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Success is a sip away. What inspired you to start the #ChangeAMeal Challenge?
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Forming healthy habits takes time. Include #ChangeAMeal Smoothies in your daily or weekly weight loss routine for a delicious meal you can count on.
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You scream, I scream, we all scream for… smoothies! Make a better-for-you SWAPtion on Strawberry Ice Cream Day and enjoy a Slim-N-Trim Strawberry Smoothie instead.
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The late-night struggle is real! Share if you're taking the #ChangeAMeal Challenge and craving your favorite blend.
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All of our ingredients are gluten-free, so everyone can #ChangeAMeal. Who’s with us? ‍‍
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Today is the day! Claim your BOGO #ChangeAMeal Smoothies here: [ Link ]

Not sure which one to try? We're sippin' on Greek Yogurt Meal Replacement blends like Peach Papaya for under 400 calories.
See how much you can change by replacing just one meal a day. Which Meal Replacement Smoothie will you #ChangeAMeal with?
A Smoothie after every workout? We could get used to this New Year’s Resolution thing...What healthy habit are you starting in 2017?
Congrats to all who started the #ChangeAMeal Challenge. Week one = done! Which new Meal Replacement Smoothie did you discover this week?
Ever aim for 1 serving of spaghetti and end up with 6? #ChangeAMeal for nutrition you can count on: under 400 calories + at least 10g of protein.
We go together like Smoothie King Smoothies and red straws.
That's how the saying goes, right? Happy Drinking Straw Day!
Benjie lost 60lbs during the #ChangeAMealChallenge, what are your goals? Show us your progress using #ChangeAMeal #Contest to enter to win Smoothie King gift cards or a Fitbit!
New Year = new weight loss goals.
Are you taking the #ChangeAMeal Challenge to fuel your goals with our Meal Replacement Smoothies? Share this post to spread the word and ask for accountability!
We hope your 2016 was filled with lots of Smoothie sips! What health and fitness goals are you setting for yourself in 2017?
We know it's hard to resist bacon, especially on Bacon Day! #ChangeAMeal to jumpstart your New Year and weight loss goals with a Nutty Super Grain Smoothie for a better-for-you breakfast SWAPtion.
Did you sip your way to your goal weight in 2016? Submit your weight loss story to earn a $10 Smoothie King gift card and the chance to be featured by Smoothie King! [ Link ]
Your favorite holiday flavor just got even better. Celebrate Candy Cane Day with a Mint Dark Chocolate Smoothie!
'Tis the season to meet your favorite Smoothie under the mistletoe. Have a berry Merry Christmas, Smoothie fans!
The only thing better than one Smoothie? Eight! Happy First Night of Hanukkah!
When your Smoothie matches your outfit...and your holiday spirit! Which Dark Chocolate blend is fueling your purpose today?