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Tune in tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. for your moment of #ZooZen from the fish tank at Amazonia!
Well, it's official, giant panda [statue] habitat now includes Metro Forward. Spot a panda? Share and post using #DCZooLights! Friends of the National Zoo
The Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute is transforming its historic 1928 Bird House into “Experience Migration,” a state-of-the-art exhibition about one of the most spectacular stories in the natural world—the migration of birds in the Western Hemisphere.

The Bird House will close Jan. 2, 2017; “Experience Migration” is slated to open in spring 2020. Visitors will...
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What has the Zoo's Bornean orangutan infant, Redd, been up to? His social circle is expanding and his personality and curiosity are developing! Read the Keeper Update: [ S.si.edu Link ].

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The panda house is open today! Visitors can see #BeiBei inside the panda house from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. His recovery is continuing to go well, and thank you to everyone who sent well wishes!
Trying to *spot* the perfect gift for family and friends who love animals? Adopt a species-- like this cuddly cheetah! Your purchase helps Zoo and Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute scientists save these fantastic felines. Adopt today>> [ S.si.edu Link ].
Dr. Adrienne Crosier at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute is the Species Survival Plan coordinator for cheetahs. She makes breeding recommendations for all cheetahs living in accredited zoos. #SavingSpecies AZA Animals
Happy #InternationalCheetahDay! At the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute Dr. Adrienne Crosier is studying cheetah reproduction.

Cheetahs are not as genetically diverse as many other species due to a severe population decline about 10,000 years ago. To inject more genetic diversity in the cheetah population in human care, Dr. Crosier is researching IVF and if fertilized eggs from...
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#BeiBei is continuing to do well. Our nutritionists have made him some new biscuits out of sweet potato, leaf eater biscuits and bamboo that he seems to really like.
Red siskins are famous for their brilliant red plumage as adults, but when they hatch, chicks have gray feathers. #WeSaveSpecies
#BeiBei has been very active today. He spent time playing with his boomer ball this morning and even had a short play session with Mei Xiang. The keepers were able to weigh him and he's 95 pounds. His recovery continues to go well.
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Ashton Ball, one of our keepers at the Small Mammal House, is the new Species Survival Plan coordinator for the Prevost’s squirrel. Many animals in zoos are bred according to recommendations from Species Survival Plans (SSP). The SSPs make those recommendations based on genetics and individual animals’ temperaments. #WeSaveSpecies
#BeiBei’s recovery continues to go well, one week after his surgery. He is eating soft foods, but has progressed to eating larger amounts of biscuits, sweet potatoes and apples. He is also starting to become more active. Yesterday, keepers gave him a puzzle feeder, which is a familiar enrichment item that he normally has access to. They put some biscuits in the feeder, and he proceeded to...
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#BeiBei is starting to get back to his old self and is moving around more. He is still eating softer foods including sweet potato, biscuits and apples. Our nutritionists are working on easing his transition back to solid foods. They are making their own version of biscuits, but they are tailoring the recipe to Bei Bei’s individual taste preferences. The main ingredients in the recipe are...
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Myanmar’s elephants are in trouble, but our Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute scientists are working to save them!

First, scientists need to know how many are left in the wild and why populations are declining. In their latest study, SCBI Conservation Ecology Center scientists Mel Songer, Justin Calabrese and Peter Leimgruber studied years of data and found that deforestation and...
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Asian Elephants in Myanmar

#BeiBei is continuing to recover and do well. He is eating his diet of sweet potato, biscuits and cooked apple. This morning he was up early and wandering around his indoor enclosures with Mei Xiang, which is more like his normal routine. He has been very responsive to keepers and comes directly to the den when they call him to take his medications. Mei Xiang is also adjusting to her new...
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