How can it be that those who expose wrongdoing are persecuted and the wrongdoers get off scot-free? For us, this is unacceptable. Whistleblowers often sacrifice their employment and even their safety, for the sake of doing what is right. Ensuring they are protected is the least we can do for them. Today on World Whistleblowers' Day, we stand with those who shine a light on wrongdoing for the...
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How can it be that those who expose wrongdoing are persecuted and
Popan Mariana
John Keogh
John Zammit
Seven years of war.
It’s not a movie title. It’s a hard reality for more than 13 million people in Syria.

For seven years now 6.3 million have been displaced internally. Another 5.1 million have been forced to flee Syrian borders. Civilians in conflict are the innocent casualties we see in the news.

European governments should pick up their game and play their part in ensuring a home for...
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Seven years of war Its not a movie title Its a hard
Raffaella Lella Rizzo
Josephine Borg
Carlo Parisel
Massive tax evaders couldn’t possibly do it on their own. The Commission is finally having a go at complicit tax intermediaries; all those bankers, lawyers and advisors who facilitate the theft of society. Sanctions must be tough and truly dissuasive. That’s the price to pay for #TaxJustice. Find out more: [ Link ]
Gideon Sinke
Adam Kelly
Josephine Borg
We’re one week away from announcing the winner of our Democracy beer mat competition.
Have you sent us your quote? I not, make sure you do, and we’ll print out the most voted ones and send them to you.
[ Link ]
We’re one week away from announcing the winner of our Democracy beer mat competition

TOGETHER Beer Mat competition
Luis García
Our vice president Tanja Fajon speaking live now on World Refugee Day. Ask your questions now!
Ingvar Larsson
He left his home, his family, his friends behind, just to have a chance to survive. Now he is alive, but not living. His life is on hold. He cannot go to school, his mother cannot have a job, his sister cannot continue her university degree and no one knows for how long. Years are passing by and his life too. This #WorldRefugeeDay breaks the sad record of the highest number of men, women and...
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He left his home his family his friends behind just to have
Ferdinand Valentino
Malucia Rupisan
Christina Kler
It took almost a year but we’re finally at it. Brexit negotiations have started today, although it is not quite clear what stance Theresa May will take after her disastrous electoral gamble. The hard Brexit line the Tories held so dear won’t do any good to neither UK nor EU citizens, and British voters couldn’t be fooled. We strongly believe that a positive relationship between the European...
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It took almost a year but were finally at it Brexit negotiations
Douglas Nilsson
Tomek Kurzeja
Tamas Fodor
The dream of a European future is alive and well among the youth of the Western Balkans. However, if dreams are to be turned into reality, then young people must become more than just observers. They must become actors!

Last week we were in Albania to discuss with Western Balkan youth about how we can make young voices a part of the accession process ⏬
Anna Kele
Rosco Stefan
Many decisions were taken this week, to fight against climate change, protect our health, and set new rules for our economy . We had some things to celebrate like the end of roaming and the 30 years of Erasmus. But also some important issues to stand for like the ongoing crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Brexit and the fight against tax evasion. This is our fight for the values we...
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Carmelita Caruana
João Neves
Giuseppe Marcellino
We need to talk! About the state of European democracy, about re-writing the rules of our economy and restoring citizens’ trust in their institutions. We want you with us on 28-29 June in Brussels to exchange on these crucial issues with an impressive array of progressive politicians, civil society, academia and media, brought together by FEPS and the TOGETHER community. Check out the full...
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We need to talk About the state of European democracy about rewriting
Peter Sundell
Dawid Adamczyk
Bárbara Toribio Sanz
What does the European Parliament do for me?
What do the Socialists and Democrats stand for?
Well, a lot… Just this week! Here's what our MEPs have to say ↴
Alyson King
Tom Wildy
Witek Rawimir Radogostowicz
???? "Ever heard of #roaming fees?"
???? "Roaming? What's that?"
This is the European Union from today! Enjoy and celebrate what is to be united
Stephen Shipley
Gillian Stanley
Simon Pettersson
It’s hard to believe that tonight in Europe – the world’s wealthiest continent – thousands of children will go to bed on empty stomachs. The facts are simply unbearable: more than one in four children in the EU are at risk of poverty or social exclusion. Again today, we urged the Commission to introduce a European Child Guarantee that would give every single one of these children access to...
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Its hard to believe that tonight in Europe the worlds wealthiest continent
Arn Nag
Tamas Fodor
Josephine Borg
"Trump is bringing the planet towards the disaster. We, together with all progressive forces of the world, as European forces, we have to stop him. Trump is not forever, the defence of the Earth is!" —Gianni Pittella ✊
Adam Williamson
Paulo Deus
Enrico Previtali
What's next for the fight against climate change? Join us live now with S&D's Kathleen Van Brempt. Send us your questions now!
Alice Aubel
Stefan Živković
Daniel Vu
For 30 years now, young people all over Europe have been enjoying the chance to travel and study in countries they possibly might not have visited otherwise. Some say #Erasmus is the first truly European passport our generation has enjoyed. Others say it’s the chance they’ve been waiting for to get in touch with other people and build relationships that would last a lifetime. One thing is...
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For 30 years now young people all over Europe have been enjoying
Matteo Fiorese
Chris Ryall
Roman Werpachowski
Gianni Pittella outlines the S&D Group's priorities for this busy #EPlenary session in Strasbourg. He'll be talking migration, how to effectively combat terrorism in Europe and the need for a renewed EU-Africa relationship, and more! Watch along
Hilary Toman
Brandusa Antoniac
Romolo Cappola
Heads up on what’s coming up! Tomorrow at 19h we’ll be live with S&D vice-president Kathleen Van Brempt to discuss with you Trump’s decision to withdraw the US from the Paris climate agreement. Kathleen is our leading member on environmental issues and chairs the Dieselgate inquiry committee.

Send your questions along and tune in! #Covfefe
Heads up on whats coming up Tomorrow at 19h well be live
Dionísio Ferreira
Brandusa Antoniac
Gabriela Petre
Trump's announced withdrawal from Paris Agreement
Energy efficiency labelling
✊ Closing the gender pension gap
☠ Glyphosate
???? End of mobile roaming
And much more...

We're back to Strasbourg next week for #EPlenary, and as you can see we have full agenda ahead of us! Check out what's coming up: [ Link ]
Trump's announced withdrawal from Paris Agreement
John Morton
Inger Karlsson
Alessandro Seno
Congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn and The Labour Party! You have run a strong and positive campaign for the future of the British people. Theresa May gambled and it backfired spectacularly. She lost any credibility in her own country and in Europe. Time for her to resign!

We’ve wasted enough time because of Theresa May’s erratic behaviour on Brexit. We need to start serious negotiations on...
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Congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn and The Labour Party You have run a
John Charles
Ernie Smith
Mary Madhavi