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Snow leopard mothers raise their cubs alone, teaching them all they need to know before the little ones set out on their own.
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The snow leopard's fluffy belly fur is extra thick and warm to keep the cat insulated through the harsh mountain winter.
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Meet 14-year old Kyle Trefny, an amazing artist who sells his work through an Etsy store to raise funds for snow leopard conservation. In our interview, he talks about his inspiration, and why he likes this elusive cat so much. [ Link ]

Saving Cats Through Art - Snow Leopard Trust
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If you weren't jealous of our field staff before, this should change that! Read Regional Ecologist Justine Shanti Alexander's exciting account of her first live snow leopard sighting, and watch the incredible video they captured of the 3 cats! [ Link ]

A Glimpse of Angsai’s Snow Leopards - Snow Leopard Trust
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Help track the next cat! Read what it takes to follow a snow leopard with GPS, why it matters, and how you can help, at [ Link ]

Help Track the Next Cat
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Someone's had a rough day...
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Happy Valentine's Day! Love is love, whether it's between humans or other creatures - and the world needs all the love it can get! <3
In a joint research project with the Snow Leopard Trust and Panthera, our Chinese partners, Shan Shui Conservation Center, have captured the first video footage ever recorded of snow leopards and common leopards sharing the same habitat. Learn more about what the footage could mean at [ Link ]
Still looking for the purrfect Valentine's gift? How about a symbolic snow leopard cub adoption that helps protect these endangered cats? Thanks to instant download, you'll even be on time ;) Go to [ Link ] to get yours now!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Here's yet another awesome female snow leopard conservation scientist to help celebrate International Day of Women & Girls in Science: Saloni Bhatia, a PhD student with India's Nature Conservation Foundation. Saloni studies how folklore, religion and cultural traditions influence people's attitudes toward snow leopards, and how they can be useful for conservation. More about Saloni's work: [...
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Today is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science - a perfect moment to introduce you to one of the newest members of our own science team, Dr. Justine Shanti Alexander, our Regional Ecologist. A native of the UK, Justine did her PhD in China and is now based in our (women-led) Mongolia team, working on a long-term snow leopard ecology study! #WomenInScience
Here's yet another awesome female snow leopard conservation scientist to celebrate on International Day of Women and Girls in Science: Ranjini Murali, a PhD student with our Indian partner organization Nature Conservation Foundation. After running eco-education camps for kids in snow leopard habitat for several years, she is now investigating the economic value of ecosystem services in these...
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It's International Day of Women & Girls in Science, so we'll introduce you to our own female conservation scientists all day. One of them is Nadia Mijiddorj, from our Mongolia team. She's been a snow leopard conservationist since 2002. She studies how herding communities interact with the local environment in the cat's mountain habitat, and introduces local kids to the ecosystem. Nadia is...
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Help us track the next snow leopard! Find out why it's so important to follow these cats with GPS trackers, and how you can contribute to making it happen! [ Link ]

Help Track a Snow Leopard
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Interesting study from Nepal finds that 1 our of every 4 animals eaten by snow leopards were livestock. This matches our own findings from Mongolia, where numbers looked very similar. Reducing livestock predation is a key to the snow leopard's survival. [ Link ]

How Do You Save Snow Leopards? First, Gather Their Droppings
If we know understand what motivates and moves our awesome supporters like you, we'll do a better job of reaching even more snow leopard lovers! Will you help us out by completing a short survey? It won't take more than 15 minutes! Please go to [ Link ] to take the survey! Thank you! - Snow Leopard Trust Supporter Survey
Fascinating read about the role of religion in wildlife conservation. One of the examples cited is the research by Saloni Bhatia, one of 'our' PhD students working at Nature Conservation Foundation in India and supported by Whitley Fund for Nature and Fondation Segré. Worth your time!

Religion can make us more environmentally friendly – or not
In the Hollywood blockbuster The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013), the adventurous photographer Sean O’Connell decides not to take a picture of a snow leopard because he wishes to appreciate the unique moment of spotting the elusive and beautiful ‘ghost cat’.

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