As with any remarkable change, the 2016 presidential election, a swirl of intense acrimony that foreshadowed current events, actually produced a couple of major opportunities.
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The practice of ACEs science in the time of Trump • SJS
Imagine yourself as a Juggler and each of the things you’re dealing with at the moment are represented by one of the items you’ve got in the air. Oh and each item you’re juggling is the same size as the source of the stress it represents.
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Juggling Too Much? Overwhelmed? • SJS
Our children live in a financial landscape that has been transformed and disrupted by rapid changes to the economic and technological environments. On top of these dramatic changes, factors that influence children’s financial behaviors are becoming ever more powerful.
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New Webinar: How to Prepare Youth Financially for the Rapid Economic and Technological Environment Shifts • SJS
This woman never ceases to be amazing. Can someone say Ellen De-Generous!? #justkeepswimming #ellendegeneres

Watch Ellen DeGeneres Give College Scholarships To A Whole Senior Class
“.@LaverneCox says decision to roll back protections for transgender students "sends a message that our lives don’t matter." [ Link ]

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“.@LaverneCox says decision to roll back protections for transgender students "sends a message that our lives don’t matter."”

For far too many, America does not feel like a safe place.
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Degradation Ceremonies and the Goldwater Rule: A note on clinical diagnosis, community, and moral indignation. • SJS
The results suggest racial disparities in youth arrests cannot be explained by differences in individual delinquent behavior. What they found is that contextual factors play a major role in these racial differences, and the primary driver is the racial make-up of a neighborhood.
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Study Examines Racial Disparities in the Juvenile Justice System • SJS
What do you think of the new law of "guilt by proxy" and "guilt prior to action?" This law limits the first amendment and right to protest. No one would argue that rioting is a criminal offense, but this isn't minority report. Their only concern? If they hold a protest and "the other side" is arrested they are at risk...What do you think?

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Arizona Senate votes to seize assets of those who plan, participate in protests that turn violent
With proposed Trump- Paul Ryan- Republican style ACA replacement programs, there will be huge benefits for corporations and the very rich.
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Wealthy Will Benefit From Obamacare Replacement • SJS
Understanding and believing in the value of networking, he wondered about how to combat the reality that over time, many of a persons networking connections may for a variety of reasons may diminish.
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Addressing A Depleted Network • SJS
Join hundreds of students from social work schools from all across the country for an exciting day in the nation’s capital! More than 400 students from 45 schools and departments of social work from 16 states registered for the Student Advocacy Day on the Hill held March 1, 2016. This...

2017 Student Advocacy Day on the Hill • CRISP
Love. That insurmountable beast of burden that philosophers, poets, and polymaths have toiled to categorize. Too often, we are poised to search for it, rather than seeking to bring it into being.
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The Holy Trinity of Love • SJS
Social Month is coming up, let's look back and see some of the past Social Work Month's featured articles!

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Things They Don't Tell You In Social Work School • SJS
As depression is on a global rise, its occurrence in pregnant women is serious as well.
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Depression medication on the Rise: Mother’s prescription can cause birth defects • SJS
Much of the noise coming out of the nation’s capital over the course of Donald J. Trump’s nascent presidency has to do with protecting the country from external enemies who want to lethally harm our citizens. One of the first executive orders issued by Mr. Trump was the ban on...

The Enemy Within • CRISP
JCCs respond to new wave of bomb threats quickly, effectively with practiced security protocols to keep communities safe, resume normal operations.

JCCs Respond to New Wave of Bomb Threats Quickly, Effectively With Practiced Security Protocols to Keep Communities Safe - JCC Association
Getting a job isn’t as easy as just deciding to get one. While the overall statement is commendable, the steps required to get one need clarifying.
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Breaking Down What Needs To Be Done • SJS
But here’s what all forms of substitute care have in common: The more you overload the system with false allegations, trivial cases, cases in which family poverty is confused with neglect and other cases where children never needed to be taken from their parents, the greater the temptation to lower standards and ignore signs of abuse in substitute care.
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When Foster Care Overrides Common Sense • SJS