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Dear Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival, we’re sorry, but we’ve already unraveled the secret of Arthouse. Watch it here:
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smart outside. Fully electric inside.
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The smart electric drive is almost ready to hit the roads. Where will you roam first?
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More seats needed? #happyvalentinesday
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The game goes on. Guess which funny movie this customized smart refers to. Or make your own design with the smart visualiser:

Hint: banana.
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Did a check-up. Diagnosis: 75% high-strength-steel and great safety values.
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We turned the colours of a classic movie into a smart car. Can you guess which one this is?

Hint: time.
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Sometimes it’s just nice to stop and appreciate city views at night.
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It's time for some dolce vita. smart magazine is taking you on a ride to Rome's best kept secrets:

Local Secrets Rome | smart magazine
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The wheels on our cars go round and round. The smart electric drive models are unstoppable on city roads.
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An urban icon, an international style icon, an inspirational trip and a high fashion shooting: Take a look behind the scenes and witness Veronika Heilbrunner and her velvet blue smart fortwo | tailor made.
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Silent cars make nature louder. With our smart electric drive models, listen to the birds sing.
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"But diamonds are a girls best friend" .
Explore the glamorous interior space in the smart fortwo | tailor made by Veronika Heilbrunner of @heywomancom.

Want to design your own smart? Reveal the icon you: [ Link ]
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A how-to on becoming a happier person by sharing more: the new interactive story on smart magazine is all about the "co" – co-working, co-living, co-dining, co-farming.
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Turn the colours of your favourite country into a smart car. Can you guess which one this is? Try out the smart visualiser now:

Hint: carnivals and soccer.
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Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!
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Turn the colours of your favourite movie into a smart car. Can you guess which one this is? Try out the smart visualiser now:

Hint: bigger boat
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smart: Reveal the iconic you. There's a smart fortwo | tailor made for every lifestyle out there. What does yours look like? Find out: [ Link ].
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Feel like renting a smart – for a few days, weeks, or even months? smart “ready to rent” has got you covered!

smart ready to rent, the new car rental service by smart
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Sometimes the best colours are the most basic ones.