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What tune are you feeling today? Share your mix of the day below and you could win two tickets to an upcoming DJ/ artist/ event in your area!
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We have a winner! Congratulations to Nyameka Nokhanyo Ntaba for being our #FashionFriday winner this week! Thanks to everyone who entered - Your style was incredible. Keep an eye out for more exciting #OutOfTheBlue spot prizes coming your way…
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On Thursday our lucky #OutOfTheBlue winners had an experience of a lifetime! Together with Sky Tshabalala of East Coast Radio they were taken out of their comfort zone for a day with #SKYYVodka. Get an adrenalin kick just watching this? You could be next! Buy a bottle of #SKYY and visit to enter. Our next experience is valued at over R180 000 and it could be yours...
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Post a photo of yourself looking fly in your most outrageous outfit this weekend and tag @SKYYVodkasa and #OutOfTheBlue on Instagram or Twitter. You could win a shopping voucher worth R2000 to an online retailer of your choice!

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Are you living #OutOfTheBlue? Keep an eye on our social media pages for spot prizes and unexpected moments… When you’re living the #SKYY life - you never know what will happen. Go to for more.
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Put your eyes to the #SKYY and feel the rhythm. What are you listening to today?

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Another week, another #SKYYVodka #OutOfTheBlue experience! Watch our latest winners, Daniel Morris and Alexander Molsen, living it up with a day of supercar racing at Cape Town's Killarney Raceway followed by VIP dining, SKYY-style!
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Another lucky #OutOfTheBlue winner has been chosen! Dressed to the nines in the latest fashion with VIP tickets to the Metro FM Awards & afterparty, our winner enjoyed a night in the SKYY...
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Nothing beats that pure SKYY flavour. Made with real lemon and lime, wrap up your Monday with SKYY Infusions Citrus.

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Nothing like living that #SKYY life! Our latest #OutOfTheBlue winners, Alex & Daniel, are living it up at a race day in Cape Town.

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Just snapped: Our next winners Alex & Daniel are enjoying a SKYY Vodka #OutOfTheBlue experience. Today's a race day in Cape Town and isn't it beautiful. The cars that is :) So who recognizes that yellow beauty in the bottom left corner?? Tell us below if you know !

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Who’s ready to get out, get down and celebrate with SKYY this weekend? Where’s the party at?

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A behind the scenes look at our Six Senses #OutOfTheBlue winner experience in Johannesburg. Our lucky winner was whisked away for luxurious date with SKYY. Think romantic spa treatments, amazing food and the full 5-star treatment! Watch the video for more!

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Who’s joining us in the #SKYY?

Our first winner has been chosen… are you next? To win your share of R1 000 000 of #OutOfTheBlue experiences, buy a bottle of #SKYYVodka and enter the unique code found on the necktag here - One winner will be chosen every two weeks for an unforgettable #SKYY experience!
Ever had a crazy business idea that you thought would never fly? Get inspired to see it through with these unusual ventures. Be brave and step #OutOfTheBlue… you never know where you might land.

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11 Unique Business Ideas to Inspire You in 2017 - SKYY Vodka