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Kristie Holmes brought this to our attention, 4.5 million signatures and it all started with a social worker. #proud.

Petition for Electoral College to reject Trump is now the most popular in history

Big, fancy fundraisers are a common way for women to engage in philanthropy, but Caster did not find them to be the best use of her time, treasure or talent.
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Beyond Planning Fundraisers: How Women’s Giving Circles Can Move Millions for Children’s Nonprofits • SJS

"Hope itself is a form of resistance." Tavis Smiley McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research New York University NYU Silver School of Social Work
Tavis Smiley inspiring content about saving our democracy. To stay with the truth no matter how difficult that path is. McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research New York University
#tavissmiley is absolutely inspiring at #McSilver #nyusilver @nyusilver
Every person’s journey through life can be described as the navigation through a series of good and bad experiences, hopefully predominantly good ones. But, challenges are unavoidable and some of those can be horrifically painful.
#Abuse, #Refugees, #Research, #Resiliency, #Trauma

The Gift of Resiliency • SJS

Mind maps can be very useful for getting a sense of structure and control in relation to the topic in hand. In addition, its visual nature means that their contents are more likely to be recalled at any future point.
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Use Mind Maps • SJS

When has forcing someone out of a fundamental part of who they are ever worked?
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Conversion Therapy • SJS

DURHAM – In a unanimous ruling today, a three-judge panel in the United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina ordered the General Assembly to redraw 28 racially gerrymandered state house and senate districts by March 15, 2017, and to hold a special primary and general election in the fall of 2017.
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Federal Court Orders NC Legislature to Draw New State Legislative Districts by March 15, Hold Special Elections in November 2017 • SJS

The Honorable Shirley Chisholm: Congressman Edolphus Towns & Rep. Barbara Lee's Mentor #Socialworkers
Are you or is someone you know carrying around resentment and bitterness; directed perhaps at a former employer or someone who you feel betrayed you?
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Let Go The Bitterness And Resentment • SJS

A Senate bill to reauthorize the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA) will be up for a unanimous consent vote this afternoon. But Youth Services Insider has learned that it is unlikely to pass because of the continued objection to it by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.).
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JJDPA Reauthorization Up Today, But Unlikely To Pass • SJS

Despite some of the measures taken to combat distracted driving, the numbers don't seem to be getting much better. In fact, they may even be getting slightly worse.
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Distracted Driving Can Now Be Monitored • SJS

“Trump said he would protect Medicare and Social Security but his HHS nominee wants to gut both. My full statement below on Tom Price:”

Sen. Debbie Stabenow on Twitter

For survivors of trauma, it is not as simple as an affirmation or list in a journal. It is much more complicated than that. Why? Gratitude doesn’t come from the mind. It comes from the body. And our unresolved trauma resides in our body.
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The Complexities of Gratitude • SJS

In a recent interview, Carrión described her hopes for the New York hackathon, and her thoughts on how technology can serve the foster children and youth she is committed to protect and help thrive.
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New York Child Welfare Leader Takes Up Obama Legacy, Foster Care Hackathons • SJS

NASW PRESIDENT WHITNEY M. YOUNG, JR. (right) confers with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and President Lyndon B. Johnson in Oval Office.