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with the outrageous success of New Horizons, Alan Stern probably ought to be called "Dr. Pluto". here's a chance to participate in a live webinar with him -- next Saturday, Jan 28, at 12:00 pm (noon) EST:

Join Alan Stern in S&T's Next Live Webinar! - Sky & Telescope
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12-inch Orion Dobsonian Reflector
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Sky & Telescope contributing editor Govert Schilling spent six weeks in southern Africa in the fall of 2016. In this first post of a series, he writes about the astronomical highlights of his trip.

The Incredible Skies of Namibia - Sky & Telescope
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The most distant stars in the Milky Way may not always have been our own.

Tracking Down the Milky Way's Most Distant Stars - Sky & Telescope
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Massive gravity wave (not gravitational wave!) seen in the atmosphere of our sister planet.

Japan's Akatsuki Spies Massive Wave on Venus - Sky & Telescope
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That recently announced planet orbiting Proxima Centuri may not be very inviting:

Proxima Centauri b Likely a Desert World - Sky & Telescope
On our MarketPlace: Achromatic objective lens

You'd think planetary scientists would have figured out how the Moon formed by now — but no one really knows! Here's the latest thinking:

When and How Did the Moon Form? - Sky & Telescope
New studies offer contrasting scenarios for making the Moon. Was it due to one big splat or from a score of lesser blows that built up the Moon over time?

When and How Did the Moon Form? - Sky & Telescope
Something new has appeared in this galaxy! Might it be from a stripped-down mini galaxy that the big one ate? Read our blog to find out more.

Mystery Object in Cygnus A Galaxy - Sky & Telescope
2017 is starting off with a featureless solar photosphere.

The Spotless Sun - Sky & Telescope
Just how massive is the Milky Way? That question is trickier to answer than you'd think.

New Mass Estimate for the Milky Way - Sky & Telescope
Join Fred Espenak today as he shows you how to take great photos of the Eclipse in August:

Join Fred Espenak's Live Webinar on Eclipse Photography - Sky & Telescope
A neat new look at the future of our intrepid Voyagers!

Voyagers Flying Through Galactic Clouds - Sky & Telescope
Ever wondered about lunar libration? Read on to find out how it affects your lunar observing (spoiler alert: it makes it more awesome).

Winter Nights Exploring the Lunar Arctic - Sky & Telescope