Stanford researcher Michael Snyder led a study on how wearable sensors could help predict illnesses.

What If an App Could Tell You When You're Getting Sick?
"Hearing" light may be more common than we thought.

One in Five People May Be Able to "Hear" a Flash of Light
Smithsonian Magazine
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The urge to squeeze, pinch or shake adorable animals is actually normal.

Why Do Cute Animals Make Us Want to Squeeze Their Little Brains Out?
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Why don’t humans hibernate—and could they in the future? To answer that question, first we have to understand exactly what hibernation is.

Can Humans Ever Harness the Power of Hibernation?
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Think those needle noses were only made for eating insects? Think again.

This Woodpecker Will Drill Into Your Skull And Eat Your Brains—If You’re a Baby Dove
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A new magnetic surgical system allows surgeons to make fewer incisions and have better views during gallbladder removals.

A California Startup Wants To Revolutionize Surgery, With Magnets
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Europeans were impressed by Pacific Islander's ability to "catch a wave."

What the First European to Visit Hawaii Thought About Surfers
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2016 broke temperature records on land and sea, report both NOAA and NASA.

2016 Was the Hottest Year Ever Recorded
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A new study has fused two possible explanations for the circles to come up with a new take on what could cause fairy circles in Namibia.

Dueling Theories on the Cause of “Fairy Circles” Could Both Be Right
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Just because the town is looking for a new hermit doesn’t mean that they’re looking for shy, solitary people.

Austrian Town Seeks Professional Hermit
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Though winter often seems like the coldest cold, temperatures can drop much lower.

Think Winter Is Bad? Scientists Make the Coldest Object on Earth
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The group joins the 25 oryx released into the grasslands in August, boosting the population of an animal that went extinct in the wild in the 1980s.

Second Group of the Once-Extinct African Oryx to Be Released Into the Wild
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The makers of the first talking board asked the board what they should call it; the name “Ouija” came through and, when they asked what that meant, the board replied, “Good luck.”

The Strange and Mysterious History of the Ouija Board
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The recent discovery of the grave of an ancient soldier is challenging accepted wisdom among archaeologists.

This 3,500-Year-Old Greek Tomb Upended What We Thought We Knew About the Roots of Western Civilization
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Previously overlooked clues in Anne’s diary helped trigger a new theory on what really happened that day.

Anne Frank May Not Have Been Betrayed
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The new Poe Toaster will walk again today, January 21.

Who Was the Poe Toaster? We Still Have No Idea
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North Sense gives humans an embedded sense of orientation, but the team believes it will also impact on our cognitive experiences, including memory.

This Artificial Sixth Sense Helps Humans Orient Themselves in the World
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From Seneca Falls, New York to Grand Canyon, Arizona, here are eight sites that celebrate women's accomplishments.

Eight Places to Celebrate the Accomplishments of Great American Women
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With today's events happening nationwide, delve into some of the forgotten members of the original Women’s March.

The Original Women's March on Washington and the Suffragists Who Paved the Way
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