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Council budgets for parks may have been cut, but you still love your local parks. We asked readers to share their pictures via Guardian Witness and here are some of our favourites.

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Parks and recreation. Your favourite local green spaces - in pictures
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'Weeks later, I arrived at work to find a letter addressed to me. The letter thanked me and told me that if all nurses were like me, everyone would be sane. I welled up reading it. It was my first note from a patient and I treasure it to this day.'

The suicidal patient who taught me the value of time
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The day after the byelection, voters explain why Labour lost its eight-decade hold on the west Cumbrian electorate

The view from Copeland: 'Lifelong Labour voters want Corbyn out'
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PM visits scene of byelection win to hail ‘astounding result’ and signals intention to challenge Labour in its northern heartlands

Theresa May: Copeland victory shows Tories are governing for everyone
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"The health of city populations is becoming a central concern of local and national governments and international institutions. Affordable access to health services is just part of the story. Local government in particular recognises that improving the health of city populations depends on everything from ensuring water quality to designing safe roads and controlling air pollution."

How can health services keep pace with the rapid growth of cities?
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After shock loss of Copeland to Tories in byelection, Jeremy Corbyn acknowledges that the political landscape has shifted

Corbyn vows to remain Labour leader – but says Brexit has changed UK
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San Francisco branch considers defensive architecture to make it a harder place to spend time as people seek shelter in libraries across the western US

As library attracts the homeless, locals want to make it less comfortable
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Deciding who to save in the 2005 Pakistan earthquake was heartbreaking. We couldn’t reach little Ama in time

Earthquake rescue - I'm haunted by the girl we couldn't save
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Twenty countries aim to raise $600m to fill gap left by Donald Trump’s ban on funding for pro-abortion NGOs in developing world

Dutch minister calls on UK to join campaign for safe abortion fund
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Librarians call for a national audit after inventory count of Suffolk libraries reveals 10,000-book discrepancy between physical checks and database numbers

25 million books are missing from UK libraries – but who's counting?
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She arrived at A&E in a desperate state. I held her for ages while she sobbed. What happened later made it all worthwhile

The suicidal patient who taught me the value of time
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For David Ingerslev, rough sleeping service manager for St Mungo’s, the electronic platform has been transformative. 'Before its introduction, I have seen support workers spend a day trying to trace a client, only to find out that they are in hospital,' he says. “Now that link can be made in five minutes.'

The GP practice sharing data to transform care for homeless people
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Catering for special diets is an area of increasing concern in social care, but some charities and nutritionists are stepping up to the plate

Halal meat, vegan feasts: how care caterers meet diverse dietary needs
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Funding changes mean some of our vulnerable tenants may face a shortfall of up to £440 a month by 2019. We need more time to pilot such drastic change

Plan for changes to supported housing is recklessly short | Zhan McIntyre
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Governments around the world are using digital tools to engage citizens, having a say on budgets, and counteract fake news

Democracy's digital prospects: lessons from Brazil, Iceland and Spain | Eddie Copeland
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At De Montfort Students’ Union, we manage more than 1,650 student volunteers. It’s quite a challenge. Here’s how we inspire them

Student volunteers make a real difference - harness their enthusiasm
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State government uses its borrowing power to help secure new social and affordable housing stock

Victoria underwrites $1bn of low-interest loans for social housing
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BMA warns of impending ‘disaster’ as its research shows 40% of doctors who qualified in EEA may leave because they feel less welcome

Thousands of doctors trained in Europe 'may quit UK after Brexit'