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Happy National Sticky Bun Day, y’all!
These rolled pieces of dough, made with brown sugar and cinnamon, topped with maple syrup, honey, nuts or butter, are great for breakfast or dessert!
What a tasty treat the Sticky Bun is!
I’m guessing you like it almost as much as I do, but do you really know where it came from?
Let’s see!
Who introduced Sticky Buns to the U.S.?
A) German Settlers B)...
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Today is February 20th – National Love Your Pet Day!
Every day is a great day for giving some extra attention to your pets… But today is a special occasion, dedicated just for that!
Do you have any pets at home? Which ones?
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Don’t forget to give your pet a big kiss and a nice snack on your way...
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President’s Day Trivia, here we go!
When is George Washington’s birthday?
A) February 22nd B) February 20th C) February 12th D) February 2nd
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Today is National Chocolate Mint Day!
Think you know chocolate?
Let’s see:
Which of these U.S. states grows cacao beans to produce chocolate?
A) Hawaii B) Texas C) California D) None
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Happy National Chocolate Mint Day!
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