Our museum is the venue for the final two Mother Tongue Film Festival screenings:

■ At 2pm, "Dauna: Gone with the River" tells the story of a woman who dared to be different. Dauna questioned the ancestral practices of her culture, and she paid the price. [ Facebook.com Link ]

■ At 7pm, "Poi E: The Story of Our Song" closes the festival. The film tells true story of the visionary musician...
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Mother Tongue Film Festival - Dauna: Gone With the River

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Washington-area friends: Looking for something truly special to do with your family today? The 2017 Mother Tongue Film Festival presents a program of short films for young and not-so-young audiences highlighting mother languages.

When: TODAY at noon
Where: National Museum of Natural History Q?rius Theater
10th & Constitution NW
What: Next Gen Shorts: A free and accessible program of short...
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Here's what on at Mother Tongue Film Festival today and Saturday in Washington, D.C.

TODAY at 2 p.m. at the National Museum of the American Indian—
12 short films in 13 languages (with subtitles)—including Môhiks (Mohgehan), Cree, Bodewadmimwen (Potawatomi), Náhuatl, Wazhazhe (Osage), Mayo, and Wixárika (Huichol). The panel discussion “Towards Sustainable Futures through Multilingual...
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'Poi E' by the Patea Maori Club | NZHistory, New Zealand history online

Thinking about dinner and a movie Saturday night? At 7pm the Washington museum presents the final feature of the 2017 Mother Earth Film Festival, "Poi E: The Story of Our Song." The museum's award-winning Mitsitam Cafe will be open with a limited menu until shortly before the film begins.

"Poi E: The Story of Our Song" tells the true story of Dalvanius Prime, the visionary musician...
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This Friday and Saturday, the museum in Washington, D.C., partners with the Mother Earth Film Festival (MTFF2017) to present films and discussion.

Friday at 2pm, we host a screening of 12 short films, followed by the panel discussion “Towards Sustainable Futures through
Multilingual Education”:

■ 68 Voces/68 Voices: "Hant quij iti cötpacta ipatjc hac/About the
Origin of the Earth" (Seri...
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Tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday, the Mother Tongue Film Festival comes to the museum in Washington.

Thursday, February 23, at 11am, the museum presents Next Gen Shorts, short films that will appeal to children and adults alike:

■ In "Miwok Pride" Miwok youth come together to learn the Miwok language. Using words that were introduced to them in a language program, the young people write a...
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At the Movies | Mele Murals

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The Power of Native Design

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Thunderbird Social

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The importance of mother languages extends far beyond the community of speakers. “Each language is a key that can unlock local knowledge about medicinal secrets, ecological wisdom, weather and climate patterns, spiritual attitudes, and artistic and mythological histories.”

If this interests you and you're near Washington, the Mother Tongue Film Festival begins tonight at 7 pm at the...
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Four Things That Happen When a Language Dies

A really nice overview of Native Fashion Now and the Pathbreakers, Revisitors, Activators, and Provocateurs shaping Native design for the last 50 years. If you love fashion and design and can visit the museum in NYC between now and Sept 4, when the exhibition closes, it's worth the trip!

Native Fashion Now exhibit at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian in New York. - UnnamedProject

Webcast LIVE in 3-2-1: Native Sounds Concert with James Lovell (Garifuna) #BlackHistoryMonth

[ Nmai.si.edu Link ]

Live Webcasts | National Museum of the American Indian

Musician and culture-bearer James Lovell, performing today from 2 to 3 pm at the museum in Washington, represents a remarkable history of resilience.

Born of Arawak, Carib, and African people on the island of St. Vincent, removed to Central America after Britain defeated France in the Seven Years War, the Garifuna (or Garinagu) people have worked to preserve their identity and traditions....
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Native Sounds Concert with James Lovell (Garifuna)

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Celebrate Black History Month and the Afro–Carib–Arawak history that created the Garifuna people with a concert of Garifuna music and culture performed by noted Garifuna artist and historian James Lovell, Saturday, from 2 to 3 pm, at the museum in Washington.

James Lovell's performance will also be webcast live via [ Nmai.si.edu Link ]

For a bit of background on Garifuna and a preview, see [...
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With the opening of "Native Fashion Now" at the museum in New York, we're also starting a new blog series featuring artists whose work is on view in the exhibition. Barry Ace (M’Chigeeng First Nation) leads off.

Excerpt: How old were you when you became interested in your art form?

Perhaps when I was seven or eight years old. I helped gather material and made Anishinaabe splint-ash baskets...
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Native Fashion Now: Mixed Media Artist Barry Ace