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Sofia Karlberg
01/13/2017 at 09:00. Facebook
Happy Friday everyone <3 I talked to Noiseporn recently about music, youtube and everything in between. Read it below!

Behind The Bass: Sofia Karlberg - Noiseporn

When you try to finish writing a song and you realize you suck at the piano
My lovely people❤ I can only hope for better, healthy days for all of us. Too understand more, to be more kind and open minded. To support and to create, to fall down and to get up, to live free and happy, to learn and to love. May this year be better, may this year you will be better. HSPPY NEW YEAR
Have a great weekend <3 <3
Oojhhhh?!??!!!!! (sad attempt of me trying to get to 100k)
Never knowing if I’ll come back
Let me stay, wanna stay
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Spinning 'round in a violet beam, upside down, there's no gravity
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200,000 streams in one week! THANK YOU❤
I did an interview with New Look recently about my latest single, fashion, life and everything in between <3

NL Introduces: Sofia Karlberg | NL Daily

Spotify/iTunes -> [ Lnk.to Link ]
A bible of Mermaid Pictures. Out 18/11
Thank you Italy for this time❤
The only person I will ever idolize