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Kurt Cobain lets off fire extinguisher at end of Nirvana's first London gig - at SOAS in 1989.

Image from the current Brunei Gallery exhibition on history of 100 years of SOAS which runs to 17 December [ Soas.ac.uk Link ]
If you're looking for something to do in London this evening, why not head on down to SOAS for an evening of Chinese and British inspired classical music.

Wang Beibei and Friends at the SOAS Concert Series

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Last week, SOAS's SU hosted social activist Deray Mckesson, a prominent member of the Black Lives Matter movement and candidate for Mayor of Baltimore. In this blog post, a SOAS MA student reflects on the event and talks about intersectionality from her own perspective as a Black female Muslim: [ Bit.ly Link ]

A student’s take on Black Lives Matter

Following Professor Michael Hutt and Dr Stefanie Lotter's letter in the Guardian 'Our alternative list of Himalayan authors' (14 Nov) - the Guardian has now published 'The non-western books that every student should read' - a list of recommendation from leading authors bit.ly/2fBuXX7

From a fantasy classic of the Qing Dynasty period and the story of a young woman in 1990s Baghdad for whom...
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The non-western books that every student should read

We're back on BBC Two's University Challenge tonight - tune in at 8pm to watch SOAS v's Emmanuel College Cambridge.

Best of luck team SOAS!
Wish us luck for tonight's Time Higher Education 2016 Awards!

SOAS has been shortlisted in the ‘Research Project of the Year’ category for Professor Andrew Gerstle's research project on Shunga, a form of traditional Japanese erotic art.

The Leverhulme-funded project set out to restore the cultural status of Shunga after its ban from the 19th Century to the present day. From being seen as a...
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SOAS shortlisted for ‘Research Project of the Year’ at the Times Higher Education Awards 2016 | SOAS University of London

“When I experienced my first winter, I made up my mind I had been sent to the UK to be killed” - Nobel Prize winning poet and playwright Wole Soyinka mesmerised a packed room at SOAS a few weeks ago with stories from his student days in London, his love of writing and his thoughts on Brexit and post-colonialism. Catch up on the wit and wisdom of a true legend: [ Bit.ly Link ]

'Don’t laugh… I’m basically a lazy person,' Wole Soyinka delights at SOAS

SOAS Director Baroness Valerie Amos CH on BBC Radio 4 Start the Week today with Andrew Marr discussing the end of British Empire:

"Colonialism was sold as a civilising mission [but] colonialism was brutal, it was violent, it was dehumanising and you had to dehumanise the people in the country to behave in a way that you did – and that had an enormous impact not only on the countries but on...
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Rewriting the Past: from Empire to ivory, Start the Week - BBC Radio 4

Letter in Guardian from SOAS's Prof Michael Hutt and Dr Stefanie Lotter - on books about the Himalayas by authors from the region. Nice example of SOAS challenging a predominantly Western perspective on events and issues. #everydayeurocentrism

Our alternative list of Himalayan authors | Letters

Watch highlights from Forest Whitaker's talk at SOAS where he discusses his development work in South Sudan, Mexico and the US; growing up in Los Angeles near the office of the Black Panthers and the method behind one of his most iconic roles - that of Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Forest Whitaker discusses the power of Youth at SOAS University

Walking to SOAS: trees in Russell Square glowing in morning sunlight.
The SOAS concert series is back for 2016/17!

This series brings together a range of established and up and coming international artists at SOAS with a total of 12 concerts.

This week SOAS welcomes Pocket Caravan (18 Nov), a quartet exploring explore the fascinating rhythms of South America and the fiery melodies of European folk traditions. This will be followed by Beibei Wang (2 Dec) whose...
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What Does the US Election Result Mean for the World?

The SOAS Policy Forum has invited Dr Leslie Vinjamuri, Dr Mark Laffey, and Dr Jacob Parakilas to discuss the future direction of American Foreign Policy, and what implications this will have for the rest of the world.

The the event will look at how the new President and their new administration can tackle complex and dangerous situations...
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What does Trump's victory mean for the Middle East?

"The Syrian people will be the first to suffer from his election. The doors of the United States will be slammed shut in the face of would-be Syrian refugees, with maybe an exception made for Christians as Trump's agitation against Syrian refugees has always centred around Islamophobia." - Professor Gilbert Achcar provides analysis on the US...
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What does Trump's victory mean for the Middle East?

SOAS is live with artist and social activist Forest Whitaker, who is in conversation with Baroness Valerie Amos, as part of our Centenary Lecture Series. Forest will be speaking about his work with the Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative, which empowers young people in communities affected by violence to become forces for peace and voices for change.

Click the link for the full live...
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Forest Whitaker, artist and social activist in conversation with Baroness Valerie Amos CH tomorrow (8 Nov) at SOAS, 7pm, as part of our Centenary Lecture Series.

Forest Whitaker will be speaking about his work with the Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative, which empowers young people in communities affected by violence to become forces for peace and voices for change.

The event will be...
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“Clinton is going to win emphatically” SOAS's Professor Lawrence Sáez says race to White House already over: [ Bit.ly Link ]

"Clinton is going to win emphatically" Sáez says race to White House already over

With the 21st MOBO Awards set to kick off in just under 3 hours, former music journalist and current lecturer at SOAS, Caspar Melville, reflects on what Black British music has ever done for us: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Happy Birthday, MOBOs

Why research on forced migration can help us better understand the risks of staying - as Dr Laura Hammond writes: "It can help us understand how it is that people can knowingly take the risks of traveling long distances over manifestly unsafe routes to try to reach Europe, even when they themselves see and hear stories of those who perish making the same journey. Somali Kenyan poet Warsan...
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'No one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land'

SOAS competing on BBC's University Challenge tonight - tune in at 8pm, BBC Two - best of luck team!