Check out a new project from a Slow Food intern!

Julia Franchi Scarselli's big idea: through Libellula, you can adopt an olive tree and get traditionally made olive oil straight from Italian producers.

Libellula's 'Gold of Rome': Slow Food Intern Launches Olive Oil Startup
Confession: I've killed a lot of plants. Yeah, even easy house plants. Anyone else?? But you gotta keep going and keep planting.

Pre-order our garden kit to get started: [ Link ]
Even master gardeners have stories of failure with plants. And then they keep going. What's your story? Time to get your hands in the dirt and experiment! Buy a starter kit: [ Link ] #ArkofTaste
Thanks to our partner Whole Foods Market for donating 5% of all proceeds TODAY from 11 Colorado stores to Slow Food Denver and Slow Food Nations. If you're in CO, stop by our table to say HI!

Denver’s Whole Foods to Donate 5% of All Proceeds on Monday
Slow Food friends are putting on a project of love! Together with Crown Finish Caves (Brooklyn based cheese aging facility) that involves the marriage of our Italian orange wine and some artisanal cheesemakers from New York, Vermont and Italy.

Come and learn more with the collaborators behind the project
during this event featuring some of the artisanal cheese makers involved in the project...
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Anyone foraging ramps or stinging nettles this year? How are you cooking them?

Thanks to the Farm Beyond, Forage-to-Table is Flourishing on the East End | Edible East End
Slow Food champions like Gerard Pozzi are planting endangered seeds from the Ark of Taste this spring. Pre-order a kit and join us! [ Link ]
Hey Slow Food champions! We created an awesome garden kit to help you get your hands in the dirt this spring. Grow seeds from the #ArkofTaste and do your part to fight climate change (while eating delicious veggies).

This limited-edition kit includes three seed packets of endangered plants, a beautiful cedar sign for your garden, a poster and stickers, and a very cool Slow Food field...
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Plant a Seed. Defend the Future.
Happy International Women's Day! “Once we invest in women, it will have a multiplying effect.”

The Women Who Feed the Planet - Slow Food International
The Mayflower bean, featured in the newest Ark of Taste recipe: Mayflower Bean - Sauté with Greens & Sausage, is now a rare treat that can transport us back to the first Thanksgiving. Put on your hat and gold-buckled shoes and enjoy the very bean that came to our shore in the 1620's.

Ark of Taste Recipe: Mayflower Bean - Sauté with Greens & Sausage
"Larger farms create distance between the farmer and the eater. Really small farms connect more directly with the end user--they have to. So that connection to the eater ends up being really important."

--Josh Volk, author of Compact Farms, a new book on farming small.

Josh talks to Slow Food about learning to farm, CSA's, and how and why small farms are part of our future.

Five Acres or Less: Josh Volk's Vision for Farming
A great example on how Slow Food values can affect personal and professional practices "that [are] respectful of other people and cultures and also to the earth."

How Slow Food changed my life
Join the Environmental Working Group and Food Policy Action's #PlateOfTheUnion campaign to speak up for common-sense food policy.

We don’t have to settle for backwards food and farming policy. Together we can protect our basic right to healthy food and healthy communities, and protect our rivers and lakes from agricultural pollution. Tell our elected officials to invest in our health and our...
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Plate of the Union Campaign Sets Ambitious Food Policy Agenda
A friendly reminder that our national call about Slow Food Nations is TODAY at 4 p.m. EST. Do you want to know more about our exciting new festival and how you can take part? Would you like a preview of the programming and to learn more about who will be there?

Join from your computer or smartphone: [ Link ]
Or dial in: +1 (224) 501-3312 with access code 944-842-821.
Satisfy your sweet tooth with beets! Their rich and earthy flavors are enhanced in #ArkofTaste's Chocolate Chip Beet Cookie recipe:
[ Link ]
"I feel compelled to help preserve these varieties because without them history is simply erased... If the story doesn’t move you, the superior flavor will, and that is the magic of heirloom and Slow Food Ark of Taste varieties.” Love this story from our Michigan SF governor Kim Bayer!

A Virtuous Cycle: Slow Food’s Ark of Taste Helps New Farms Thrive and in Return, Farmers Promote the Ark - Slow Food International
Crops like tepary beans are emblematic of what Slow Food USA's Ark of Taste tries to recognize: traditional crops threatened by industrialization are both culturally valuable and practical.

Tepary Beans and Tucson's Edible Inheritance
Carla Capalbo, award-winning food, wine and travel writer, shares her experience at Terra Madre, Slow Food’s event in Turin, Italy. She explains how Slow Food's 10,000 Gardens in Africa project inspired one man to become a food activist in his community.

Former Child Soldier Turns To Farming, Sows Peace In Africa | Carla Capalbo
How can we work to reduce food waste in our communities? Slow Food Houston leader Francine Spiering offers reflections and lessons from their event promoting food waste awareness. #gleaning #foodwaste #houstonchefs

Food Waste Awareness: A Gleaned Feast