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Tag someone who would stay untill the end
G-voetballer(player with mental disability) Koos Voogd wants to become a freestyler. He has sent us this video, where he keeps the ball up for over 7 minutes!!! Let's give him the attention he deserves!

Like, comment and share this video to make Koos feel like a legend!

[ Youtube.com Link ]

G-voetballer Koos bal hooghouden

G-voetballer Koos houdt ruim 7 minuten lang de bal hoog

Look at what @derano89 does with a customer of @officialtrusox ????#soccershowdown #panna #nutmeg #love #businessman
Super fast skills @randalldorosario #soccershowdown #nutmeg #panna #streetfootball
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WOW Freestyle football is rising to new levels these days! Here is an perfect example of how sick the tricks are nowadays!

Anybody else knows sick new tricks?! Leave your videos below or tag SoccerShowdown in other movies!

Well done Jamie MacDonald! [ Facebook.com Link ]

[ Instagram.com Link ]

Jamie MacDonald on Instagram: “BLAM! "Anybody who thinks that i cant do it anymore better step...

After the video from last week from the trip to the USA, this week the video of SoccerShowdown in Paris!

Freestyle soccer is a worldwide sport! Love to see the world and show everybody soccer tricks and skills!

[ Youtube.com Link ]

Soccershowdown Paris - Part 3 - Freestyle battle Soccershowdown vs S3

check the new website www.soccershowdown.com

Throwback thursday!

This is a commercial SoccerShowdown did together with Kit Kat back in the days! The cool mix of football, basketball and gymnastics!

Oldskool Soccershowdown footage

The Chunky Boys Mix Football, Basketball and Gymnastics

How to mix football, basketball and gymnastics. A viral done for Nestle Kit Kat Chunky for the middle-east.

Freestyle Soccer is not only for boys, here is the perfect example why! This girl is amazing: Lisa Female Freestyle Ball!!
Great skills and great panna! Love to see the girls who are good at freestyle soccer as well!!

Tag a freestyle soccer girl below! Or a boy who would lose against this great freestyler!
One great battle of Freestyle soccer between two great players: Andrew Henderson (England) vs Esteban (Mexican)

Always nice to battle one vs one and challenge each other to do your best tricks!

Tag a friend who you want to challenge for a battle!!

The Final Battle - Andrew Henderson (England) vs Esteban (Mexico) Super ball Prague

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE LIKE/SHARE SUBSCRIBE http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=STRskillSchool This is the Final Freestyle Battle at Super ball Wor...