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A spilled drinks sucks John (Barney) into the Sky Media servers! Watch this #OfficeAntics original sketch NOW! [ Link ]
Sky Does Minecraft
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Sky Does Minecraft
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YOURE IN MY POOP LAIR. Find out what that means in this episode of #DoNotLaugh! [ Link ]
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One man. One Red Bull. So much dirt. Get ready for “Life Hacked”, an #OfficeAntics special starring @ThatGuyBarney premiering at 3PM PST!
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03/23/2017 at 21:02. Facebook
TRON GTA w/ the gang! Who's gonna get owned by a motorcycle first? Find out now: [ Link ]
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Sky Army, get your Q's in for Preston, Evan, Barney and Monica to answer on our livestream later. Comment your best questions below using ➡ #AnticsAnswers! Go!
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Who else has this T, or other "vintage" SDM merch?
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Hiding in a pizzeria is no bueno where you’re being hunted! Who will be found first? Find out now! [ Link ]
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A Recruit made this and I couldn't resist posting. Have your own meme for me? Add it in the comment, its #MemeMonday!
Sky Does Minecraft
03/18/2017 at 16:00. Facebook
Some BTS of Alesa, Preston, and I filming some couch potatoes! Keep an eye out for the video coming soon.
Happy St. Patrick's Day Recruits!
#FanArtFriday is here again! Thanks to the Recruit who sent in this awesome battle of me fighting my worst enemy...A SQUID!

Have some art to share with me this week? Post it in the comments below.
Hot Dogs or Legs? #TBT
Happy Pi Day!
March is almost halfway over...where have you taken Sky Guy? We want to see!!!

Print him off here: [ Link ] and post on Twitter or Instagram with #SkyQuest!
#MemeMonday! Watch the Office Antics crew react to memes: [ Link ]

Have a meme suggestion? Put it in the comments and we might use it in a future video!
4 hours until our Office Antic's Live Stream! Submit your questions via Twitter with #AnticsAnswers.
#TBT to this awesome fan made Sky Guy!
Remember that this month's Sky Army Mission is to bring your own Sky Guy on some adventures! Post your pics to Twitter or Instagram with #SkyQuest.

Print your own Sky Guy here: [ Link ]