Through its ups and downs, the oil and gas industry depends on the hard work and talent of engineers each day #eweek2017
Hurray for Engineers Week - EWeek! Thank you to all of our volunteers that inspire the next generation of engineers through our Energy4me education program [ Link ]
A career in engineering opens up possibilities to live and work in all kinds of places, and work with all kinds of people. Where has your career taken YOU? #eweek2017
Favorite place to work: In the office, in the lab, out in the field?
An engineering career unlocks a world of possibilities for women. Just ask our 2017 President, Janeen Judah.

Introduce a girl to engineering today #GirlDay2017 #eweek2017
Women in engineering ROCK. So how can we encourage more girls to pursue STEM careers?

#GirlDay2017 is 23 Feb. Introduce a girl to engineering! [ Link ] #eweek2017
A new testing tool for subsea BOPs is enabling operators to test a deviceā€™s variable bore rams and shearing capabilities in a single run, cutting trip time in half and achieving large cost savings: [ Link ]
Who (or what) inspired you to become an engineer? What do you love most about the profession? #eweek2017
Creative, independent thinkers. Team players. Problem solvers. What are other qualities of a terrific engineer? [ Link ] #eweek2017
Engineering is *kind of* a big deal. We especially like engineering energy for the world. Happy Engineers Week - EWeek! #eweek2017
Today kicks off Engineers Week - EWeek -- a celebration of engineering and its importance for our world. In what ways do you introduce kids to explore engineering? #eweek2017
Engineers Week - EWeek begins this Sunday! How are YOU introducing engineering to the next generation?#eweek2017 #GirlDay2017
Musings from the SPE Canada Heavy Oil Technical Conference:

Innovation Suffers From Bloated Expectations But With USD 50 Oil it's Essential
Driving the surge is the rising price of crude oil -- which has topped over USD 50/bbl and may reach USD 60/bbl by June 2017.

Bakken Sees Uptick in Hiring
The situation is improving -- even though oil prices remain about half of what they were during the boom that ended in 2014.

Canadian Exploration Growing Again As Engineering Challenges Loom Large
SPE is considering the possibility of forming a new technical section -- primarily focused on tech and applications of UAVs and robotics in sea, land, and air: [ Link ]
Girl Day (23 February) is a worldwide campaign to introduce girls to the fascinating world of engineering. Thousands of people -- engineers, teachers and others -- act as role models and educate girls about how engineers change our world.

How can you help? Sign up as a #GirlDay2017 role model and help inspire the next generation: [ Link ]
Behind every award winner is a great nomination. Deadline to submit your nomination for SPE International Awards is 15 February. [ Link ]
Carbo Ceramics is making big strides in the use of ceramic proppant.

JPT Article - Getting a Better Look at Propped Fractures