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06/19/2017 at 16:16. Facebook
KlauDia Olah
Debbie Kelly
Jason Clarke
Join us behind the scenes at the Royal Albert Hall with the #Nashville cast for an acoustic performance and Q&A!
Jacqui Winslet
Josie Lorraine Fishpool
Claire Banfield
Nashville Season 5 premieres tonight at 9pm!

Now that's how you start a bank holiday weekend in style
Carolyn Pyett
Marie Kate
Daisy Upton
We've got a whole heap of new episodes at 9pm this week to fill your planners!

Which drama is your must-see? Vote now!
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Sky Living
We're all set for the 100th episode of #Scandal. It's going to be a treat!
Shona Holmes
Liane Leathem
Rebecca Chakraborty
We have a premiere date for #Nashville Season 5!
Judith Ford
Callum Pirson
Suzanne Togwell
It's almost time for the return of brand new #Blindspot.

Grab those remotes at 9pm!
Phil Gibson
Carolyn Kraushaar
Donna Marie Burnett
Ellen Pompeo makes her directorial debut tonight at 9pm! #GreysAnatomy
Lynsey Carter
Julia Cowley
Katie Marie Fallon
Counting down until the last ever episode of Bones.

Hold us... ❀☠
Joyce Combe
Deborah Mcdonald
Lisa Coulson
It's time to solve the crime of what happened to Dr. Spencer Reid in the latest #CriminalMinds episode!
Keiko Taylor
Vera Barros
Rachele Wright
Leah Dixon
Lisa Coutts
Rose Miller
Annemarie Murphy
Victoria Wood
David Wright
#Blindspot fans, mark your calendars!

Jane and Co. will be returning from hiatus to our screens on Thursday 13th April.
Niall Hirsch
Phil Gibson
Bridget Canning
#TheCatch is back tonight at 10pm!

What's your favourite Shonda Rhimes TV show? Vote now!
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Sky Living
Sky Living
What a week ahead... 8 brand-spanking-new dramas to feast your eyes on!

Over to Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta for the return of #ShadesOfBlue tonight at 10pm.
Callum Pirson
Phil Gibson
Kath Pearce
It's not just #ShadesofBlue returning next week... Get a load of this!
Callum Pirson
Elisha Duffy
Phil Gibson
#Scandal is back from hiatus this Thursday!
Zoe Mitchell
Julie Lindsay
Jac Dawson
Bill Robinson
Sue Smith
Shanice Roberts
Here's to strong women.
May we know them.
May we be them.
May we raise them.
#InternationalWomensDay #SheInspiresMe
Katie Houghton
Lissy Tomlinson
Simone Thomas
Our favourite #ShadesOfBlue returns in less than two weeks!

Wait... where's Jennifer Lopez?!
Our favourite ShadesOfBlue returns in less than two weeks
Kelly Shanahan
Kelly Marie Davis
Kirsty Bingham