Jainism: It may be the world's 9th largest organised religion, but to many, its key tenets are largely unknown...

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Jainism: a simple guide by numbers | Study at SOAS Blog

In a tale belonging to Indian myth and legend, it is told a famed yogi stood on his head for 12 years with eyes closed. When he finally opened them, it is said the intense blast created the vast salt plains of western Gujarat.

Alexander the Great sought wisdom and knowledge from men who would assume the most difficult of postures for hours on end.

Sanskrit and yoga expert, Dr James...
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Yoga: ‘What if he turns up at the next Kumbh Mela with 200 foreigners and wants to pitch up camp’ | Study at SOAS Blog

Happy World Poetry Day!

Dr William Radice, former Lecturer of Bengali at SOAS, has published a book of poems to mark the School’s Centenary.

The collection features poetry written by Dr Radice over 25 years on his experiences at SOAS, current and former members of staff, and on notable events at the School.

'Poeta Scholasticus: SOAS Verses & Poems' can be bought in the SOAS bookshop.

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A Voice from Hiroshima - Setsuko Thurlow speaking at SOAS tomorrow (21 March) 6pm.

A survivor of one of the most pivotal events in modern history, Setsuko was a 13-year old schoolgirl when she was pressed into action by the Japanese Imperial Army, decoding secret messages. Her first official day of work, with about 30 other high school students, was set for August 6th 1945.

Just as Major...
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Out of 700,000 Ugandans who join the job market every year, only 90,000 find employment. And many young people, especially women, have been left out of the formal labour market entirely, resulting in a growing informal sector and concerns over Uganda’s ability to raise productivity levels.

So what are the issues? And are there solutions to reverse these worrying figures?

SOAS academics Dr...
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How's your knowledge of the flags and peaks of Africa? Perhaps ancient mythological deities are more your thing?

Put your grasp of world trivia to the test and have a crack at the latest SOAS Quiz. がんばろう

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Human rights lawyer Hina Jilani in conversation with Valerie Amos. Part of the SOAS Centenary Lecture Series, Ms Jilani is a member of The Elders, a group of global independent leaders established by Nelson Mandela to work for peace and human rights.
Just a few years after graduating from SOAS, Katherine Allen has completed an MA, worked for the BBC, the Home Office and is now head of the newsdesk at Number 10 Downing Street. She will soon be transferring to a position at another pillar of British society - the Premier League.

SOAS Blogs sat down with her to discuss a typical day ("there are often curveballs"), working on policy she...
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'Working on policies you might not agree with is a good learning exercise' - meet the graduate who's head of the news desk at 10 Downing St

SOAS will formally welcome His Imperial Majesty Oba Adéyeyè Enitan Ògúnwùsì (Òjàjà II), the Ọọ̀ni’rìsà of Ilé-Ifẹ̀ this afternoon.

The visit to SOAS will form part of His Imperial Majesty’s Commonwealth tour this month.

Members of the public can attend the formal welcome from 3.30pm in the SOAS precinct.

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Human rights lawyer and pro-democracy campaigner Hina Jilani will be in conversation with Baroness Valerie Amos CH at SOAS on 16 March, as part of SOAS’s Centenary Lecture Series.

Ms Jilani is a member of The Elders, a group of global independent leaders established by Nelson Mandela to work for peace and human rights.She is a lawyer practising in the Supreme Court of Pakistan, and is the...
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“I was only supposed to be there for 3 weeks but got hijacked for 2 months”

The powerful BBC drama Roots, based on Alex Haley's Pulitzer-winning novel, chronicles the history of a Mandinka warrior, Kunta Kinte, who was sold into slavery in America, but whose descendants kept alive his name and memory and aspects of his Mandinka cultural heritage.

SOAS's kora maestro, Kadialy Kouyate,...
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Casting call!

Positives Negatives, SOAS Radio and SOAS are teaming up to produce a dramatised podcast of one of Positive Negative's literary comics about contemporary social and human rights issues.

Almaz is the dramatised true story of one woman’s life as a migrant worker in Saudi Arabia. Through her story, the comic reveals the experience that many domestic workers endure, depicting the...
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Spring seems to have arrived today at SOAS -crocuses blooming in the lunchtime sunshine in Russell Square.
SOAS has risen among the world’s elite institutions with 13 of its subject areas ranked among the world’s best in the 2017 QS rankings

Development Studies is now ranked in the world’s top 10 at 7th (up from 11th). SOAS also ranks within the world’s top 40 in six other subject areas – Geography; Anthropology; Theology, Divinity & Religious Studies; Archaeology; History; and Politics and...
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Renowned human rights lawyer Raja Shehadeh live at SOAS.

Raja is a writer and lawyer who founded the pioneering Palestinian Human Rights organisation Al-Haq.
Join us at 7pm this evening for our Facebook Live stream of Raja Shehadeh's centenary lecture at SOAS.

Raja Shehadeh is a writer and a lawyer who founded the pioneering Palestinian human rights organisation Al-Haq. He is the author of several acclaimed books including Strangers in the House, Occupation Diaries, Language of War, Language of Peace and Palestinian Walks which won the 2008...
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"Follow your passion. Stay engaged politically and with society." Rouba Mhaissen recently graduated from SOAS with a PhD in Gender and Development. She's since spoken in the UK Parliament about the Syrian refugee crisis and set up her own humanitarian foundation, of which she is the CEO. In this interview she talks openly about the challenges she faces everyday working in the aid sector and...
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"Money comes with ties that risk contradicting our own principles and ideas" Rouba Mhaissen on the challenges of aid work | Study at SOAS Blog

Happy International Women’s Day!

To celebrate 8 March, we invite you to share words of wisdom from the women who have inspired you. Share your inspirational quotes using #SOAS100 and #IWD

We’ve also taken a trip through the SOAS archives to celebrate some of the women at SOAS who have inspired, innovated and educated the School community in our 100 years of SOAS history.

Read more here: [...
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Congratulations to all the SOAS Online and Distance Learning students graduating today at London's Barbican Centre.

Welcome to the SOASian family!
Of all the fantastical creatures committed to myth and legend, the Yeti “is the most believable” - so says comedian and SOAS alumnus Dom Joly.

So where have all the yeti gone? The place of myth in the age of the internet...

Where have all the Yeti gone? The place of myth in the age of the Internet | Study at SOAS Blog