Opening today at the Slim Dusty Centre, The Angus McNeil Collection is one of Australia’s largest collections of glass plate negatives. McNeil documented just about every aspect of Macleay life from the late 19th century until 1944, during which time he ran a photographer’s studio in Belgrave Street, Kempsey. The Macleay River Historical Society (MRHS) houses more than 30,000 of the original...
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Joy has written a diary entry on the Slim Dusty website of "Tamworth 2017 in Review" with some photos. Head over to [ Link ] to read about what she got up to!

Slim Dusty · Joy’s Diary
Hi Everyone! After a fantastic Tamworth seeing plenty of wonderful music we are now back in the office and met with some good news - the Slim Dusty midi glass is back in stock! Available now from the website: The perfect item to contain a nice cold beer.
Slim's grandson Jim Arneman and his wife Flora are playing with their band Small Town Romance this weekend at Tamworth. Great songwriting and harmonies to boot. Worth checking out!
Who is heading up to the Tamworth Country Music Festival this month? Be sure to see one of Anne's shows - she has 2 special shows this year - both on Thursday 26th. See you there!

Thursday 26th 9am, Balladeers Homestead…”Anne Kirkpatrick & Friends’ featuring Jim Arneman, Flora Smith and Rod Coe

Thursday 26th 4pm, Family Hotel...with Tania Kernaghan and Ami Williamson
ABC Radio National posted this very special video in honour of our hard working truckies and the 330 we lose on the road each year. Slim always sang for our truckies and told their stories of the road. [ Link ] Recently we compiled the best of Slim's trucking songs on the album "Prime Movers": [ Link ]
For those who missed Joy's conversation with Simon Marnie yesterday on ABC 702 it's online for the next 7 days. Enjoy the stories and insights of Joy's life here:
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Simon Marnie from ABC 702 Sydney is going to Joy’s house this Sunday (Oct 9th)! Listen in on their conversation at 11:30am - on your radio or online.
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Weekend Sunday with | 702 ABC Sydney | Australian Broadcasting Corporation
A note from Joy (Anne Kirkpatrick Family & Friends Tour!):

Have a guess at the following: Which two towns are the only two where Slim had to sing a certain song twice in the same night’s programme?

I’ll give you the answer: The first one was Dimbulah on the fringe of the Atherton Tableland, North Queensland. The Italian tobacco farmers loved Slim singing “New Australian Bushman” so they...
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A note from Joy:
Just wanted to say what a difference the Indian Pacific train has made to travelling across the Nullarbor. Here’s a photo of my niece Dianne Lindsay and husband Peter Simpson on the Indian Pacific having fun in the club car singing my song for their fellow travellers. Dianne tells me that it was a big hit with passengers and with staff aboard the train who were really excited ...
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Today we are proud to release a special 20 track compilation of Slim's trucking songs, PRIME MOVERS. Slim said “The nation runs on wheels and it’s the wheels of the trucks that the nation runs on!” Joy wrote the liner notes in the booklet which includes "To the truckies, men and women, may your wheels keep turning, your miles keep burning, and your rig take you safely home." We feel this sum...
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Joy went into the studio and had a chat with Ray Hadley this morning. They spoke of all things at the Slim Dusty Centre, the release of Looking Forward Looking Back on vinyl and plenty of stories of Slim. If you missed it (or want to listen again) click on this link: [ Link ]

Joy McKean on The Ray Hadley Morning Show
To celebrate Slim Dusty Day this year we ask the question “What Does Slim Dusty Mean To You?” We collected a montage of messages from friends, family, fans and personalities. Enjoy this special tribute and post your own message/photo of what Slim means to you below - add your part to the Slim Dusty story. We would love to hear from you.
Out today, Slim's 100th album 'Looking Forward Looking Back' on vinyl for the very first time. Limited edition LP with special gatefold sleeve packaging. Secure your copy today from the Slim Dusty website, The Sound of Vinyl, Sanity, or JB HI FI. Click this link to order: [ Link ]
We are very excited to announce Slim's iconic 100th album 'Looking Forward Looking Back' being released on vinyl for the very first time as a limited edition LP with special gatefold sleeve packaging. Release date is June 10. We are giving our Facebook friends a head start so you don't miss out. Secure your copy today here: [ Link ]

Looking Forward Looking Back - Ltd Ed Vinyl
It is great to see the Slim Dusty Centre on the Bucket List of things to do in regional NSW as per the "Regional NSW" magazine that came in today's Sunday Telegraph. Make sure it's on your Bucket List!
Another wonderful Tamworth Country Music Festival wrapped up last week. It was fantastic to see everyone at The Balladeers Homestead for Anne's show. What a treat to have James Arneman and Flora Smith share the show as the duo Small Town Romance - beautiful songs and harmonies. A great morning was had by all.
A note from Joy:
"I am so pleased and happy that the long awaited Slim Dusty Centre and Museum is officially open at last. I am also very, very happy and indeed relieved, to hear the constant refrain from visitors: “It is so much bigger, and so far ahead of my expectations! I had no idea what it was like!”

So come and see for yourself, please do.

By the way, some people do not know...
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Here is the second video post from Anne Kirkpatrick as she shares about the songs featured on Slim's new album "The Den Tapes". Ten previously unreleased songs recently discovered in Slim's 'den'. These are special, precious, and fun songs. Enjoy!
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More photos of the Slim Dusty Centre. This time a taste of what to expect when you visit. Golden Guitars, outfits from the dressing room, 'Old Purple' the touring car, Slim's first guitar, and so much more.