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Join curator Eleanor Harvey, now LIVE behind the scenes at SAAM, as she shares the art of William Henry Holmes with our friends at Smithsonian Libraries.
Raise your hand if you're feeling a little stir crazy. #atSAAM

"The Stephens Children," ca. 1845, Unidentified → [ S.si.edu Link ]
Anything for the daguerreotype. (Captions welcome).

"The Reluctant Model (Young Child Being Held)," ca 1850s, Unidentified photographer → [ S.si.edu Link ]
Happy Birthday to Stuart Davis, born on this day in 1892!

Known for his distinctive abstracted forms, Davis always considered himself a realist. In the 1956 painting "Memo," ship masts and wharf structures are schematically suggested by intersecting white lines below a white circle that floats like the moon against a night sky. Davis believed that any subject could be transformed into art.
Welcome home, "Vaquero"! #atSAAM
December, we're ready.

Staying cozy inside? Or bundling up and heading out to enjoy the season?
“Everything that means anything to me—morality, integrity, close family ties, my heritage, the land—comes from the South, from the place where I grew up.” William Christenberry

Remembering the American artist → wpo.st/jNZI2 #RIP
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Italian Holiday Festival

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Happy Birthday to American artist Morris Louis, born on this day in 1912. Louis was a central figure of Color Field painting and the Washington Color School. #atSAAM #onthisday
Morris Louis works in our collection → [ S.si.edu Link ]
Turkey time. Happy #Thanksgiving!

Albert Laessle, "Bronze Turkey," ca. 1911 → [ S.si.edu Link ]
"I became convinced that the way to make really good art was to do the outrageous, the unexpected—to be a renegade. That was my philosophy—to explore the seemingly impossible in art, to do things that were new for their own sake, whether they were good or bad." –Gene Davis
Learn more about Gene Davis: Hot Beat → [ S.si.edu Link ]
Here's a peek at the rhythmic, colorful stripe paintings #atSAAM ↓
Sculptor and designer Isamu Noguchi was born on this day in 1904.
Noguchi was among the first American artists to think like a citizen of the world. He was a Japanese American born in Los Angeles, raised and educated in Japan, Indiana, New York, and Paris. Over six decades, he developed a unique perspective on global culture, becoming one of the essential visionaries of the twentieth century....
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Isamu Noguchi, Archaic/Modern explores how the ancient world shaped Noguchi's innovative vision for the future. A walk through the galleries is a journey through themes the artist explored throughout his career, including the landscape and garden, the Atomic Age, outer space, and social spaces.

Learn more about the sculptures and designs in the exhibition → [ Americanart.si.edu Link ]...
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"I found that I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say in any other way—things that I had no words for." —Georgia O'Keeffe

The artist, born on this day in 1887, insisted that the point of painting any flower so closely and hypnotically was to make people see it for the first time. #GeorgiaOKeeffe #onthisday
Falling for the Supermoon hype.

All the moons (in our collection) → [ S.si.edu Link ] #Supermoon #atSAAM
These cups are not for sale—artist Ehren Tool gives them away to service members and their families and anyone who asks.
After serving in the Gulf War, Tool began making cups to communicate his experience. His personal project soon grew to encompass the struggles of other soldiers. Each is formed by hand and stamped with an endless vocabulary of war images and insignia, echoing his message:...
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"In a way I just create a structure and the changing forces of nature adapt the form and create all of the variety and endless discovery." Artist Janet Echelman discusses her billowing, swaying sculptures and the path that led her to their creation as part of this TED Radio Hour episode investigating "adaptation." Her piece at the #RenwickGallery owes its form (and scale) to her continuing...
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“Stare. It is the way to educate your eye, and more. Stare, pry, listen, eavesdrop. Die knowing something. You are not here long.”

Photographer Walker Evans, born #onthisday in 1903, is best known for his striking photographs in the 1930s and 40s, documenting people and places he encountered on the road—telling a story of American life during the Great Depression.

Main St., Ossining, New York by Walker Evans / American Art