Sneha Ullal
01/22/2017 at 16:26. Facebook
I cook
Sneha Ullal
01/22/2017 at 14:08. Facebook
For your eyes only
Sneha Ullal
01/20/2017 at 11:39. Facebook
Kicking back in Lonavla
Sneha Ullal
01/17/2017 at 17:22. Facebook
Deep thoughts have deep consequences #gowiththeflow
So close no matter how far.It couldn't be much more from the heart.Forever trust in who we are and "nothing else matters"
Pic pic pic pic pic pic pic . #lookatme
When you cant stop selfiying #showertime
"Fantasy" and then you make a pic out of it with your crazy photo shop skills.So lucky to own a Best Friend like you. @sarathshetty (photography) #farfarawayland #touchwood
Is that me ?
Bahut hogaya
Deep thoughts Deeper meaning
Loving the ambience
My best best best friend @sarathshetty going for lunch to Autumn Leaf Cafe Hyd
Apun kaun????? #2017isgoingtobeamazing
Love what you see in the Mirror
Compliment others more
Embrace simplicity
Eat more Green Food
Be kind to Animals
Happy New Year all.
Hello Hyd lets party tonight.See you there?
When my photographer best friend makes me pose just about anywhere good light falls..
Free Yourself
Merry Christmas hohoho #myfavorite #mychristmastree My polar express