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Who wants to play?
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She looks after the family, takes care of her little ones, manages the household and goes to work too.

Mother <3 - Her health is most important.

Going from slum to slum, community to community, the Swabhiman team is conducting awareness talks and counseling sessions to make sure that mothers do not forget their own health as they take care of everyone else. Stay healthy mummy!

(In pic: Surat Nagar, Gurgaon, Haryana)
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A team of more than 100 volunteers ran to support education of less privileged children at #mumbaimarathon 2017!

Thank you Abbott, Cello Writing, SBI Life Insurance, State Bank of India, Life Insurance Corporation, Prudential plc for your support in spreading smiles :)
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“They are the naughtiest brother and sister anyone can have, but they are my everything and I am all they have. Sometimes I scold them, but also love them later. I make sure they eat two times a day.”

Pooja studies at Smile Foundation’s Mission Education centre Samarpan, where she is provided nutritious food along with quality education.

To help us feed many more children like Pooja,...
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#Memories Dr. Kalam having lunch with Indian Army

Happy #NationalArmyDay
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To the Women in Indian National Army, #Salute!
We express our pride and respect. #NationalArmyDay
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“This year I participated in race for the first time. My parents were afraid I will hurt myself, and they have no money saved to take me to the doctor. But at last they agreed. I did not win the race, but I am very happy. My mother cooked special rice to celebrate the day.”

Akash, a student of Smile Foundation’s Mission Education centre JSS in Bolangir, Odisha, has had neurological problems...
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A family that eats together; stays together❤
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"It breaks my heart to see him cry. But I smile, because I know it is for his best" - A mother gets her child treated at Smile Health Camp near the Bhalaswa landfill site in Delhi
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Usha Kiran becomes the first Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) woman officer who has been deployed in Maoist hit Bastar region.
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"I draw when I'm sad.
I draw when I'm happy.
I draw when somebody scolds me.
I draw when I get gifts."

- Mili
Class 2, Mission Education centre - Lamahata, Darjeeling
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4-year old Yogitha fell down from stairs and got her arm hurt.

Dr. Sachin K S (Smile on Wheels) assures little Yogitha a speedy recovery. Get well soon dear ❤
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Celebrating #NationalYouthDay
Happy Birthday Swami Vivekananda!
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Pen > Sword
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Over 500 poorest of the poor children and families living around garbage dumping sites in Kalkere Slum area in Bangalore get free healthcare right at their doorsteps.

Smile on Wheels project in Bangalore directly benefits over 34,000 children and families living in over 20 slums, including Andrapur, Munekollala Huts, TC Palya, Krishna Murthy Nagar, Hosanagar and Narayannappa. Know more:...
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"These children taught me so many values - kindness, care, selflessness, love, happiness... Once they lived without the ability to attend school, no access to healthcare, and no knowledge to help them in developing a life off the street. It is wonderful to see them getting opportunities for education, socialization and positive role modeling, and I am happy to somehow be a part of this change...
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“C-A-R-P-E-N-T-E-R....My-father-is-carpenter. It is a big word for me, but I am learning the spelling to tell abba. He makes chair and table. Abba sometimes makes toys for me too. Last month, he made a monkey for me. Yes, I can tell the spelling – M-O-N-K-E-Y”

- Roohi, Class 1 student, Mission Education centre Raasta, Khora Colony, Ghaziabad, UP
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For the first time, these 156 children from Mission Education centre in West Tripura are enjoying a Picnic! May you all be blessed with happiness and prosperity.

Happy New Year'17 dear children! ❤
“My father is so happy when he sees me talking in English just like the people he works for. He does not understand the language, but loves to hear me use it”, says Shalu, a 17 year old living at a slum cluster in South Delhi.

A temporary driver struggling for the survival of his family of six, Shalu’s father never thought of enrolling her in school. But only one meeting with Mission...
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Thank you dear Community Health Educators and Volunteers for Empowering women through counselling.

On a daily basis, hundreds of women are conselled on aspects of maternal health, pre and post natal care, child's nutrition and vaccination under Smile Foundation's Swabhiman Programme in multiple locations in Delhi, Gurgaon, Chennai, Banglore and Mangalore. Know more: