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Residents of the southern tip of South America and western Africa are best placed to witness Sunday's Annular Eclipse:

February 26th's Annular Solar Eclipse - Sky & Telescope
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Has yesterday's announcement of seven small exoplanets left you wondering how astronomers decide which planets to call "habitable"? Come with our science editor as she explores (and agonizes over) the question.

What Makes a Planet Habitable? - Sky & Telescope
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Breaking news! This little star has seven -- count 'em, SEVEN -- potentially rocky planets. Three are in the habitable zone, but all of them might be able to (at least sometimes) have liquid water. Maybe. We don't know yet!

Dim Star Has Seven Earth-Size Planets - Sky & Telescope
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Grab your binoculars and let's go! Plenty to see out there this week!

Three Crescents and a Sinking Comet - Sky & Telescope
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In just six months, editors from Sky & Telescope will be spread along the path of totality across the continental U.S. Where will you be?

Guide to the Total Solar Eclipse: August 21, 2017 - Sky & Telescope
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Though Juno won't be moving to faster science orbits, the spacecraft will still accomplish its mission - and maybe even get a slightly extended lifetime!

Juno Will Stay in Current Orbit Around Jupiter - Sky & Telescope
Sky & Telescope
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Astronomers have discovered long filaments of cold gas — the ingredient for making stars — cocooning giant bubbles inflated by a black hole.

Active Black Hole Encourages Starbirth - Sky & Telescope
The Dawn spacecraft has detected organic compounds on the dwarf planet Ceres.

Scientists Find Organics on Ceres - Sky & Telescope
Find out why Columbia Hills, Jezero Crater, and Northeast Syrtis offer Mars 2020 the best shot at finding life on the Red Planet.

NASA Narrows Down Mars 2020 Rover Landing Sites - Sky & Telescope
Here's an exciting new project being undertaken by a group of amateurs including current and former S&T editors:

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Heading toward dark times ... but don't worry, the moonlight will soon return. In the meantime, look out for these great sights!

Hidden Gems in Common Objects - Sky & Telescope
Hubble has spotted the galactic equivalent of dust bunnies in the young universe. Here's what that means for cosmology:

Hubble Spies Faint Galaxies, Bountiful in Early Universe - Sky & Telescope
If this is what our Sun will look like in the coming decades, what does it mean for Earth?

Scientists Recreate Space Weather Of 400 Years Ago - Sky & Telescope
Here's how we understand our solar system's formation - through ancient meteorites.

Meteorites Date the Demise of the Solar Nebula - Sky & Telescope
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