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02/15/2017 at 15:55. Facebook
Get your and ready!

Two premieres coming your way tonight...

#GreysAnatomy at 9pm followed by #MadamSecretary!
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02/14/2017 at 17:32. Facebook
The perfect Valentine's Day card!
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02/13/2017 at 16:01. Facebook
The perfect Valentine's Day card!
Just a little sneak peek at what's to come from the return of #CriminalMinds!
#CriminalMinds is coming back, and we think we've cracked the date...
"Grey's Anatomy is back on Wednesday at 9pm."

Sky 1 HD have been laughing at us all day like this...

However, we are looking forward to #TheBlacklist returning tonight at 9pm

#Nashville Season 5 is coming soon to Sky Living!
"A nation in jeopardy. An office in turmoil."

Sounds familiar... ????

#MadamSecretary is back Wednesday 15th February!
Tonight's the night!

Gladiators are you ready?!
Marching into the #Conviction finale tonight at 9pm.

Don't miss it, Convictioners!
Happy 40th birthday, Kerry Washington!

Save some for us... #Scandal
Gladiators... READY!?

#Scandal returns in 3...2...1 week!
Don't miss the return of #Bones tonight at 9pm everyone!
Thanks to Red for all of his support over the past four seasons... #TheBlacklist
Sherlock is still on our screens... Just the way we like him
Smiles all round!

#Blindspot will continue Thursdays at 9pm with no mid-season break.

P.s. You can watch every episode ever on Catch Up TV. Weekend sorted.
This time next week we'll all be eagerly anticipating Booth's hunt for the Puppeteer!

#Bones premieres next Friday at 9pm! ☠
Excellent news for #Blindspot fans: We won't be going on hiatus and the series will crack on every Thursday at 9pm!

Bad news for Kurt tonight: This phone call...
#Scandal Season 6 premieres Thursday 2nd Feb at 10pm.