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Did you know that you could cook frozen tortellini like potstickers and they get crispy and awesome? Me neither, but from there, I couldn't stop. This riff, with peas, prosciutto, mint, lemon and cream looks and tastes fancy and took about 12 minutes to make.

crispy tortellini with peas and prosciutto
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This has the crumb of an excellent pound cake yet and is delicious on day one and even better each day after. Well, until Day 4. We have no idea what happens after that.

blood orange olive oil cake
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This pile of charred broccoli may not look like much, but is unquestionably the most addictive accident to come out of my kitchen. Still not convinced? Try one of the 7 suggested riffs (crispy egg and crunchy crumbs! burrata sandwich smash! fish sauce vinaigrette!) and you too can unleash your inner broccoli junkie.

crispy broccoli with lemon and garlic
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A little treat yo self breakfast/snack/vaccination against The Hangries with whole grains, restrained sweetness and cozy winter spices. Get it!

date breakfast squares
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The best beef stew we've ever had. If you've thus far found beef stew kind of bland and uninteresting; if you've been tormented by thin broths, unevenly cooked vegetables and tough meat; if it's been too long since you layered a dish together, getting lost in your thoughts, this is just the mid-winter luxury for you.

dijon and cognac beef stew
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Looking for a holiday project? Trust a family of chocolate babka obsessives when we say that this recipe is the singular highest calling of these twisted, glossy bittersweet loaves. This is where our chocolate babka studies stopped.

better chocolate babka
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This is my dream of a baked pasta dish โ€” not too rich or heavy, but tons of crunchy edges and booming with flavor. Make two and freeze one and you'll thank yourself later.

baked pasta with broccoli rabe and sausage
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I know everyone says this -- "It so easy!" -- but seriously these contain 6 basic ingredients blended in one bowl and rolled flat, no chilling required, and unlike the packaged ones, they taste abundantly like aged cheddar cheese. After-school snacks, no school required.

whole wheat goldfish crackers
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Don't take this cake at face value. You may see lemons and blueberry but I want you to see a palette upon which you can paint your countless citrus yogurt cake dreams -- pretty much any flavor combination you can dream up works here. I dare you to make it last a week(end).

lemon yogurt anything cake
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This one-pot, self-contained meal is my absolutely favorite way to braise chicken. We always wonder why we don't make it more often. My next favorite part about it? The leftovers are outstanding, so go ahead and make the full amount; you'll be so glad you did.

arroz con pollo
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Is nine extra minutes of work worth it to make the ethereally smooth, pillowy of hummus of your dreams? There's only one way to find out. Make it today, snack on it in front of a movie tonight and have the rest for sandwiches and carrot stick swoops all this week.

ethereally smooth hummus
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Grated pear, toasted hazelnuts, vanilla, butter, oats and other priorities (read: chocolate) nestle together in a nubby, crunchy muffin that actually tastes amazing even a day and two after itโ€™s baked. Should we? I can't believe you even have to ask.

pear and hazelnut muffins
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Hear, hear to a drink that suggests dessert while not drowning you in it, all while packing a sneaky punch. Happy Friday to us!

white russian
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Charred cauliflower, blistered poblanos, lime juice, an unholy amount of cheese and just enough sunset-hued slaw to declare it a balanced meal. Around here, taco night = grown-up grilled cheese for dinner.

charred cauliflower quesadillas
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Do you like Cozy Shack rice pudding? Has the rice pudding you fell in love with at a diner eluded you at home? Today, all of your rice pudding hopes and dreams will come true.

arroz con leche (rice pudding)
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New recipe, Tomato-Glazed Meatloaves with Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes: The very best meatloaf I know how to make fights drab stereotypes in a few ways: it's formed into tiny and almost cute "loaves," the vegetables are minced, the tomato glaze thick and unforgettable and those potatoes... they'll ruin you for all other mashes.

tomato-glazed meatloaves with brown butter mashed potatoes
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Imagine how much more charming a cloudy, cold February day could be if you woke up to these tomorrow morning.

whole wheat apple muffins
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Unquestionably the best chana masala I have ever made, a hint of sour transforms the whole dish. Have it for dinner with rice, toasted naan and/or a dollop of plain yogurt and end your Wednesday warm-bellied and content.

chana masala
My favorite brownies are deeply chocolaty and chewy, one-bowl, take 10 minutes to throw together, 30 to bake and fix almost everything.

my favorite brownies
7-minute date night dinner: Around here, nothing says love like small clams steamed open in wine, butter and garlic with a tumbler of cold wine and a side of grilled bread. It feels like you're in a restaurant overlooking a beach sunset, no matter how far this is from your February reality.

garlic wine and butter steamed clams