SKYY Vodka
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Quadruple distilled and triple filtered with California limestone for a smooth finish. #BornInSF #SKYYVodka SF photographer Oscar Nilsson 'Oscarwastaken'
SKYY Vodka
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Our story started here 25 years ago, in the city that stands for progress.​​ #BornInSF #SKYYVodka SF photographer Oscar Nilsson 'Oscarwastaken'
Quality time with quality drinks. #ValentinesDay #SKYYVodka
You know #SKYYVodka, but do you know our story? It started 25 years ago in San Francisco when one man's search for a better martini led him to create a better vodka. #BornInSF
SKYY - The Most Valuable Guest at any gathering. #SKYYVodka

The Schuylkill

1 Part SKYY Infusions® Honeycrisp Apple
1 Part Appleton Estate®Signature Blend
½ Part Fresh Lemon Juice
¾ Part Triple Sec

Shake and garnish with a lemon.
The best weekends start with a clink. #SKYYVodka #BornInSF
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Poor Liza

2 Parts SKYY Infusions®Bartlett Pear
½ Part Green Chartreuse
¼ Part Simple Syrup
¾ Part Lemon Juice
3 Dashes Peychaud’s® Bitters

Glass: Coupe
Garnish: Lemon Slice
Method: Shake
Sip a smooth escape from winter. #SKYYVodka
Tag a friend and take on the night together. #SKYYVodka
The best parts of 2017 will come out of the blue. #SKYYVodka
Fresh doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Sparkling Choice

1 Part. SKYY® Infusions Bartlett Pear
½ Part Frangelico®
½ Part Lemon Juice

Fill: Sparkling Wine
Glass: Flute
Method: Shake
To looking back fondly, and moving forward boldly. Celebrate with us in 2017 by tagging friends who made 2016 unforgettable. #DrinkResponsibly #SKYYVodka​ @Niki_csanyi
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Merry & Bright

2 parts SKYY Vodka®
½ part Cinzano® Dry Vermouth
½ part Cinzano® Bianco Vermouth

Method: Stir
Glass: Nick and Nora
Ice: None
Garnish: Lemon Peel & Sprig Rosemary
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Holidayy Glow

2 parts SKYY Vodka®
1 part rosemary simple syrup
3 parts cranberry juice

Garnish: fresh rosemary sprigs
Method: Stir
Optional: top with club soda
Glass: Coupe
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