Relaxing in my favourite room in the castle. Whatโ€™s your favourite room? #gardensuite #peaceful
So glad I took advantage of the 3 for 2 at the castle. Enjoying my free night, I donโ€™t want my stay to end. #3for2 #greatoffe [ Link ] rs
Lough Eske Castle has made me feel like royalty once again #Afternoontea #Luxury
How gorgeous are the grounds surrounding the castle when it snows?! #snow #stunningviews
Wow! We are in for a treat at the wedding experience day on the 26th of February #love #castle
Please contact Stephen Bell at to reserve your place.
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How is your January detox going? Chef is making it too easy for me to keep up with my health kick for 2017 #yummy #detox
Not long until Valentines Day. What are your plans? I am really looking forward our candlelit dinner in Cedars Restaurant #valentines
Hot off the press! Received this wonderful news today, Donegal voted 'Ireland's Hidden Gem' by the readers of the Irish Independent in the inaugural 2017 Reader Travel Awards #Dongeal @Indo_Travel_ #hiddengem
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Ireland's Hidden Gem: The No.1 place you think should be better known
Fully relaxed and revitalised after a Spa Vital Detox massage, 60 minutes of pure relaxation to help kick start my weekend #spa #detox #lec
Exquisite French wine dinner in Cedars Restaurant on Thursday 23rd of February, Have you book your place yet? I haveโ€ฆ Call 074-9725100 to book.
Treating myself to a well earned massage at the #SolisSpa! What's your favourite way to unwind? #spa #rest #relaxation
Having attended my fair share of weddings, I must say, there is nothing like a wedding at the Castle! Discover for yourself! Join me on Sunday 26th of February for the Wedding Experience Day.
Anyone else looking for tranquillity? I'm looking forward to relaxing at the Castle #donegal #castle #midweektreat
What's your favourite cocktail? The Apple Martini here is definitely mine... #lec #cocktail
Who else is planning a Valentine's treat for their special someone? Might I recommend some Romance at the Castle?! #lec #love
Fanad Head Lighthouse is breath-taking! Definitely a must see when you are staying at Lough Eske Castle. #Donegal #SightSeeing #lec
Do you bring your best friend everywhere with you? Relaxing before going for a walk in the woods #lec #petfriendly
What are your planโ€™s today? Time to relax in the pool and Solis Spa after biking and hiking across Donegal #lec #relax
What a beautiful day, I had a wonderful hike up Slieve League today to beat the January Blues. #WildAtlanticWay #LEC
Itโ€™s time to get up and enjoy what the area has to offer. Perhaps a little cycle along the #WildAtlanticWay