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Slow Food USA
2 hours 47 minutes ago. Facebook
Carlo Petrini explains Terra Madre Day. #lovetheearth #defendthefuture

How are you going to participate in Terra Madre Day?
Slow Food USA
12/09/2016 at 17:30. Facebook
Thirty years ago, a large group of Italians gathered in Rome for a protest. The cause back then? McDonald's was opening a franchise at the base of the iconic Spanish Steps. But instead of waving signs and yelling, they brought in a big bowl of penne pasta and shared it with the crowd that gathered, chanting: “We don’t want fast food, we want Slow Food.”

That gathering was the birth of the...
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Slow Food USA
yesterday at 19:03. Facebook
To make a major impact on school lunch, Oakland Unified School District has participated in the Good Food Purchasing Program. OUSD will join cities and school districts across the country in purchasing food that is #local, #sustainable, #fair, #humane, and #healthy.

Learn how to bring GFPP to your city [ Bit.ly Link ]
#GFPP #HealthyFoodInSchools #FoodProgress #VoteWithYourFork #OUSD
Slow Food USA
yesterday at 15:00. Facebook
According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), there are roughly a quarter million plant varieties available for agriculture, but less than 3 percent of them are used today.

We are fighting to protect biodiversity. Join us in defending the future of food. DONATE TODAY: [ Slowfoodusa.org Link ]

#DefendtheFuture #LovetheEarth #ProtectBiodiversity #ArkofTaste...
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Slow Food USA
yesterday at 01:00. Facebook
Only Three Days Left! Join our Holiday Secret Snail Swap. Get creative in your kitchen with a secret recipe sent to you from one of our members. Join Here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
#MakeAFriend #SlowFood #MailSwap #HolidayRecipeSwap #HolidayFun
Slow Food USA
12/07/2016 at 17:32. Facebook
Check out this Slow Food International piece on how the Sioux have won. On Sunday, the United States Army Corps of Engineers announced they would not give permission to Dakota Access to complete construction of an oil pipeline that would have passed underneath the Missouri River and Lake Oahe, threatening the Standing Rock Indian Reservation’s only water supply. Alternate routes will now be...
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Sioux victory at Standing Rock - Slow Food International

Soil is life, yet 75 billion tons of healthy soil are lost every year. Slow Food International has joined the People4Soill network to help launch a petition in the defense of #healthysoil.The aim is to collect a million signatures to make the EU Parliament recognize soil as a shared heritage and pass a law to ensure its sustainable management.#SavetheSoil. Sign the petition:

Watch this video...
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Slow Food USA
12/06/2016 at 19:00. Facebook
Crunching into a fresh apple. Hearing the wind in the leaves. Rooting around to make a hole big enough for a seedling. Garden-based education can add so much to lessons in math, English, art, or science. Learn more about engaging kids’ senses in the garden – download or order your free copy of Teaching in Nature’s Classroom here: [ Teachinginnaturesclassroom.org Link ]

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Teaching in Nature's Classroom

Slow Food USA
12/06/2016 at 16:44. Facebook
"When I was born in 1952, we were just two billion people. Now we have grown to over seven billion. Industrial farming is prioritizing quantity over quality, and we are losing the amazing flavors of diverse crops. How can we go back to respecting our natural resources?

"This is why I started my farm on Long Island. I raise these heritage breed chickens and bees for conservation. We plant...
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Slow Food USA
12/06/2016 at 16:00. Facebook
Local Slow Food chapters are teaming up around #SchoolGardens and #Chefs! Check out this inspiring piece about Slow Food Miami and Chef Frederic Joulin of Semilla Eatery & Bar. #SlowGardens #ChildrenAndFood

South Beach eatery, nonprofit Slow Food Miami teach children about healthy eating

Slow Food USA
12/04/2016 at 23:00. Facebook
Slow Food USA
12/04/2016 at 21:11. Facebook
How Can Food Unite Us Post-Election? Listen in as our Executive Director, Richard McCarthy interviews with Courier-Journal!
#UnitewithFood #FutureofFood #LovetheEarth #DefendtheFuture

Slow Food in a Trump world

Slow Food USA
12/04/2016 at 16:00. Facebook
Did you know the Mediterranean diet can reduce your risk of stroke by 25%? And the Japanese diet cuts the risk of Parkinson's by half?
MEDIGO has produced an infographic showing the nutrients and dishes that make these diets so powerful. #HealthyLiving #Healthydiet #Nutrition #FunFacts

[ Medigo.com Link ]
Slow Food USA
12/03/2016 at 23:00. Facebook
Thank you for highlighting the Slow Food International Ark of Taste catalog on your social media ChefsTalk! Nominate an #ArkofTaste product today: [ Slowfoodusa.org Link ]
#QualityFoodProducts #SaveBiodiversity #IndigenousFood #NominateToday
Slow Food USA
12/03/2016 at 16:37. Facebook
Help Create a Change in our Food Industry
Protect Biodiversity
Support Youth Gardening
Make a One-Time Donation. slowfoodusa.org/one-time-donation
#LovetheEarth, #Defendthefuture #CreateChange #ProtectBiodiversity #SchoolGardens #SlowFood #SlowLife
Slow Food USA
12/02/2016 at 18:45. Facebook
"Bicycles never used to be thought of as central to the food system, but the Internet has allowed this particular wheel to be reinvented as a prime tool for localizing food systems while reducing traffic jams, cutting global warming emissions, and providing jobs."

#Cycling #LocalFoodSystems #EatLocal #TravelByBike #SustainableCities

Why Delivering Food Via Bicycle is Good For Neighbourhoods | cityscape | Torontoist

Slow Food USA
12/02/2016 at 18:00. Facebook
Two New #ArkofTaste Recipes on the Blog! Learn how to use the Long Island Cheese Pumpkin in creative ways: [ Bit.ly Link ]
#SlowFood #AppleButterRecipe #BurgerRecipe #GetCooking #NewRecipes
Slow Food USA
12/02/2016 at 18:00. Facebook
Thank you Sara Brandt!! for showing us how you #LovetheEarth & #DefendtheFuture.

Join our campaign! Show us how you love the earth and defend the future in your everyday life. Submit a 30 sec video of you in action towards a more #clean #good #fair food system.

Send your video clip to comms@slowfoodusa.org — We might just feature your video on our social media.
#sustainableworld #growfood...
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Coming soon to our members' mailboxes! Our latest magazine issue features Winona LaDuke, Graison Gill, Serena Milano, David Shields, Laura Luciano and The Long Island Cheese Pumpkin Project, Slow Food Russian River, photos from the Slow Food Midwest Ark of Taste, recipes from the North Fork Table and Inn and Dabbling Chef, new merch from Public Market Goods, and more! Great cover shot by Kim...
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If you are what you eat, what do the next four years look like? [ Cnn.com Link ]

What the president's diet says about America