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#OscarsEtiquette: Keep your cool when you meet your heroes #MyOscars
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#OscarsEtiquette: Make sure to thank EVERYONE #MyOscars
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John Travolta + intro for Best Song = Alex Zane's most memorable Oscars moment. We want you to join in and let us know yours using #MyOscars
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#OscarsEtiquette: Make a memorable entrance #MyOscars
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#OscarsEtiquette: Dress to impress (or not) #MyOscars
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You wanted a prophecy - this is your prophecy:
Check out the new trailer for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword starring Charlie Hunnam and Jude Law
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#OscarsEtiquette: Be sure to document the night with a selfie or two #MyOscars
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Celebrating the news that James Earl Jones will resume his role as Mufasa in the new live-action version of the Disney Renaissance classic ????
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Find out how Keanu Reeves' The Matrix co-star Larry Fishburne came to be the Bowery King in John Wick: Chapter 2
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Join Zac Efron, Susan Sarandon, Rose Byrne, Amanda Seyfried and more this weekend with premieres of Bad Neighbours 2, The Meddler and Fathers & Daughters
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"I once saw him kill three men in a bar... with a pencil, with a ****ing pencil"

Keanu talks weapons of choice in John Wick: Chapter 2 ✏ (out today)
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Pride comes before a fall in this UK Exclusive clip from the Oscar nominated Fences Movie, starring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis (in cinemas now)
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Our Premiere of the Day is horror movie for the YouTube generation - Hacked. Log on with care.
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"This version of Beauty and the Beast will define a whole new generation in a wonderful way." We can't wait! ☕
Quirky romantic comedy starring Oscar winner Jean Dujardin. Up for Love is our Premiere of the Day.
Thor and Darryl are back
Choccies and wine at the ready
Anything for Love is our Valentines Day Premiere of the Day
Change your locks ... The Landlord is our Premiere of the Day