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Tag someone who you'd like to spend your weekend in Lille with :D – Laure-Anne
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Bye bye, Monday blues! Let yourself daydream a little: what’s your ultimate dream destination? – Laure-Anne
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When do we leave? :-) - Laure-Anne
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The sun has set and Paris reveals its nocturnal magnificence! Have a nice evening everyone :-) – Laure-Anne
Share your favourite travel destinations: what French city would you recommend? – Laure-Anne
HAPPY NEW YEAR! We wish you a year filled with love and travel! – Laure-Anne, Karolien, Katja et Fred
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Question to all fashionistas a few days before the start of the winter sales! What's your favourite city to go to for a shopping spree? – Laure-Anne
The Rijksmuseum is a must-see when you're visiting Amsterdam… Or do you prefer the Van Gogh Museum? :-) – Laure-Anne
Did you know that your Eurostar tickets allow you access to a series of museums in London, Paris or Lille? Present your ticket and get 2 entries for the price of 1. Numerous artworks await you :-)

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Under the spell of Notting Hill and its colourful houses – Laure-Anne
Sparkling lights and a festive atmosphere to celebrate the end of the year… Which Christmas market will you be visiting? – Laure-Anne
Do you want to experience an amazing train journey through the Norwegian fjord landscape? Travel on the Flåmsbana, a 20-km railway line with 20 tunnels, between Flåm and Myrdal. An experience to add to your bucket list! – Laure-Anne
Düsseldorf – A walk in the Medienhafen district to admire the modern architecture around the city's harbour… Anyone? :-) – Laure-Anne
50 shades of autumn… – Laure-Anne