Skylon Tower
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#TBT Throwback Thursday takes us back to February 2015 when Niagara Falls was hit by what was termed a 'polar vortex'. Unlike this winter, we had tons of snow and #NiagaraFalls received unprecedented media attention two winters in a row (2014/2015). February 3rd, 2015 was the first time a license had been granted to allow a Red Bull Extreme Sport expert, Will Gadd, to ice climb up the side...
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Will Gadd's Historic Climb Up Frozen Niagara Falls

CLICK for the full story behind his historic ascent: Professional climber and one of National Geographic’s Adventurers of the Year, Wil...

Skylon Tower
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Tag your photo of the #SkylonTower if you catch us blushing pink, tonight on Valentine's Day.
Skylon Tower
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The Skylon Tower is turning pink in the evening for Valentine's Day, February 14th. Join us for the most romantic holiday of the year. <3
Photo credit to Christine Hess.
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Valentine's Day at the Skylon Tower | Niagara Falls Canada
The night sky will be bright tonight with a full moon. It will be another gorgeous evening in #NiagaraFalls. Photo credit: The Weather Network. [ Link ]

Niagara Falls Restaurant with a View - Skylon Tower
Can't decide what to have for lunch? Try our buffet at the Summit Suite dining room. [ Link ]

Welcome: The Summit Suite Buffet Dining Room | Skylon Tower
It's cold enough for the icicles to start forming around the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. Beautiful photo taken by Andrew Fisher Photography.
Did you know that the Skylon Observation Tower is one of the most popular places to go for that spectacular shot of the Falls? [ Link ]

Observation Deck | Skylon Tower | Niagara Falls Attractions
Love is in the air this month at the #SkylonTower. Legendary view; celebrated dining. #ValentinesDay [ Link ]

Valentine's Day in Niagara Falls - Skylon Tower
Throwback Thursday takes us all the way back to 1865. Look no railings! [ Link ]
There are so many exciting events happening throughout the year during Canada's 150th birthday celebration. Check out our list of fun things to do this February in #NiagaraFalls. [ Link ]
How exciting - a special fireworks show at 9 pm tonight, (Friday January 27th), to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday. For more events in #NiagaraFalls check out our event listings page. [ Link ]
#TBT Throwback Thursday takes us back to 1965 when the Skylon Tower was being constructed.
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Our chef has created the perfect winter dishes, here's our top 5! [ Link ]

Top 5 Cozy Winter Dishes to Warm You Up | Skylon Tower
Have you seen the Falls lately? The brand new illumination technology launched in December 2016.
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New Illumination Technology Lights up Niagara Falls - Skylon Tower
Interesting image of the Skylon Tower breaking out of the fog-covered city. #wheredideveryonego? [ Link ]

Instagram photo by @brmitchell9 • Jan 22, 2017 at 10:17pm UTC
The weather is extremely mild in Niagara Falls this weekend. Come out and enjoy the evening lights!
Happy 'Throwback Thursday'! This fantastic photo transports us way back to the summer of 1958!
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Nothing better than comfort food on a cold winter day!
#LunchMenu Penne Alfredo
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