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Pineapple or Grape
...which do you choose? ????
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It's what's on the inside that counts!
Happy Valentine's Day!
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???? ????
Peanut Free ✅
Gluten Free ✅
Fat Free ✅
Huddle Up!
Smarties come in 6 different colors/flavors! The yellow...
Don't forget to bring treats! ;)
Make today MEGA!
Orange vs. Cherry?!
There we go again, playing with our food...
TODAY in Smarties history!
On January 10, 1949 our founder, Edward "Eddie" Dee,came to the United States. Equipped with only two machines, he began making Smarties candy rolls!

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Smarties started in New Jersey! See what other products call the Garden State Home thanks to #JerseyPride

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