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What do you remember from this episode?
How do you feel about Chloe?
We're not sure who this 'Wonderous' woman is but you can see the billionaire in action in The LEGO Batman Movie hitting theaters Tomorrow!
The LEGO Batman Movie is in theaters this Friday. Watch the trailer now. [ Link ] #LEGOBatmanMovie
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"And even the best ones are far from perfect."
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This is AMAZING.

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Superman makes his first on-camera appearance.
You don't know the half of it Lana!
Do you remember Alicia's strong feelings for Clark?
"Smallville isn't in your future, it's just a brief chapter in your biography."
Happy Birthday Kristin Kreuk!
Demons don't take holidays...but neither does Constantine. Watch the cult DC Comics series for free on CW Seed:
"Do not allow human emotions to cloud your judgement."
Why is #Hellcats SO good? Maybe because it has a super producer named Tom Welling. Watch the full series on CW Seed: