most breathtaking thing": Tom Hiddleston was the same as every other 10 year old watching Jurassic World
We feel the need... the need for speed
Buckle up - it's the first trailer for Edgar Wright's Baby Driver
The cinematic icon returns. Oh, and King Kong's back too. #TomHiddleston #kongskullisland
Turns out Warcraft (today's premiere) star Robert Kazinsky is quite the gaming expert (especially at World of Warcraft)
"Is that a torpedo?": The countdown is on until Fast & Furious 8 speeds into a cinema near you. Here's the brand new trailer #F8
It was a graveyard smash...
Our new collection is a bit of a monster #MonsterMash
Vote for your favourite monsters flick! #MonsterMash

Which monsters movie will you be watching tonight? [ Link ]

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All the women, who are independent. Throw your hands up at me.
Happy #InternationalWomensDay
And Superman made it look so easy...
Ryan Reynolds has shared footage from Deadpool's latest outing online.
From undercover neo-Nazi in Imperium (our Premiere of the Day) to farting corpse - Daniel Radcliffe talks about movie decision making
Florence Foster Jenkins (our Premiere of the Day) gained Meryl Streep that record breaking 20th #Oscar nomination. Overrated indeed! #Merylsayshi
Before his fight with David Haye tomorrow, Tony Bellew (a.k.a. Creed's "Pretty" Ricky Conlan) took on Johnny Nelson in a game of Movie Boxer Top Trumps