Social Plastic
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"It's everyone's business to save the oceans." See how you can help at .

It’s everyone’s business to save the oceans
Social Plastic
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The Plastic Bank Co-founder Shaun Frankson shares how easy it is for you to participate in the social good consumerism movement.
Like if you think Big Brands should be cutting down on their plastic consumption!

Supermarkets urged to have plastic-free aisles
“If it doesn’t stop, we’re all going to die!”
That sounds dramatic but it’s accurate. It’s a problem we may be aware of, but most of us are either ignoring, giving up on, or waiting for someone else to fix. If “it” doesn’t stop, our Ocean will die.

Trash to treasure: Recycling plastic saves ocean, fights poverty with Linux technology & blockchain
Here is a sneak peak of our upcoming digital platform designed to gather together 1 billion people to monetize waste. It truly is a global collaboration to reduce poverty and Ocean plastic. #blockchain #socialplastic
Join our Co-founder Shaun Frankson at the International Ocean Film Tour this May in Amsterdam and Germany. This epic tour features Plastic Oceans new documentary "A Plastic Ocean" and other important Ocean documentaries along with some important discussions around solutions to ocean plastic. #socialplastic
“If we want to solve the issue of plastic in the ocean, we can’t go to the symptoms, we have to go to the source.” CEO Paul Polman

Here's One Way To Keep Oceans From Having More Plastics Than Fish
How shrimp shells could replace plastic bags.

How shrimp shells could replace plastic bags
Recent study estimated that 5.25 trillion Plastic Particles weighing a total of 268,940 tons are currently floating in the world’s oceans! Learn more about the solution at

Global Plastic Production Rises, Recycling Lags | Worldwatch Institute
Eye-opening video by Rob Greenfield, puts in perspective how much garbage we go through in a month.

Trash Me: Not your Typical Zero Waste Project - RobGreenfield.TV
Cutting down on red and processed meat consumption, decreases major greenhouse gas emissions produced by the meat industry.

The one simple change you can make in 2017 to help save the planet
Unilever has committed to go 100% recycled by 2025. "To address the challenge of ocean plastic waste we need to work on systemic solutions - ones which stop plastics entering our waterways in the first place." Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever

Unilever commits to 100 per cent recyclable plastic by 2025
We invite you to join us for the Vancouver premiere of the award winning full-feature documentary A Plastic Ocean. The Plastic Bank's David Katz and Shaun Frankson proudly make appearances in the film along with our Social Plastic solution to stop the flow of ocean plastic. We will be participating in a live Q & A panel after the film.

Universe - tickets for A Plastic Ocean
This goes to show once again, the last thing we should be doing with plastic is throwing it away! Learn more about the possibilities of recycling at .

This Incredible Project Proves That It Takes A Village To Change The World - Real Estate Guide To Everything
The Plastic Bank co-founder, Shaun Frankson, shares his thoughts on saving the planet through responsible consumerism. Learn more at #socialplastic
No better time than now to start the #NewYear off on a good note! Visit to support our mission to save the planet!

11 green New Year's resolutions that put the planet first
This year lets try to fill this jar with accomplishments of a happier, greener, and a more sustainable Earth! From everyone at The Plastic Bank, #HappyNewYear!
For 2017, to help reduce poverty and ocean plastic, which companies do you think should start using Social Plastic instead of new plastics. Post your suggestion in the comments. Learn more at #happynewyear
Discover the Social Plastic highlights from 2016. This was a year of epic progress! The highlights include hurricane relief work in Haiti, a reality TV appearance, a movie appearance, BBC news, and an exciting new #blockchain project to make plastic waste a digital currency. [ Link ]