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Take an online tour of our presidential collections or plan your visit with this guide from Smithsonian Magazine.

A tour of presidential history at the Smithsonian
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These commemorative clothing buttons were made for President George Washington's first Inauguration. They were a way for those who weren't attending or officially involved to participate in the event.

Now they're in our National Museum of American History.

(Reminder: We're open today but with some restrictions you should know before visiting. See the pinned post on our page for complete...
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Test your knowledge with these firsts from Smithsonian Magazine.

Did You Know These Inaugural Firsts?
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True story: A rogue chicken escaped a barnyard exhibit and began assaulting a VIP at a 1973 inaugural ball at our National Museum of American History. Our Secretary at the time, a bird expert, scooped up the animal and calmed it down before returning it safely home.

The time a chicken attacked guests at President Nixon's inaugural ball
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More important information if you're planning to visit for the Inauguration:

• Most museums are open regular hours. See the full list:
• Admission is free!
• Visitors can’t enter through the museums’ Mall doors—use entrances on either Constitution or Independence Avenues
• No same-day online passes will be available for the Smithsonian National Museum of African American...
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We're shaking it up on the newest episode of our podcast Sidedoor. You can subscribe on:

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What happens when you mix Guitar Hero with a telescope, and other ways we reimagine the world
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Dig into the menu for one of President Abraham Lincoln’s inaugural balls, held at the building that now houses our American Art Museum and National Portrait Gallery.

Document Deep Dive: The Menu From President Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Ball
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We remember the life of astronaut Gene Cernan with our National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution.
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We know him as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but the civil rights icon was originally named Michael.

On the day we celebrate Dr. King's legacy, learn more about his life from our Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Five Little-Known Facts About Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Learn how our National Museum of American History collects and interprets LBGTQ material culture.

Spinsters, confirmed bachelors, and LGBTQ collecting
How do these roach-like crustaceans avoid ocean predators? They're clear as glass.

The Master of Disguise of the Ocean Reveals Its Secrets
How are your new year's resolutions going? This Girl Scout, from a 1920 handbook in Smithsonian Libraries, is getting her exercise in: [ Link ]
On this day in 1917, the National Women's Party started picketing outside the White House for the right to vote. For months they protested silently, until a crowd began taunting them, throwing eggs and tomatoes at them, and tearing up their banners.

The women made more banners.

A scrap torn from one eventually came to the collection of our National Museum of American History.

How a scrap of suffrage history made its way to the Smithsonian
Before there were VR headsets, there was the View-Master. Before that, there was this stereoscope.

Learn more about the early immersion technology from our Cooper Hewitt.

The stereoscope was the VR headset of the 19th century
The latest episode of our podcast Sidedoor is all about you. We're talking about identity, its many facets and its role in history and the current world: [ Link ]
About 2 billion light years from Earth, two of the most powerful phenomena in the universe have been clearly linked for the first time.

Learn more about the discovery from the Chandra X-ray Observatory.

This photo shows two galaxy clusters colliding with the eruption of a supermassive black hole
Why should humans care about preserving biodiversity? We don't just affect the web of life—we depend on it.

More about living in the Anthropocene, the age of humans, from Smithsonian Magazine:
¡Feliz día de los Reyes Magos! Learn more about the tradition of Three Kings Day from our National Museum of American History.

Waiting for Los Tres Reyes Magos, The Three Kings
This giant gourd is just a slice of what's to come when “Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors” opens in February at our Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.

This Great Pumpkin Heralds the D.C. Arrival of Yayoi Kusama
How many roles do you play each day? Would you form your own society if you felt invisible? What do you do when the culture that shaped you is threatened?

In the newest episode of our podcast Sidedoor, we dive into what it means to be you.

What defines you? Complex identity in a changing world