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Slimming World
today at 10:34. Facebook
We're absolutely loving seeing your #slim4Xmas wishes and hearing how many of you are making your weight loss dreams come true this Christmas! Like Melanie has, we'd like to know how you'd love to reward yourself for achieving your wish, so go on, humour us and let us know below...
Slimming World
12/02/2016 at 16:00. Facebook
Sometimes only comfort food will do...Our Mr Sleek 2016 Martin Woodsford's gorgeously cosy-looking dinner of sausage, mash and peas was perfectly topped off with the new Slimming World onion gravy from Iceland Foods - mmm!
Slimming World
12/01/2016 at 20:22. Facebook
What's your favourite Free or low-Syn TV nibble? We recently spotted this Free Food-packed platter for two, shared by Stacey Wilsoncroft‎ and her hubby!

"We swapped high-Syn Saturday night TV nibbles (popcorn, crisps, chocolate and sweets) for this Slimming World grazing plate - it's my Healthy Extra 'a' and 'b' choice for the day, plus 7½ Syns! Fruit, vegetables, spiced potatoes, eggs, ham,...
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Slimming World
12/01/2016 at 08:22. Facebook
1st December means it's officially time to start feeling festive! Who's filled in their Christmas wish? Whether yours is a weight loss wish or something different, share it with us using #Slim4Xmas, and let us know how it'll be keeping you motivated throughout advent!
Slimming World
11/30/2016 at 18:42. Facebook
Who’s looking forward to opening their advent calendars tomorrow? We LOVE these homemade calendars from @indias_sw and @sw_amanda on Instagram. Show us how you’re counting down the days until Christmas and post your photos below.
Slimming World
11/30/2016 at 16:00. Facebook
Celebrate St Andrew's Day with with a healthy twist on a Scottish classic. Just 1½ Syns per pot.

[ Slimmingworld.co.uk Link ]
Slimming World
11/29/2016 at 17:30. Facebook
Beautiful burgers, Christmas biscuits and perfect puddings - we've chosen the winners of this week's #Slim4Xmas festive food competition! Those who shared these delicious dishes win themselves some special Slimming World goodies, and our 1st place winner will receive shopping vouchers too. Keep sharing pictures of your Food-Optimised festive favourites using #Slim4Xmas - next week we'll select...
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Slimming World
11/29/2016 at 10:45. Facebook
"When I see myself smiling broadly in a photo, I know it’s a true reflection of how I’m feeling – confident, positive and happy to be me!" After years of yo-yo diets and hiding how miserable she felt, Gill lost 3st 10lbs and says now her smile is real. [ Slimmingworld.co.uk Link ] #TransformationTuesday
Slimming World
11/28/2016 at 19:26. Facebook
When you're losing weight with Slimming World, desserts are still on the menu - yippee! This dreamy tiramisu is only 3 Syns.

[ Bit.ly Link ]
Slimming World
11/28/2016 at 08:30. Facebook
"I had such a poor relationship with food and the idea of changing that just felt helpless. And I have turned around the whole trajectory of my life. How? Thousands and thousands of small, good choices every single day. Preceded by the one very big choice to walk through Slimming World's doors."

If you're in need of a little #MondayMotivation this morning then look no further than the lovely...
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It's...Fakeaway Friday! What's your favourite home-cooked takeaway-style dish? Share photos of your fakeaways this weekend using #SWFakeaway!
It’s the 25th November - woohoo, only one month until Christmas Day! - and we’d love to see your Christmas wishes and know how you’re keeping the magic alive to achieve them #slim4xmas
We love #ThrowbackThursday for a little Slimming World motivation - your transformation pics are so inspiring! Check out Sean, Jill, Jessica and Clare who’ve said goodbye to a phenomenal 36st between them and shared their fab photos with us on Instagram. Show us your transformations and tell us how much you've lost below.
Heading out bargain‑hunting this Black Friday? Members, read our top tips for sailing through the sales AND staying on track with your weight loss goals here: [ Slimmingworld.co.uk Link ]

Black Friday Food Optimising - News stories - Slimming World

Adjusting your mindset can help you fall in love with Body Magic, so you can reap the mental and physical rewards of being active - follow these tips on member's website, Lifeline Online, to get started! [ Slimmingworld.co.uk Link ]
What's your favourite Free soup? This Italian and chicken soup is high up on our list - a lovely warming lunch and ready in under 30 minutes! [ Slimmingworld.co.uk Link ]
Thank you to everyone who entered our #Slim4Xmas competition this week, we've loved feasting our eyes on your warming wintry dishes! This week our winners were chosen from Instagram, congratulations @sara_sw_sutton_on_trent, @skinny_minnie_jojo, @sw_rach_sw_16, @slimwithsharron, @janecrowthersw and @nic_slimmingworldjourney33.

You can enter our competition and be in with a chance to win...
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Cabin crew member Adam Morrison is flying high after losing a brilliant 3st 4.5lbs with Slimming World. Read his story at: [ Slimmingworld.co.uk Link ]
We're spreading the love this World Hello Day by saying a big ‘hello!’ to all our new members, and we’re asking you to give them a Slimming World welcome and let them know your top tips for success on your weightloss journey! #WorldHelloDay
A killer gravy is an essential part of any roast dinner - and now you can enjoy a delicious onion gravy without spending a single 'Syn'! This new product is in Iceland Foods stores from today.