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Enjoy sparkling water anytime, anywhere.
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Friday is almost here! Check out Chew Town’s stunning watermelon and raspberry cocktail for some perfect weekend inspiration. What SodaStream creation are you making to win the weekend?

Gin, Elderflower and Summer Fruit Cocktail | Chew Town Food Blog
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What's your sparkling infusion choice? Red watermelon or yellow watermelon?
Bubbles at your finger tips. Never run out of punch again.
Spark the bubbles and fuel the fizz. What's your plans this Valentines Day?
Complete your Valentines day plans with these sexy sparkling cocktails.

β€’ Red Wine
β€’ 1L Lemonade flavoured sparkling water
Prepare the flavoured water: Fizz 1 bottle of cold water. Add a capful of SodaStream Lemonade flavoured sparkling water. Fill half a glass with his favourite red wine and top with lemonade flavoured sparkling water.

β€’ Champagne
β€’ 1L Pink Lemonade...
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Try this enchanted rose recipe for the beauty or beast in your life!


β€’ 250g strawberries
β€’ 1 shot Vodka
β€’ 30ml Lime juice
β€’ SodaStream FRUITS Lemonade flavoured sparkling water
β€’ Ice

Prepare the flavoured water: Fizz 1 bottle of cold water. Add a capful of SodaStream FRUITS lemonade flavoured sparkling water and mix. Add strawberries, vodka, lime juice and ice to...
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WIN your Valentine sweetheart a SodaStream Love Is In The Air Pack - 5 to be won! To enter tell us what your plans are for Valentines Day!

Winners will receive:

1 x SodaStream Genesis Red Sparkling Water Maker
1x SodaStream FRUITS Pink Lemonade
1x SodaStream ZEROS Cranberry Raspberry
1x SodaStream FRUITS Berry Mix

Good luck!

T's&C's: [ Link ]
Friends who drink together, stay together! Tag your sparkling water buddy.
Keeping things fresh with this easy to make cheeky cocktail!


β€’ 1 Peach, sliced
β€’ 1 Nectarine, sliced
β€’ 6 basil leaves
β€’ 30ml lemon juice
β€’ 45ml Gin
β€’ 30ml Simple Syrup
β€’ Sparkling water
β€’ Ice

Combine the peaches, nectarines and basil leaves with the lemon juice and gently muddle. Add the gin, simple syrup and sparkling water. Garnish with basil leaves....
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Bottle or glass? How do you drink your sparkling?
Suns out, sparklings out. Who else loves fresh sparkling water on a warm Summer's day?
Aussie Aussie Aussie. Fizz Fizz Fizz! Are you doing something fun this Australia Day?
Try this Mango delight for Australia Day! Enjoy with a few snags around the barbie for a perfect Summer arvo.


β€’ 20ml Ginger sugar syrup
β€’ Mango, halved
β€’ 10ml Lime juice
β€’ 30ml Rum
β€’ Ice
β€’ Sparkling water
β€’ Mint

Prepare the ginger syrup: Heat 1/4 cup sugar and water in a pan with a slice of ginger until sugar is dissolved. Strain and refrigerate.

Muddle half a...
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Stay refreshed. Have some bubbles to start the week!
Take a quick break and chill out with this fizzy cocktail creation.


β€’ 15ml Lime juice
β€’ 60ml Pineapple juice
β€’ FRUITS Strawberry flavoured sparkling water
β€’ Strawberries, sliced
β€’ Ice

Prepare the flavoured water: Fizz 1 bottle of cold water. Add a capful of SodaStream FRUITS strawberry flavoured sparkling water. Add ice to glass. Pour lime juice and...
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Game. Set. Match! Chill out with our refreshing Aussie Open celebratory mocktail.


β€’ Passionfruit, halved
β€’ 1 Lime, sliced
β€’ 1 tbs, Agave syrup
β€’ 6 Mint leaves
β€’ 6 Strawberries
β€’ Sparkling water
β€’ Ice

Muddle half of the passion-fruit and 4 slices of lime in a glass. Add agave syrup and mint leaves. Mix well. Combine strawberries and ice in a blender then...
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