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An in depth interview with our Co-Founder, Shaun Frankson, and Mary-Jo Dionne on #TeaWithaTitan. Covering The Plastic Bank’s goal: To Reach and Impact 1 Billion People, and Shaun's advice on living a life you love.

Tea with a Titan, Episode 42: Shaun Frankson, Entrepreneur, The Plastic Bank - Mary-Jo Dionne Productions
Social Plastic
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Two million tonnes of Plastic bottles are produced each year. Weighing the equivalent of 10,000 Blue Whales!

What Do Annual Sales of Plastic Soda Bottles and 10,000 Blue Whales Have in Common? Their Weight.
9 Terrific ocean conservation supporting products. Including a feature on our client, Norton Point.

9 Pretty Products that Support Ocean Conservation
The Micro-plastics in our Oceans now outnumber the stars in our galaxy by 500 times!

Microplastics in Oceans Outnumber Stars in Our Galaxy by 500 Times
We will be presenting the sneak peak of our new #blockchain digital currency and exchange platform at IBM Interconnect. Stop by if you're in Vegas March 22. Using cutting edge technology to reduce ocean plastic and poverty is an exciting thing!

Creating a Global Platform for Sustainability through IBM Blockchain & Hyperledger Exchange Platform
This Solar/Hydro powered “Water Wheel” collects as much as 38,000 lbs of debris in a single day!

Solar-Powered Water Wheels Prevented 1 Million Pounds of Trash From Entering Baltimore Harbor
Say no to Straws! Other simple things like cutting down on Chewing Gum, and Reducing Plastic utensil usage. Check out @downtothelaststraw for more.

Be an Ocean Hero: 50 Ways to Stop Using Plastic
Norton Point, Our client and a great team who understands the need to invest in the infrastructure to create an ongoing impact in addition to using Social Plastic.

Norton Point Founders Set Sights on Restoring Our Oceans
The inevitable fate of everything thrown on the ground. Learn the solution at .

[ Link ]

From the gutter: How your litter ends up in the ocean
Finally, the UN has declared war on Ocean Plastic...

The UN has declared war on ocean plastic pollution
“Businesses producing things that are more recyclable for their consumers are more likely to have their products bought than those produced by their non-environmentally aware competitors.”
-Nielsen, sustainability consultant and global advisor to the UN Global Compact Cities Program.

What does it mean to buy something sustainable?
From the depths of the remote Arctic Ocean, to the deepest point of the world's oceans, the Mariana Trench. Plastic is officially everywhere...

From the Mariana Trench to the Arctic: plastic pollution is ocean enemy number one | DW Environment | DW.COM | 14.02.2017
"It's everyone's business to save the oceans." See how you can help at .

It’s everyone’s business to save the oceans
The Plastic Bank Co-founder Shaun Frankson shares how easy it is for you to participate in the social good consumerism movement.
Like if you think Big Brands should be cutting down on their plastic consumption!

Supermarkets urged to have plastic-free aisles
“If it doesn’t stop, we’re all going to die!”
That sounds dramatic but it’s accurate. It’s a problem we may be aware of, but most of us are either ignoring, giving up on, or waiting for someone else to fix. If “it” doesn’t stop, our Ocean will die.

Trash to treasure: Recycling plastic saves ocean, fights poverty with Linux technology & blockchain
Here is a sneak peak of our upcoming digital platform designed to gather together 1 billion people to monetize waste. It truly is a global collaboration to reduce poverty and Ocean plastic. #blockchain #socialplastic
Join our Co-founder Shaun Frankson at the International Ocean Film Tour this May in Amsterdam and Germany. This epic tour features Plastic Oceans new documentary "A Plastic Ocean" and other important Ocean documentaries along with some important discussions around solutions to ocean plastic. #socialplastic
“If we want to solve the issue of plastic in the ocean, we can’t go to the symptoms, we have to go to the source.” CEO Paul Polman

Here's One Way To Keep Oceans From Having More Plastics Than Fish
How shrimp shells could replace plastic bags.

How shrimp shells could replace plastic bags