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You know it's bad when the plastic starts to outnumber the fish.
Help Reduce the amount of plastic entering our oceans now, at Plasticbank.org.

This is What the Future of Marine Life Will Look Like If We Don’t End Our Obsession With Plastic

"The South Pacific garbage patch is worse than we expected." With millions of items ranging from microscopic sizes to meters long! Learn how you can help get plastic out of our oceans at

[ Businessinsider.com Link ]

A massive collection of garbage in the Pacific Ocean keeps growing

The Social Plastic Foundation is a registered Canadian Charity that is accepting donations to help Haitians impacted by Hurricane Matthew. The funds will go directly to our team on the ground to provide immediate aid to those in need. Please visit SocialPlastic.org/donate to make a contribution.

Hurricane Matthew: Scenes of destruction in Haiti

Here is a behind the scenes tell-all from our reality TV experience on Dragons' Den. You can see the entire episode on [ Cbc.ca Link ]

Dragon's Den Tell-All. Behind Our Reality TV Experience.

September 17th is the International Coastal Cleanup. Last year more than 18 million lbs of trash was collected by nearly 800,000 volunteers!!

This map, from our friends at Ocean Conservancy, shows you where you can get involved! [ Ow.ly Link ]


Ocean Conservancy: Cleanup Locations

Stunning art created by using only #oceanplastic. The possibilities of repurposing are endless.

Marine sculptures make trash look beautiful

Facebook Community... We need your help! We're a finalist for #SxSW2017 and along with Dell and Adrian Grenier (of Entourage) we want to bring the Ocean Plastic issue to the big stage.

Please vote here --> [ Ow.ly Link ] <-- before polls close today to make this happen! You can sign into the #SxSWPanelPicker using Facebook and it takes less than 1 minute.

Thank you all for the support!!

Bring Social Plastic to the stage at SxSW 2017

Help prevent ocean plastic by taking 30 seconds to VOTE HERE!! [ Panelpicker.sxsw.com Link ]

We've been selected for a world class panel discussion at SxSW with Adrian Grenier (of Entourage) and Dell Computers - and we need your vote to make it happen!!!

We'll show the world's biggest companies how to prevent ocean plastic by helping people out of poverty in Haiti and across the world. We...
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Social Plastic, Dell Computers and Adrian Grenier (of Entourage) at SxSW 2017

The reality TV viewing party.
The Plastic Bank's reality TV viewing party
We will be using Facebook live for our event tonight. Get an inside scoop on The Plastic Bank at 7:15pm pacific standard time.
Watch The Plastic Bank vs the Dragons on this weeks season premiere of Dragons' Den. Here is a sneak peak of our episode. Some Dragons just don't understand social entrepreneurship. We will be hosting a Facebook live stream from our viewing party on October 5th around 7pm Vancouver Canada time. Learn more at plasticbank.org.
"We don't inherit the earth from our parents, so much as we borrow it from our children." —President Obama speaking at #OurOcean #MakeaSplash
4 trillion LBS of plastic have been created since the end of world war 2.

We don't need 300 million pounds of new plastic made every year. We need to start using what we already have.
Learn more about our solution at SocialPlastic.org.

Plastic now pollutes every corner of Earth

Studies predict that without proper action being taken by 2050, there will be more plastic by weight than fish in our ocean.

There's over 5.25 Trillion plastic particles floating around in our seas.
Learn more about the solution at Socialplastic.org.

A Plastic Smog Is Smothering Our Oceans

“It’s A Way To Stop Plastic From Ever Entering The Ocean."
- Learn how Social Plastic is creating #change and #socialgood in Haiti. [2 min read]


'Social Plastic' Makes Headway in Haiti

Help share a #WorldOceansDay solution! This Forbes article shows how The Plastic Bank is preventing ocean plastic through Social Plastic Recycling Markets.

'Social Plastic' Makes Headway in Haiti

Happy World Oceans Day!!

Understanding ocean plastics is key to keeping them healthy. Here's a 2-minute read on the issue, including what you can do to help.
[ Socialplastic.org Link ]

Everything You Need To Know About Ocean Plastic For #WorldOceansDay - Social Plastic

Did The Circular Economy Just Hit It's Turning Point? The world's leading organizations, experts, and entrepreneurs gathered together in one room to find solutions to the problem of plastic waste.

This 2 min animated video highlights what we're working on. [ Socialplastic.org Link ]

Did the circular economy just hit it's turning point?