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Last chance to vote for your favorite SWOscars movie! Voting closes on midnight Saturday!

SWOscars 2017 People’s Choice Award - Vote for your favorite movie!
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You’ve received an invitation ticket to the Carnival Party, so head over now to complete the mission and get a free reward! >> [ Link ]
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Last chance to enter your movie into the SWOscars 2017 competition! Don't miss out!

SWOscars 2017 Movie Contest Thread - Post Your Entry Here!
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Enter the Best Red Carpet Competition and you could win 10,000 Gold! Enter by uploading your picture as a comment on this post.

Read the full details here: [ Link ]
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There’s going to be a new Puzzleworth Mystery Box coming soon, and we want you to tell us what item you’d like! Vote here!

Vote For The Puzzleworth Mystery Box Item You Want! - SmallWorlds
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Surprise! We added 2 new hairstyles!
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Check out the amazing new Play Dynamic Purple Fragrance, Dynamic Blue Fragrance, and Dynamic Yellow Fragrance. They’ve just arrived in Smallwear! >> [ Link ]
You voted and we created the hairstyles you wanted, don't you love them?
Test your movie knowledge in the 2017 SWOscars mission. Play now >> [ Link ]
Check out the winners of the Next Top Model competition modeling the new SWOscars clothing now available in Smallwear! They really are great fashionistas!
Adding an Authenticator to your account is easy! Learn how to do it by following these simple steps and secure your account today.

Boost Your Security By Adding An Authenticator To Your SmallWorlds Account - SmallWorlds
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We’ve added Authentication to your account. What’s authentication? It means your account can be extra secure, for total peace of mind. Plus, you’ll get a Badge when you set it up!
Click the link below and learn how to set it up!

Secure Your SmallWorlds Account And Get A Badge!
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Start voting for your favorite movie from the SWOscars 2017!

SWOscars 2017 People’s Choice Award - Vote for your favorite movie!
Here’s a package that’s too sweet to resist. Get 3 different-colored Rare Zoom Heart Bubbles and 2,500 Gold now, before they’re gone forever on February 15! >> [ Link ]
Having issues in SmallWorlds? Learn when and how to report them in the last episode of SmallWorlds Support Facts.

SUPPORT FACTS EPISODE 4 - How to report issues - SmallWorlds
Love is in the air! The Rare Zoom Love Cloud is the very last cloud in our collection, and what could be better for Valentine’s Day than riding on a gorgeous cloud of pink hearts?

It’s only available for 5 days, and at midnight on Valentine’s Day it will be gone forever. Get yours now >> [ Link ]