See the transition from being virtually unknown in Slumdog Millionaire to a well-known cast of actors today.

See Dev Patel and the Rest of the 'Slumdog Millionaire' Cast on Their First Red Carpet and Now!
Wishing Madhur Mittal an amazing birthday.
Happy Birthday, Irrfan Khan.
Happy Birthday, Anil Kapoor
An inseparable bond #NationalBrotherDay
You're our destiny.
Here's a million dollar question: who's birthday is it today? A) Dev Patel. B) Danny Boyle. C) Freida Pinto (It's B! Happy Birthday to director Danny Boyle)
Happy Birthday, Freida Pinto!
See the cast of Slumdog Millionaire 8 years later!

See the Cast of 'Slumdog Millionaire' Then and Now!
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Nothing can stand in his way.
An inseparable bond #NationalBrotherDay
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