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A cake so rich and tender, you might forget that it's gluten-free, and so sunny and bright, you might forget how unfairly cold it is outside. Or, at least forgive it for the duration of your next cake break.

blood orange, almond and ricotta cake
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Chicken, chives, dill, and a dollop of horseradish crème fraîche assemble messily with cucumbers and radishes on thin pumpernickel toasts in the only way I want to eat chicken salad forever more.

spring chicken salad toasts
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This is clutter free carrot cake: no raisins, nuts, pineapple or piped buttercream carrots on top, just thick slices to toast and slather with salted butter for the happiest afternoon snack. Just let me know what time to show up.

carrot cake with cider and olive oil
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This is a spring-like take on the usually heavy/hearty onion soup, using sweeter onions, a milder broth, rice for bulk and, yes, cheese croutons on top. I mean, we'd never the most important part.

vidalia onion soup with wild rice
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How to Celebrate the First Day of Spring, by Smitten Kitchen:
1. Sprinkles
2. Cookies
3. Repeat

confetti cookies
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Because it's Spring (hooray!) and who wants to be stuck at the stove, today in Mastering the Art of 15-Minute Meals we're about to fall back in love with eggs in tomato sauce with a fiery puttanesca vibe. Make, eat, repeat as needed.

eggs in purgatory, puttanesca-style
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Do not be deceived by the beige outer shell — inside, this chocolate pavlova is like a truffle with the impact of and texture of a pillow. Your home will be steeped in eau de brownies, the very best perfume. We're going to have to swan dive in.

chocolate pavlova
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For a Sunday project that suggests spring while meeting you where this carb-demanding weather is at, how about some homemade, handmade, old-school fresh pasta with deep green specks from real spinach? Serve with absolutely nothing save a drizzle of olive oil and parmesan; this is total centerpiece material.

fresh spinach pasta
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Psst: You don't have to wait until perfect blueberries are in season to make perfect blueberry muffins.

even more perfect blueberry muffins
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A dead-simple cake that needs little but dates, butter and brown sugar to taste amazing is then ladled with a quick-cooked salt-flecked toffee/butterscotch sauce that is the stuff dreams are made of.

sticky toffee pudding
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These empanadas are one of the best things I've ever made; a perfectly braised, perfectly seasoned complex chicken filling inside a flaky pocket. They're so portable, reheatable and filling, your lunches all week are going to be legendary.

chicken empanada with chorizo and olives
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More snow predicted two days before Spring is supposed to arrive? We have just the breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner for that.

bacon, egg and leek risotto
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New recipe, Peanut Butter Swirled Brownies: In lieu of something green or rainbow-ed, I hope you'll accept these sea salted, crisp-edged, fudgy-centered peanut butter swirled brownies that are 100% guaranteed to improve all the days that they last.

peanut butter swirled brownies
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"Really, Deb? Beer in cake?" I can hear you thinking but hear me out: The stout gives what is already an exceptional chocolate cake a richer, fuller, nuttier flavor while keeping it from leaning too heavily on the sweet side. This is unequivocally one of the best cakes I know how to make.

chocolate stout cake
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This "American" soda bread is velvety within, craggy without and absolutely exceptional eaten warm with a thick pat of butter and nobody here would complain if you showed up with a basket of them, okay?

irish soda bread scones
A hearty vegetarian bourguignon with 100% of the comfort and luxury in about 25% of the time, this is the only thing I want to eat on this freezing-est day in March.

mushroom bourguignon
A buttery shortbread crumb base, a compact salty-sweet layer of peanut butter followed by a thick shiny dark chocolate lid with a sea salt finish that's equal parts a celebration of Pi(e) Day and Girl Scout Cookies. Fact: If you don't tell anyone you've made it, you won't have to share.

chocolate peanut butter tart
Eggs, bacon and cheese in a pie format checks all the boxes for this Snow/Slush/Pi(e)/Stay-in-Pajamas-All-Day/Day. Who's in?

quiche lorraine
Key lime pie is like an in-kitchen vacation, sunshine in a graham crust and the very opposite of a one-week-until-Spring blizzard in every way. It's also astoundingly easy to make and ideal for all of your Pi(e) Day hibernating.

key lime pie
New recipe, Easiest French Fries: While I was in the middle of frying 14 pounds of potatoes for a party last weekend, I found a better way. (But too late in the game to change course, of course.) This recipe requires no peeling, soaking, twice-frying, deep-fry thermometer, temperature monitoring or even stirring and uses a fraction of the oil of classically twice-fried frites. It really,...
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easiest french fries