We can’t allow ourselves to fall into a mindset of fighting for scraps at the federal table and forget to speak clearly on behalf of the need for robust protections against suffering for children and families in need.
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What the Trump Administration Means for Vulnerable Children and Families in California • SJS

We like to believe that we will be able to manage just fine, that to show despair is to show weakness. The caregiver’s life changed almost as much as the injured that day, sometimes more
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I’m Not Stressed, I’m a Caregiver • SJS

should Congress make good on any of these threats—which took a step forward with a Senate vote on Thursday —the dangers are very real to abused and neglected children, their birth, adoptive, and foster parents, as well as state agencies and providers.
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Top Five Threats to Child Welfare from ACA Repeal and Proposals to Alter Medicaid • SJS

When preparing for employment interviews, we’re often told a number of things in order to be at our best; be enthusiastic, demonstrate your abilities through specific examples, be honest, etc. Honesty is often exactly what we’re hoping the interviewer would be with us too.
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“Why Should I Hire You?” • SJS

For those taking stands please know you're never alone.
"Years from now, will we sit there and say we accepted degrading circumstances because that is the way it was? Or can we say that we accepted our duty to change them? One day we all will have to answer: “Where were you when they tried to change the world?” Elsewhere will not be an answer."
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Why Social Work? • SJS

Social work researchers gathered in New Orleans last week for the 21st annual conference of the Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR) bracing for the impending presidency of Donald J. Trump and mindful that his administration will bring challenges for the profession and many of the vulnerable…

Social Work, Civic Engagement and the 12 Grand Challenges • CRISP

I ask you to consider what a group can do for you. Are you ready to explore your healing in a group?
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5 Ways Groups Heal • SJS

President-elect Donald Trump told the Washington Post he’s nearly done with a health insurance plan to replace Obamacare​​ -- but he’s not giving any details yet -- and that has a lot of Americans worried​.

Many Americans worried about losing health insurance

A common mistake when it comes to time and workload management is to allow pressing, but relatively unimportant, matters to ‘jump the queue’ and to get done at the expense of things that are less pressing, but much more important.
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Start here and now • SJS

What we do matters, and they matter most in the hardest times.
Now that the program has shut down, The Chronicle buries the basics in layers of faux “complexity.”
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The Real Lesson from the Fall of R.I.S.E.: Group Homes Don’t Work • SJS

A great and relatively unheard story
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Dismantling oversight and critics such as media outlets is historically one of the most dangerous signs of roads ahead. Oversight from within slows for full control without decision to dissent.

The Republican in Charge of Government Oversight Wants to Prohibit Criticism of Trump’s Ethics

Employers out there: what could you do to better attract the talent you want?
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Employers Would Attract The Right People If… • SJS

California, home to the largest foster care population in the country, has publicly declared its intention to pursue the use of so-called “predictive analytics” to foresee and presumably prevent child abuse.
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California Bets on Big Data to Predict Child Abuse • SJS

Never let anyone tell you it's not worth the call.
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Consumerist messages are all around us: buy, spend, consume. Underpinning these is the powerful message that success in life is defined by your spending power.
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Count your blessings • SJS

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