Slurpee Australia
yesterday at 02:00. Facebook
Because friends share dessert...
Grab a bag of The Natural Confectionery Co for $3 with ANY Slurpee! Valid til 30th Jan 2017
Slurpee Australia
01/18/2017 at 02:00. Facebook
Spoon up this classic Aussie fave, Lamington SLURPEE. Yours for a short time not a long time!
Slurpee Australia
01/16/2017 at 23:00. Facebook
Get ur SLURPEE Spotto on and u could WIN 1 of 5 $100 Visa cards. To enter, take a snap of your SLURPEE in the wild and share it in the comments. Most creative entries WIN! Entries finish 30th Jan 2017. T&Cs here: [ Link ]
Tingle your taste buds with SLURPEE Sour Watermelon. Hurry, this Aussie fave won't be around for long...
The (real) great Australian bite!
Sink your teeth into a Golden Gaytime for $2 with ANY SLURPEE!
Valid til 28th Feb 2017
U SLURPED we listened, Zilched Lemon Lime Bitters is back for summer! SLURP up less than 1% sugar quick, as this flavour won't be hanging around.
Add more sass to ur snack and get salty with 90g Smiths salt and vinegar chips. Yours for 2 bucks with ANY SLURPEE!
Valid til 28th Feb 2017
SLURP up summer with Aussie fave flavours. Iconic flavours Sour Watermelon, Lamington and Zilched Cranberry Lime are instore now! Get onnit! ☀
3...2...1...SLURP! Happy New Years Eve SLURPERS!
Calling all chocoholics! Stay sweet and cool in summer and grab a Cadbury med choc bar for 2 bucks! Yours with ANY SLURPEE!
When you're feeling festive...
How much SLURPEE can you handle? $1 will get you a large, $2 a super and $3 a mega SLURPEE!
Shake n SLURP! Grab a pack of Doritos for $2 with ANY SLURPEE and get snack happy!
Sam Alhaje is a true Aussie LEDGE! He's got our vote in the Logies
Get a mega sour hit with Zilched Sour Pink Grapefruit SLURPEE. With less than 1% sugar, why not go for seconds????
Get lush with Krispy Kreme Red Velvet Glazed Bites. Have a melt in your mouth moment for $2 with ANY SLURPEE!
Get fruity with SLURPEE Exotics and SNAP up our new filter! Hurry, limited time only!