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Speed Food is so flexible it can even be made into flowers! Like this bouquet which was given to one of our Consultants! How about that for #mothersday inspiration?!
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Pick up today's Daily Mirror, Daily Record or Irish Daily Mirror for free Slimming World membership, plus an exclusive eight-page pull-out full of delicious recipes! Happy Saturday!
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It's Mother's Day this Sunday โ€“ and we have the perfect gift idea! What would you put in a Free Food and low-Syn hamper for your mum?
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Look out for an exclusive eight-page pull-out in tomorrow's Daily Mirror, plus a voucher for free membership of any Slimming World group!

Also in tomorrow's Daily Record and Irish Daily Mirror.
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Just a few of the incredible transformations that have caught our eye today - well done Rachael, Kyle, Pat and Molly! Show us your #throwbackThursday transformations too and tell us how losing weight has made you feel below.
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A mixture of Mediterranean vegetables gives this crowd-pleasing pasta bake a delicious flavour. Watch the video to see how to make it.
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If this wet weather has got you craving comfort food, this beef goulash will hit the spot. It's Free and full of meaty flavour.

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#SlimmingWorld members and Consultants have raised a phenomenal ยฃ25k for Great Ormond Street Hospital and Children's Charity (in just three months!) proving that small change really does make a big difference! Thank you. [ Link ] #CharityTuesday
โ€œI had a light bulb moment. I thought; if I donโ€™t do something now, somethingโ€™s going to happen to me. Iโ€™ve got three absolutely amazing boys, and Iโ€™m going to leave them without a mum. I looked up my nearest Slimming World group and in that tiny, minute second when I put my foot over the door, my whole life changed.โ€ Watch our brand-new Consultant Slimmer of the Year explain how she lost 8st...
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At her heaviest, Kirstie struggled to do even simple chores without taking a break. She says: โ€œJust vacuuming the carpet would completely wipe me out โ€“ so much so that Iโ€™d have to sit down half way through.โ€ Nowadays sheโ€™s a regular at her local swimming pool, and gets put through her paces once a week with a personal trainer! Read more on Kirstieโ€™s story on our website: [
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Read about our amazing members whoโ€™ve all lost weight with Slimming World
Drumroll pleaseโ€ฆ introducing our brand-new Consultant Slimmer of the Year 2017, Kirstie Goodwin! At her biggest Kirstie lay awake at night worrying that she would die of a heart attack. The thought of missing out on a lifetime of memories with her three sons was enough for her to make a change โ€“ and sheโ€™s now an amazing 8st 7lbs lighter! Kirstieโ€™s also gained a fab new career and now runs her...
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What Slimming World-friendly meal says 'spring' to you? We think this potato and spring veg tortilla is just perfect for lunchboxes at this time of the year, here's the recipe: [ Link ]
Spring is here and so is the May/June issue of #slimmingworldmagazine, in groups from today and on newsstands from 30th March. Prepare for a new season with an Easter eating plan and inspiration from Elena who shares her weight-loss journey!
You can see our comment on Asda's decision to remove their Slimzone meal range from sale here: [ Link ]

Asda slimzone statement
What better excuse to play with your food than for a #StPatricksDay Free Food snack? We love this egg and pepper shamrock!
Anyone had a Slimming World moment that's made them jump for joy? Neil reached target earlier this week and we just love his reaction! Whether you're at the start of your journey or close to your final goal, share your celebrations with us! #feelgoodfriday
"I thought everyone would judge me for being so big at such a young age. My fears were completely unfounded though and the truth is that you walk into a room full of people who all feel exactly the same way as you do, and who totally understand what youโ€™re going through.โ€

Watch our newly-crowned Top Target Consultant Jodie Rigby tell how she lost 6st & kept it off for 11 years!

Jodie lost 6st to become Slimming World's Top Target Consultant 2017

Overhearing a group of young men describe her as the โ€˜fat friendโ€™ on a girlโ€™s holiday inspired Jodie Rigby-Mee to lose an amazing 6st and drop five dress siz...

Before losing weight, our new Top Target Consultant 2017 Jodie suffered with asthma, migraines and painful knees. Now, 6st slimmer and a slinky size-10, Jodie has so much more energy and loves running โ€“ mostly after her son three-year-old son Jenson! Read more on Jodieโ€™s story on our website:

From fat friend to bikini model - Success stories - @slimmingworld
Introducing Jodie Rigby-Mee, our inspirational Top Target Consultant 2017! After overhearing a group of men describe her as the โ€˜fat friendโ€™ on a girlsโ€™ holiday, Jodie joined Slimming World and lost an incredible 6st. Eleven years on, sheโ€™s not only managed to keep the weight off, sheโ€™s also become a Slimming World Consultant โ€“ and today sheโ€™s been crowned a title winner! Look out for more on...
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These eight Slimming World members visited the House of Commons today to tell politicians and leading public health experts how getting support helped them to lose an amazing 58st between them. Azra, Liz, Kelly, Kim, Thomas, Liam, Danny and Hollie wowed attendees at our Obesity Policy Workshop and Parliamentary Reception, where experts discussed what the government can do to tackle obesity. We...
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