While the concept of unlimited vacation sounds pretty generous, in practice, some argue that it benefits a company's bottom line more than it benefits the company's employees.

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Let's look a little more deeply into this question that's important to every college student: Being aware of the challenges that you—as an entry-level candidate—present to the people who hold your future in their hands gives you the ability to minimize them.

Your Career Q&A: Applying for Jobs Before Graduation

Handled well, big data can translate into big success.

The Promise and Peril of Big Data

Being knowledgeable about retention and turnover gives HR a leadership role in the business that can be quantified in dollars and cents.

Data Will Show You Why Your Employees Leave or Stay

A strong culture is vital for organizational success.

HR Can’t Change Company Culture by Itself

You've probably seen us refer to "competencies" and "SHRM's Competency Model" in many of our materials recently. Here's a quick and easy way to learn exactly what we're talking about.

Click around the interactive wheel, on our competency page, to see the key concepts that make up each of the 9 competencies!

Employers are in legal limbo when compensating employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act overtime rule.

What’s Next for Employers Under the FLSA Overtime Rule?

A search new filter, housed within the site's Open Candidates function, narrows LinkedIn Recruiter queries to results for users self-identifying as interested in contract work.

New LinkedIn Feature Helps Recruiters Find Contract Workers

Your resume "should tell your career story in a way that displays the very special value you could bring to a company... and it must do so without confusing or threatening the people who would hire you."

Your Career Q&A: How to Tell the Story of Your Career

One thing is clear: Employees are frazzled.

The Flexibility Paradox

How should an employer address off-duty misconduct?

Minding Employee Behavior Off the Clock and Off the Premises

What employees choose to wear can impact an organization’s image and, in some cases, pose safety hazards.

Employees Dressing Too Casually? Clarify Your Dress Code

Companies that have embraced unlimited vacation include Netflix, Virgin, The Motley Fool and GE, which offers the benefit to senior employees.

Unlimited Vacation: Is It For Morale or the Bottom Line?

If your HR department is small or flat, where do you look when you want to move up?

Where to Go When Your Career Options Are Limited

Companies risk losing great talent to rivals with more-robust paid leave policies.

Paid Leave Benefits Can Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

The business adage “the soft stuff is the hard stuff” rings true for HR professionals trying to initiate culture change in their organizations.

10 Tips for Changing Your Company’s Culture—and Making It Stick

HR professionals shouldn't try to shut down office pools unless their companies have strict no-gambling policies or the pools have buy-ins that are more than a nominal amount.

Despite Concerns About March Madness Pools, Don’t Shut Them Down

Looking for the CliffsNotes on what #SHRM17 has to offer? Look no further!

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After several hours of debate on Friday, President Donald J. Trump asked House GOP leaders to withdraw the American Health Care Act from consideration.

House Republicans, Short of Votes, Withdraw Health Care Bill

A small restaurant chain's settlement of a lawsuit alleging wage and hour violations is a $900,000 reminder to California businesses to painstakingly document hourly employees' breaks.

California Restaurants: Put Detailed Record-Keeping on Your Menu