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"Is that a bobcat? Or a leopard?" - Snoop Dogg didn't know what a snow leopard was - but he still managed to do a pretty good job narrating its hunt for Jimmy Kimmel Live! [ Link ]

Plizzanet Earth with Snoop Dogg - Snow Leopard

From time to time, we like to take a break from Hollywood and current events to focus on the animal kingdom. That’s why we teamed up with our dear friend Sno...

Snow Leopard Trust
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Mongolia is home to the second largest population of snow leopards in the world, second only to China.

Snow Leopard Conservancy | Snow Leopard Trust | Saving Snow Leopards | The Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Program | WWF-Mongolia
Snow Leopard Trust
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Nature in its purest state. A wild snow leopard has chased an ibex to the edge of the cliff. This incredible scene was captured by a villager in Spiti, India, and shared with us by Nature Conservation Foundation
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"Could it please just be spring already?"
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Today is the International Day of Forests! Read why it matters to a cat dwelling above the tree line: [ Link ]

International Day of Forests: Why Forests Matter to a Cat Living Above the Tree Line
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"No exhaustive surveys are held, and many countries exaggerate their numbers", a snow leopard expert with WWF Russia says. If we pool our resources, that might soon change, as many countries and organizations are scaling up efforts to reliably estimate snow leopard populations.

[ Link ]

Scientists want to count Siberia's elusive, endangered snow leopards
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Happy St. Patrick's Day!
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Do you know how much an adult snow leopard eats? Find out at [ Link ], and see how you can help keep these cats well-fed!

Keep Snow Leopards Well-Fed
Despite its name, the snow leopard actually prefers solid ground. Perhaps rock leopard would have been more appropriate...

Taja, une femelle panthère des neiges, a rejoint Gabriel, le mâle, au Parc Animalier d'Auvergne. Tous deux font partie d'un programme de reproduction européen (EEP) car l'espèce est très menacée à l'état sauvage notamment par le braconnage.

Vous pouvez donc devenir le parrain ou la marraine de Taja et de Gabriel !

En les adoptant, vous soutiendrez les actions de Snow...
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To protect snow leopards, we need to protect their food sources - blue sheep and ibex. In India, we have set up community-run grazing reserves where these animals can thrive, so that the snow leopards find enough to eat. Will you help run such a reserve for a year with a small contribution? Go to [ Link ] to find out how you can help.

Keep Cats Well-Fed
A picture from a snow leopard.

If you're the queen of the mountain, every morning offers glorious views, crisp air and a breakfast of fresh ibex. Not too shabby!
Did you know Russia has snow leopards, too? The Guardian has a great story on how scientists are trying to find out just how many of these mountain cats there are! [ Link ]

Russia's rare snow leopards find protection in camera traps
Seeing a snow leopard in the wild is a dream for many wildlife enthusiasts. Spotting the notoriously elusive cat isn't impossible, but it takes luck, dedication, and patience. Craig Jones Wildlife Photography was fortunate enough to make the unforgettable experience. Read his blog at [ Link ]

Tracking a Himalayan Legend | Craig Jones Wildlife Photographer
A stunning shot from the archives of Steve Tracy - young Ena, ready to pounce.
“We take care of the things we love”, eco educator Kalzang Gurmet says. “That’s why my goal is to help kids fall in love with nature and wildlife, just like I did when I was younger.” Read more about how Kalzang inspires kids in the Indian Himalayas, and how you can help him in his quest, at [ Link ]

Bringing Conservation to Schools
Please join us on today's International Women's Day in remembering our late founder: the fearless, trailblazing snow leopard champion, Helen Freeman, who started the Snow Leopard Trust in 1981 after falling in love with these endangered cats at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo.
This weekend, over 800 ski touring athletes scaled mountains all over Europe to raise funds for snow leopard conservation during Dynafit's annual Snow Leopard Day! Together, they raised more than $10,000! Our Communications Manager joined in on the fun. Read more at [ Link ]

Climbing Mountains to Help a Mountain Cat - Snow Leopard Trust
With it's air of serenity and peace, the snow leopard is the perfect ambassador for its mountain habitat.