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Khalid Masood has been identified as the man behind the terror attack in Westminster. Meanwhile, the third victim has been named as Kurt Cochran. Sky's Kay Burley has been covering the story as it develops and is taking your questions
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Aged 30 or under? You face working until you're 70 for a state pension

State pension age should rise to 70, says review
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Police officers pay their respects to PC Keith Palmer, the officer killed in the Westminster attack
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"He was every inch a hero" - Tributes paid to PC Keith Palmer, who was killed in the Westminster terror attack
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Jeremy Corbyn pays tribute to PC Keith Palmer, saying he was "a great man who did a great job in Parliament"
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Children who were trapped in the Houses of Parliament praised for "being brilliant"

MP praises 'brilliant' pupils caught up in attack
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Tony Davis tried to help save PC Keith Palmer, who was stabbed to death in yesterday's #London attack, by giving him first aid. Here's his account of what happened.
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Westminster attacker Khalid Masood had a range of previous convictions for GBH and possession of offensive weapons

Westminster attacker named as Khalid Masood
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Police have named the London attacker as 52-year-old Khalid Masood.

He had a number of aliases and was known to the police.
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This ferry which sank nearly three years ago is being lifted from the water

Sunken ferry in which over 300 died is lifted
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A man who tried to drive into a crowd at high speed in Antwerp has been arrested

Man tries to drive into crowd in Belgium
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London Terror Attack: "We are not afraid", says PM Theresa May in Commons speech. Watch it in full:
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If you're struggling to explain the Westminster attack to your children, here are a few things to do to help them understand

Westminster attack: How to explain terrorism to a child
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"It's so horrific": These people were on #Westminster Bridge in the moments following the #London terror attack outside #Parliament
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Islamic State says it was behind the London terror attack

Islamic State claims responsibility for UK attack
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Terror in London: Details are beginning to emerge of the attacker as the investigation begins. Sky's Home Affairs correspondent Mark White is answering your questions
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"An attack on freedom and democracy everywhere": People around the world unite in solidarity with #London after the terror attack on #Parliament in #Westminster
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Westminster terror: Theresa May says "We are not afraid". An MP who knew murdered PC Keith Palmer pays an emotional tribute to him in the Commons. Three people are dead and 29 are injured. The attacker was born in Britain and known to the authorities. He has also been killed. Eight people have been arrested. Watch the latest coverage of the story on Sky News
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James Cleverly MP makes an emotional statement about PC Keith Palmer - the police officer murdered by a terrorist outside Parliament - who he served with in the Army #London #Westminster