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Satisfy your sweet tooth with beets! Their rich and earthy flavors are enhanced in #ArkofTaste's Chocolate Chip Beet Cookie recipe:
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"I feel compelled to help preserve these varieties because without them history is simply erased... If the story doesn’t move you, the superior flavor will, and that is the magic of heirloom and Slow Food Ark of Taste varieties.” Love this story from our Michigan SF governor Kim Bayer!

A Virtuous Cycle: Slow Food’s Ark of Taste Helps New Farms Thrive and in Return, Farmers Promote the Ark - Slow Food International
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Crops like tepary beans are emblematic of what Slow Food USA's Ark of Taste tries to recognize: traditional crops threatened by industrialization are both culturally valuable and practical.

Tepary Beans and Tucson's Edible Inheritance
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Carla Capalbo, award-winning food, wine and travel writer, shares her experience at Terra Madre, Slow Food’s event in Turin, Italy. She explains how Slow Food's 10,000 Gardens in Africa project inspired one man to become a food activist in his community.

Former Child Soldier Turns To Farming, Sows Peace In Africa | Carla Capalbo
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How can we work to reduce food waste in our communities? Slow Food Houston leader Francine Spiering offers reflections and lessons from their event promoting food waste awareness. #gleaning #foodwaste #houstonchefs

Food Waste Awareness: A Gleaned Feast
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This is an important blow to the #FastFood executive. Impressive organizing from allies like the Food Chain Workers Alliance. We salute you and continue to stand with you. Thank you, Slow Food members, who answered the call to action.

Trump labor secretary pick Andy Puzder withdraws his nomination
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Check out Slow Food Ark of Taste's newest recipe: Apple Beet Carrot Smoothie. It's a healthy and delicious way to get your veggies! With the addition of an apple, it's a sweet and nutritious start to your day.

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Blog post: Café One inspires a meditation on Harlem's unique and changing foodscape.

In the Competitive World of Harlem Cafés, One has it Figured Out
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Implementing healthier meals into schools is a slow and challenging process. It should be designed to work with people and not for them. Behavior change requires meeting people and institutions where they are and not assuming that the transition to better quality food will always be easy. This article is a great example of how a West Virginia school employee uses her local knowledge and...
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She Outsmarted Jamie Oliver — And Figured Out The Future Of School Lunch
Looks like Melania T plans to keep the Kitchen Garden : "Gardening teaches us the fundamentals in care and the evolution of living things, all while inspiring us to nurture our minds and to relax and strengthen our bodies."

Melania Trump Plans to Preserve Michelle Obama's Vegetable Garden
Delegate registration for Slow Food Nations is now open! Delegates kick off Slow Food Nations in Denver with a full-day summit on Friday (July 14) before the festival opens to the public that weekend.

Delegates are people committed to changing the food system for the better. Whether you are actively participating in your local food community or just getting started, the delegate experience...
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Delegates | Slow Food Nations
@GoodFood100list seeks to change the way we view and value chefs and restaurants. The strategic rating system will quantitatively measure the economic impact that chefs and restaurants have on food systems. We encourage all chefs and restaurants to participate!

Good Food Media Networks
Love this video from Slow Food Atlanta! A how-to video on potlucks, Slow Food style.
Don't despair. Despite the many shortcomings of the food movement, it succeeds precisely where George Manbiot contends is the basis of all social change: in forging community. Think of wide array of new social and commercial infrastructure that emerged in the past decade or two: allotment gardens, farmers markets, CSAs, CSFs, coops, meat collectives, etc., etc. [ Link ]

This is how we take back control: from the bottom up | George Monbiot
"The Slow Food movement advocates for a return to time-honored culinary practices and insists on the use of high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. I believe it is time to call for a similar movement in how we produce and consume the news: it is time for a "Slow News" movement for information that is good, clean and fair."—Alison Smith #slownews #newideas The Huffington Post #opinion...
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Time for a "Slow News" Movement
Simran Preeti Sethi keeps on unearthing that which matters to #lovetheearth

Simran Sethi: 'We're losing biodiversity in foods'
Our movement is growing. Join us!
Check out this new blog post to prep you for the big game Sunday! #SuperBowl the #SlowFood way. Thanks Adam Glasser for the contribution.

How to Throw a Slow Food-friendly Super Bowl Party
Here's the kind of story that fuels hopefulness during these divisive times. Food = Bridge. Chef John Currence has cultivated a leader in Vish. [ Link ]

Mississippi Masala: How A Native Of India Became A Southern Cooking Star