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Want to feel like a million bucks? Get better sleep. No, seriously. #JustAddSleep

Better sleep can make us feel like a million bucks
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Do you hit the snooze button? Here are 5 reasons you should break the habit! [ Link ]

Skip The Snooze.
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"Talk therapy can help treat issues such as depression and anxiety. And now, sleep." [ Link ]

Insomnia May Have a Cure.
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Early bird or night owl: Does either get the worm when sleep is short? Read to find out: #JustAddSleep

Sleep deprivation impacts night owls and early risers differently
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Comment below if you can relate. #NationalPuppyDay #JustAddSleep
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Want to skip the cold or flu? Some of the best preventitive medicine is, you guessed it...sleep. [ Link ]

Sleep is some of the best medicine.
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Work worries stealing your Zzs? This survey shows you're not alone. #JustAddSleep

Sleep Deprivation Affects Majority of Workers, According to New CareerBuilder Survey
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Bob went without sleep,
He couldn’t say why.
Now he’s at work,
Too tired to try…

Don’t be like Bob. #WorldPoetryDay
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Because happily ever after IS possible, even with a snorer. Tag the Beauty or the Beast in your life! #BeautyAndTheBeast #JustAddSleep
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"Try to stick to the same sleep-wake schedule even when you don’t have to get up early for work." [ Link ]

15 Sneaky Reasons You're Always Tired.
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The early bird catches the worm... but are you a morning person? [ Link ]

Commit to your new lifestyle.
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Swing into spring! Ditch the inner-springs and try a Sleep Number bed. #JustAddSleep
At work on a Friday afternoon like… #Mood #WorldSleepDay #SNLife
Cramming for an exam? Make sure to fit in some Zzz's as well! [ Link ]

Don't skip out on Zzz's!
Are you a morning person? Check these 8 things off your list to get in the zone! [ Link ]

Wake up. Get moving.
Are we doing this right? #MarchMadness
"Americans are among the most sleep deprived people in the world." [ Link ]

9 Surprising Statistics.
When it comes to good Zzz's, it's about the quality, not the quantity. #JustAddSleep [ Link ]

This Is What It Actually Means To Get A 'Good Night's Sleep' | Sleep Number Blog
"Young kids who are tucked into bed by 8 p.m. may be less likely to be obese later in life." [ Link ]

Preschool Bedtimes May Impact Teens' Obesity
Is your job costing you Zzz's? #JustAddSleep

Worst jobs for sleep.