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Slurpee Australia
12/01/2016 at 00:59. Facebook
It's their round to shout! Grab that dollar off your friend and SLURP large for 1 buck!
Slurpee Australia
11/27/2016 at 00:59. Facebook
Mix up the flavours and grab a 7-Eleven Popcorn for just $2.
Light on sugar, big on taste! SLURP large for $1 and keep it light with less than 1% sugar.☁
SLURP up that sunshine and snap up the surf with our new SLURPEE Snapchat filter. Head in-store and get snapping ☀
SLURP right up! Grab ANY Slurpee and score a Cadbury chocolate bar for $2! ✨
Small in size, big on flavour!!! Grab a small SLURPEE for just 0.80c! TAG a mate and invite them to a SLURPFEST
Float up up and away on flavour and SLURP light with SLURPEE Zilched. SLURP large for $1 and get a sweet fix with less than 1% sugar! ☁
Lighten up and get onto our NEW SLURPEE Zilched filter! TAG a mate who needs to get their head out of the clouds. ☁
Pick and mix! Grab a pack of Twisties Taco, Twisties Cheese or Skittles for $2 with ANY SLURPEE. Which will you choose?
New Zilched Lemon, Lime & Bitters and Pineapple Passion are heeeere!
With less than 1% sugar, treat yo'self and slurp LARGE for $1.
Coz the best SLURPS in life are FREE! Grab a FREE medium Slurpee with any purchase* at SEVS today! Happy 7 Eleven Day! *excludes tobacco and tobacco related products
Be honest, how many times did you SLURP large this week?
7 Eleven Day is COMING! Can you guess what SLURPRISE we have in store?
Better stock up on that SLURPEE! SLURP large for just $1!☝
Sweet or Savoury? Get the cheesy goodness of Twisties for just $2 bucks with your SLURPEE
LIVE the SLURPLIFE for $1! Head to your local Sevs and share the SLURP with our exclusive Snapchat filters.
Get more SLURP for your coin and grab a large SLURPEE for 1 buck!
Get Snapchat happy with our exclusive SLURP LARGE LENS. You've only got TODAY to unlock the SLURP
Pick up a pack of Skittles for $2 when you SLURP... the best part is that large Slurpees are only $1
SLURP up NEW desserts with Coco Berry Slice, Strawberry Shortcake, Zilched Salted Caramel and Caramel Apple Pie! SLURP a large helping of your faves for just $1!